This Isn’t Just About “Trump”


We Keep Hearing How “Trump” Bullied A Foreign Leader – The President of Ukraine, to Help “Trump” – to Defeat his Political (Presidential) Opponent/Rival – Joe Biden.

I Haven’t Heard This Lie Contradicted Even Once . . . Not Anywhere – Not By Anyone!

HERE’S A FACT . . . Joe Biden Is Not President Trump’s Opponent. Last I Heard, Read or Saw, Biden is Locked into a Democrat Leadership Debate to Determine which one of about 20-Democrat Leadership Hopefuls, one of which will win enough Democrat Party Support to become the Democrat Presidential Candidate.

If Joe Biden Wins The Democrat Nomination . . . Then he will become the Official Political Opponent to President Trump for the 2020 Election Campaign. Until then, Biden is Just one of about 20-Democrats who are Ceaselessly Flapping their Jaws.

GIVEN THIS FACT . . . The Entire MEDIA/LEFTIST Premise that President Trump used his Office to Defeat his Opponent (Biden) by Bullying President Trump’s Ukrainian Counterpart is Nothing but Trash-Talk Media & BS.

WHEN I WRITE IT’S US AGAINST THEM . . . More Appropriately – It’s Them Against Us, Which Is Not An Overstatement.

For anyone to Believe that it’s Just President Trump who is Alone in the Fight of President Trump’s Life, Just at the Hands of America’s Democrats . . . THINK AGAIN!

Because The LEFTIST World Is At War With President Trump . . . Ipso Facto – the Worldwide LEFT are at War with all America, in their Communist Quest for a One-World Government.

The LEFTIST World Is At War With Freedom All Around The Globe.

So Every Time a Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine Waters, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez – ETC . . . Attacks the President, not on Substance, but Rather on the President’s Pride (Nationalism) of Country . . . that Assault is Upon all the American People, from Coast to Coast, and Upon the American Bill of Rights and the Subsequent Constitution . . .

. . . And Upon Every Freedom-Loving Person On The Planet.


But It’s Far More Than “Just” That . . . As If “JUST-THAT” Isn’t Enough.

If President Trump Goes Down, so does BREXIT along with British Independence. So will Eastern Europe, which will most Probably Return (Unwillingly) back into the Clutches of Russia, since who’s going to Stand in the Way to Protect Eastern Europe? Very much like England & France Gave Czechoslovakia to the Nazis, so as to Avoid WWII.

Who Stopped The Russians Thus Far (Before Trump) from Invading & Seizing Major Parts of Georgia & Ukraine? All of that was under Obama’s Watch.

And Who Will Stop The Spread Of Chinese Hegemony Throughout The World?

As The LEFTIST One-World Government Promoter & American Apologizer – Obama Came Into Office . . . and Occupied the White House for 8-Very Long Years, China Built Illegal Military Islands in the South China Sea, North Korea had its way with America, Islam Ran Rampant throughout the World as America’s Military Became ever more Depleted & Disarmed with each Passing Year under Obama & the Democrats.

If The LEFT Were To Remove Trump . . . All That Despair Will Return.


The American Economy Would Be In The Tank. Joblessness, Welfare (Whatever the LEFT Want to Call it) will become the Primary Source of Income, and the End of the American Entrepreneurial Spirit will Once Again Rear its Ugly Head.

The LEFT Will Regulate The Life-Blood Out Of The People’s Freedoms . . . & Punish Anyone & Everyone who will Dare to Get in Their Way.

If You Want To See What America & The Rest Of The World Will Look Like With The LEFT In Command . . .

You Don’t Have To Look Far . . . Look at the Kangaroo Trial the LEFT (Democrats) are Calling an “Impeachment Enquiry”, without Giving the Republicans any Opportunity to Participate in the American Judicial Right to Face their Accuser, to Call Witnesses, or to Cross-Examine.

