Obama Wants Trudeau . . . Why?


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Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings Died Early Thursday Morning (October 17, 2019) . . . So I went to the Internet to Discover Something – Anything, which would Tell me what this Life-Long Democrat Politician Did to Make the World, America or even his Constituency (Baltimore) a Better Place?

What I’ve Read Thus Far Are Just Platitudes . . . An Awful lot of Talk & Crocodile Tears for a Man who lived in LEFTIST POLITICAL PRIVILEGE, but then again, I can Say the Same for just about all the Politicians Alive, Retired or Dead.

If You Want To Measure The Worth Of This Man – Check-Out Black Baltimore.


I Was Never Into The Music Of The Day While Growing Up. Not The Groups. Not The Fashion. Not The Concerts.

I was too Busy Working while my “Friends” Immersed themselves in the Hippie Generation. And I was too Focused on Sports, the Outdoors & Issues of Far Greater Importance to me in the 60’s than the “Love” Culture. Besides, the Music I Mostly Liked to Listen to when I had the Chance, and which I Played (Drums) to with Garage Bands, were the Blues & Country.

I Liked Elvis . . . Johnny Cash & Performers In This Mold.

My Memory Need-To-Know, or more Precisely . . . Need-To Hear – Kicked-In At The Story about Janis Joplin, who at the age of 27-Died from a Drug Overdose nearly 50-Years Ago, whose Music Helped Shape a Culture . . . So, I went to YouTube to Hear One or Two of her Songs.

And from Joplin, I went to Hear the Mommas & The Poppas, Leonard Cohen, and so many Other Great Talents the World will Never Hear Live Again . . . Not Even Close.

When Driving My Truck . . . If I’m Not Listening to Conservative Talk on Sirius XM, you Wouldn’t Lose Money if you Bet that I would be Listening to 50’s Radio & Sometimes the Blues, always Marveling at the Brilliant Talent of those Performers. Most of them Long Dead . . . But Not Forgotten.

It’s Interesting . . . I Didn’t Have Time To Listen To The Music In The 60’sAnd Now I Can’t Get Enough Of It.

Even Though . . . Life Wasn’t Particularly Easy for Me or for so many Others in the 50’s, 60’s and at the Beginning of the 70’s . . . What I Wouldn’t Give To Be back There Again, Compared To Today.

So . . . on many Nights, when Anne Turns-In for the Night, Anne Reads in Bed, while I Sit at my Computer & Watch & Listen to Great Entertainers of the Bygone Years on YouTube, who Entertained without Pretending to be the Conscience of Humanity.

And Then I Remember Why It Is . . . That I Do What I Do.


So Much For American Leaders Of State . . . Or Former Leaders Of State Not Getting Involved In Foreign Elections.


It’s Not As If . . . Obama, when Obama was in the White House, Didn’t do Everything in his Power with Money, Manpower & Information to Overthrow Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party During Israeli Elections.

I Don’t Have A Problem With A Former American President Endorsing A Canadian Candidate. Because, as I Wrote in my Last Editorial . . . I Don’t Believe in Limited or Selective Honest Free Speech (Freedom Of Expression), even if that Speech comes from Someone who did all he Could to Stymie the Free Speech of his own People, by using the Powers (Weaponizing) of State to Usurp the Rights of Free People.


While it is True that Canada, like the USA has far too Many Socio/Politically Ignorant Voters, who Like Free Stuff Paid For By Others . . . It Is Equally True – that Many Canadians aren’t Unaware that they Can’t Afford Fresh Meat, Fresh Vegetables & Fresh Fruit.

That Far Too Many Canadians are Unable to Eat-Out, because of the Cost of Restaurant Food, because of the Cost of Rising Minimum Wages, High Taxes, Incredibly High Fuel Costs . . . And Everything Else Associated With Big Spending Incompetent Governments, Which Make Many Of These Life & Pleasure Basics Unaffordable.

Obama Can Promote Trudeau All He Wants – But Unless Obama can figure out how he can Convince the Canadian Population, which is Living from Paycheck to Paycheck, and on Credit Cards, that Trudeau, who’s Acted like an Emperor Instead of an Elected Politician can Make Canada Affordable Again . . . Obama Can Kiss Canada’s Great White North’s Frozen Ass.

It’s Not As If Canadians Can’t See . . . The Prosperity Just South Of Our Border – Because We Can. It’s not as if Enough Canadians can’t see the Bounce in the American Step, or the Lunatics on the LEFT trying to Socialize the Greatest & Freest Country that has ever been – Because We Can.

It is very Possible that Trudeau could Win a Minority Government this coming Monday on October 21, 2019, because in Politics Anything can Happen. But I really Don’t Think So. And in the Final Analysis, an Endorsement from Obama, will end-up like all the other Failed Obama Endorsements . . . A Political Kiss Of Death!