Look At the Propagandized Congressional Hearings, where a Chairman (Schiff) Reads from a Fictionalized Script, as if it were Real, and has the Phony Script Placed in the Congressional Record, to be Referred to for all Time as Legitimate Testimony.

Look at Communist (Socialism) Venezuela & Cuba . . . and what’s Happening to Europe Under the Yoke of a Socialized One-World Government with Open Borders.

And Don’t Go Further Than Hong Kong . . . Where Young People are willing to Die in the Streets Fighting the Juggernaut Communist China, for the same Freedoms, which our North American Youth are Willing to Give Away, for a Promise of Life at a Non-Existent Shangri-La.


Remember – If Trump Goes Down – We All Go Down.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The fact that Shiff was able to get away with lying on record shows how far the Dims have gone to destroy Trump and the strong enough to stand up and say “ENOUGH” WHEN THOSEAmerica we love. I was very disappointed with those Repubs in The House when they just sat there and let Shiff continue lying.Looks like no Repubs are to weak to stand up and say “ENOUGH” when those liars in Congress open their lying mouths.To hell with Decorum, when others lie in public..

  2. SPOT ON! I have never seen so many UNINFORMED people yapping their mouths. The prevarications from FAKE NEWS, HOUSE/SENATE is so outrageous BUT….the UNINFORMED VOTERS are the ones we have to worry about. There is nothing but scurry being blasted over the Impeachment INQUIRY. BUT…..when will PROSECUTIONS of these DEFCOM1 people start? They need to be called OUT & PUNISHED. I keep waiting & waiting. I want TRUTH & FACTS put on the table. I am voting for TRUMP in 20/20. God HELP us ALL.

  3. I am afraid to comment I never had such mean thoughts in my life Detest these crooked liars.We have to find a way to get rid of them forever .Never again should we have to tolerate such evil in our country

  4. You say “We Keep Hearing How “Trump” Bullied A Foreign Leader – The President of Ukraine, to Help “Trump” – to Defeat his Political (Presidential) Opponent/Rival – Joe Biden. I Haven’t Heard This Lie Contradicted Even Once . . . Not Anywhere – Not By Anyone!” It’s been debunked all week by Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin. Trump didn’t do a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian President, Joe Biden did with the previous president to get his son from being investigated.

    ROBERT . . . You’re Absolutely Wrong! No one I am aware of has ever suggested that Biden is not and was not a Political Presidential Rival to President Donald Trump. If you’re going to Comment. Use your own Opinion or be Accurate – HG.

  5. You are totally correct on this, Howard. Your link will be circulated because you are correct – we are ALL in this battle even though we are not Americans. We are part of the Western Civilization that has decided to commit cultural suicide & buy into the ONE WORLD idea where an unelected group will control ALL parts of the world except China, Japan, Korea, S.E. Asia, Mid-East & Russia. They’ve got more intelligence than us. Why are we so eager to commit cultural, political & econ.suicide??

  6. It’s about what going to happen if Trump is-not re-elected and a Socialistic Democratic candidate wins the POTUSA. It is good-by America.

  7. Gee, Howard, why don’t you quit beating around the bush and tell us what you really think? In all seriousness, you are one of my modern-day heroes! Keep up the great work and keep calling ’em like you see ’em. You are in fine form – keep giving the liberal Democrat bastards the hell they rightly deserve!

  8. Howard I agree with you 100% but Iam so angry I just can’t say more….

  9. Good to read Galgonov,good to comment,but we all better be on the battlefield with prayer and money.

  10. Great article, Howard. I was wondering if I was the only one thinking what you wrote about them calling Biden Trump’s political rival. You are exactly correct about that. Furthermore, with each passing day I think the chances for Quid Pro Joe to be the nominee are rapidly falling away. If Joe has done what the evidence appears to point to, convicting Joe for corruption would be a huge signal to the US that, indeed, no one is above the law. It would also fulfill the drain the swamp promise.

  11. Great Title! First of all, BIDEN’S all done! Second, if it weren’t for Pres. Trump, America would already be DOOMED and the TRUTH about the last INCOMPETENT Administration would have NEVER been revealed re: their PAST EVIL DEEDS! GOD help us all SHOULD a Democrat win in 2020, but I sincerely believe that this won’t happen! Some people MUST “wake up” before it’s too late, especially the RINOS & other REPUBLICAN officials! The RADICALS are RUINING America with their DEMENTED IDEAS! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  12. You hit it out of the park with this one Howard. Reality well stated. I hope that people read this, understand exactly what’s at risk and react accordingly. We truly are on the brink and the whole world is at risk. The people need to vote accordingly and get rid of the elitist left wing cult worldwide.

  13. It’s too late for Canada. If the sheeple were dumb enough to vote for Trudeau once, they’re dumb enough to vote for him twice. All eyes are on November 2020. Pray for The Donald. Whether you’re an American or Canadian conservative, he’s all we have.

  14. The saddest of all is that the Republican House – that we elected – are sitting back and doing nothing about Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, AOC and Squad, etc. Doing nothing and saying nothing is the same as agreeing (with the Democrats.) I don’t hear a “hey!”, What?!” or anything from the House Repubs – they are letting them have their way without a fight! Not even an “Excuse me?!?” Get in front of the cameras and yell it to the top of the mountains.

  15. The Leftists of the planet are psychotically trying to control everyone to follow their vapid, valueless, empty ideas and notions. All only to be sheep in their deranged games.

  16. Barry Jackson: You are wrong. The Liberals will not win a majority. My feeling is that the Progressive Conservatives will win a minority government and my man Mad Max Bernier will win a surprising number of seats 10-15 and will carry a Balance of Power along with the NDP and The Green party.

    Daniel . . . Please Do Not Use To Debate With Any Other Commentator – HG

  17. “Look at Communist (Socialism) Venezuela & Cuba . . . and what’s Happening to Europe Under the Yoke of a Socialized One-World Government with Open Borders.” Look at what’s going on in Canada. 🙂

  18. “to Defeat his Political (Presidential) Opponent/Rival – Joe Biden.” And what I’d like to hear someone – especially, Republicans – come out and say is that the Ukraine investigation wasn’t about Biden the candidate but about Biden’s inappropriate pressuring Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son while Biden was Vice President. Unfortunately, the GOP still hasn’t seemed to have discovered its spine.

  19. HG you mention the great American economy which made me think about the Canadian economy that the Trudeau Liberals are taking all the credit for that they have created and worked so hard for creating a million JOBS. They really should be thanking Trump because without the great American economy there would be no Canadian economy. But what do you expect from “progressives” they like to usurp and take credit that is rightfully due to others. To bad Sheer won the CPC party leadership, no backbone.

  20. We need transcripts of Presidential conversatins with foreign leader for many years. They all talk plain talk and threaten. Trump was mild. He referred it to his AG as it should have been. No big deal. I want to see the scum presidents previously and how they spoke and bribed.

  21. I used to play golf with a guy who is a Liberal, he explained to me how our President is destroying the US. Interestingly enough, everything he said was based on incorrect information. He watches only Liberal News channels. The media is the main culprit in where we are right now, spreading misinformation. The Dems in Congress are just showing their willingness to destroy people to get what they want, Total Control. I will not lose my freedom to them, period.

  22. Scary editorial Howard. President Trump, four more years from 2020, who is in the wings to take over and be a real man like him? The world is in turmoil particularly Europe, Canada is changing, few Canadians paying attention. The bad actors in the USA are incredulous, all they cry is impeachment while legal minds say there is no case. They throw lots of s**t hoping it will stick. If Trudeau wins, Canada is toast. SNC, groping, no ethics, Mr Dressup, 2 crimes, isn’t resonating with voters. MAGA

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