And In Spite Of This Obama Endorsement Crap-Show . . . Conservatives, who are Promising to Bring-Back Sanity to the Canadian People will be Victorious.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard. I remember a number of months ago you were going to vote for Bernier and the PPC. I hope we all vote Conservative to stop Trudeau. I dread 13 more years of Trudeau … I supported Reform in the past too yet all that gave us was 13 years of liberals with the divided vote. We can’t do that again. One thing good about the PPC … its forced Scheer to pull a bit more to the right. That’s a good thing. So in effect, Bernier has helped Canada that way. Lets hope.

  2. obama has long been rumored to be gay. He was known to frequent gay bath houses (as was Rahm Emmanuel) in Chicago when he was a nobody state legislator, with Man’s Country being a favored stomping ground. This is fairly common knowledge in Chicago. Trudeau isn’t what I’d call an alpha male.

    I’m Leaving this Comment as a Message to Others . . . This is not the Type of Comment I want to see in the Comment Section of Galganov.com. It is Unverified & Irrelevant, and can be Cast at anyone. Galganov.com Deserves Better than this – HG.

  3. Fox news mentioned Obama publicly supporting Trudeau and that no other president has ever endorsed a Canadian political candidate, respecting and avoiding interference in our elections. Obama endorsed Trudeau to further his own Global One Government objective playing the stupid puppet Trudeau. At 83 I can say the 50′ and 60’s were the best of times and since then it’s been gimme gimme and entitlement. All except PPC are spending Canada into bankruptcy on 21st October election.

  4. Past comments have often indicated that Trudeau was the second coming of Obama in Canada. Boy! Is Canada ever lucky to get that support! Of course, this is being said in “jest”! Hope the people in Canada will “look at” Obama’s LACK of accomplishments in America very closely…..and not make the same mistakes as the people did in 2008 and 2012! Enough said. AMEN!

  5. Howard, I know you are an optimist, and I hope you are correct and the Conservatives get a majority. Because if they don’t, even if they win with a minority, Trudeau will hook up with the NDP and Bloc, and continue as PM. This happened in BC election. Liberals won the most seats, but didn’t have a majority. So the NDP (National Destructive Party!), asked the 3 Green Party seats to back them. They did, and Liberal leader resigned. This has been a disaster for BC.

  6. Carbon Tax will go to all the immigrants Trudeau has allowed into the Country. to pay for their Health care. He needs the money not for what he says its for. Time to kick him out and not the NDP which when I was Young was known as the Communist Party.

  7. Well Sir , I am very disappointed in this one . You Are NOT an Old Hippie ?

  8. Howard, much like you I was trying to be successful in the US Navy in the 60’s for 6 years, then moved into Civilian Life, a family, and a house. I heard about “Woodstock”, of course, but I was a Conservative even then, and all the free love, acid, etc just didn’t appeal to a “workin’ man”. But at the turn of the Century I found them, Janis, Jimmy Hendricks, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, Grace Slick,…NOW I get it, I’ll bet 90% of those still with us are Conservative Trump folks

  9. HG,I was honing in on Rhapsosdy in Blue and Bernstien about that time. Oh how time flies…… I love Trump, with my whole family on board, we are a real bunch of deplorables…..Thank you Hilary, for losing so gracously.

  10. I believe Obama sees Trudeau as (an easy mark) for the Saul Alinsky Doctrine. Manipulate, Divide, Conquer. Obama excelled in this doctrine back in the 70s & continues to excel at it. Trudeau reminds me of a college student just getting his feet wet & easily ‘swayed’ by a POPULAR PERSON. He will just FOLLOW the Pied Piper! Just as many of the college students are doing today. Saul Alinsky’s Doctrine is VIVID in colleges.

  11. I grew up in “DA” Bronx, Doo Wop was big, singing on the the corners was natural. Sixties, a major change ,could take or leave it, all though some really farout musicians came to be. I did enjoy some.The Seventies became more my era. Also realized I was more Conservative than most then.Regarding Obama-Bin-Laden, I didn’t! BUT I realized the Threat!Tried to get an Aeronautical A&P licence going to Aviation HS, didn’t quite make that.Construction turned out to my living. TRUMP 2020 Thanks Howard.

  12. Hope you are right, but I don’t think things will change much with Andrew Scheer. I don’t see pipelines getting built, the CBC (Pravda Canada) will continue, climate hysteria will be fostered, equalization will continue, the Official Languages Act will be extended, immigration will continue to exceed our needs,…need I go on? Not until we start to debate all of these issues openly will there be any hope for Canada.

  13. I can’t believe that Obummer would really get involved with Canadian politics! Well, since he got all involved with Netanyahu’s last run for PM, it makes sense that he try to Canada’s latest elections. There are two things that I see about the Israeli PM elections and Canada’s … Both of those things are muslims. Obummer is very sympathetic to the muslim cause. Israel with the “Palestinians” and Canada’s Trudeau’s treatment of the muslim population. Of course, his main goal is a One World Order

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