Self-Hating Humanity . . . The New LEFT


“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You . . . Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”?

We’ve Gone Full Circle . . . from my Parents’ Generation to Today . . . when According to the People of – and before my Parents’ Era – It was How Can We Make Our Lives & The Lives Of Our Children Better? – We now have Social & Political Movements working at How Can We Demean The Benefits Of Life, which our Parents Sacrificed Everything to Create for us?

For Me . . . We Are In The Midst Of Three Serious Elections.

Israel is Going to the Polls in 7-Days From Today (September 17, 2019), where Israel has Morphed into a Right Wing (Conservative) Country, in Spite of the Fact that Israel was Re-Recreated after a 2,000-Year Exile, to be a Socialist Country, which was a Disaster until Israel Moved to the Right after the Yom Kippur War (October 1973).

And then again, with the LEFTIST Sellout of the Jewish State known as the Oslo Accord, at the Urging (Pressure) of Bill Clinton, and the Acquiesce of Israel (Yitzhak Rabin & Shimon Peres), led by Prime Minister Rabin, but pushed Forward by Shimon Peres, who Never Found an Enemy-Ass he wasn’t Prepared to Kiss . . . Israel Opened Pandora’s Box.


And Now . . . Even though Israel is a Decidedly Conservative Country, there is Every Possibility Israel will Veer to the Political CENTER/LEFT, because of Israel’s LEFTIST Media, because of Israel’s Convoluted Election & Parliamentary Rules, because of Israel’s Hard Religious Domestic Intransigence . . . AND BECAUSE NETANYAHU HAS OVERSTAYED HIS BEST PAST-DUE DATE.


In Canada . . . We Started our Federal Election Process – Culminating when we will go to the Polls on Monday October 21, 2019.

With all the People & Parties Campaigning to become Canada’s Next Government & Prime Minister . . . Conservatives (In Name Only – Andrew Scheer), Liberals (Soft Socialists – Justin Trudeau), NDP (Hard Socialist New Democrat Party – Jagmeet Singh) and the Green Party (Communist Idiots – Elizabeth May) . . . THERE’S NO ONE WORTH VOTING FOR!

I’m Going To Vote For The Conservatives . . . Not Because I want Andrew Scheer to Lead my Country, but Rather, because I want any of the Aforementioned Much Less to Lead my Country.

I Wanted Maxime Bernier (Mad Max) To Lead The Conservatives.

I supported Mad Max with my Time, Effort & Money, but Maxime Bernier Lost, and now has set-up his own Party . . . The People’s Party Of Canada, which has some Excellent Conservative Ideas . . . But The Following Is Why I Won’t Support Mad Max.

1 – Bernier Lost the Leadership Convention, and then left the Conservative Party, after Sitting in the House, as a Shadow Opposition Member to the Elected Liberal Cabinet.

2 – Bernier Showed Extremely Bad Judgment, when he was Last In Government as the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Under Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper), when Bernier was FORCED to Resign in May 2008, when Mad Max left Security NATO Papers Fully Exposed in his BIKER Girlfriend’s Presence.

3 – Maxine Bernier is Currently, Once Again Showing Extremely Bad Judgement by Having one of his most Important Advisors (Martin Masse), who is also a Close Friend, who is a Known Advocate for Anti-Semitism, Misogyny & Gay Slurs. And when Confronted by this Claim, Bernier’s Response was: One thing Has Nothing To Do With The Other.

4 – And Then There Is A Reality . . . Maxime Bernier Doesn’t Have a Snowball’s Chance In Hell of Winning Anything, other than to Split the Conservative Vote, giving Trudeau’s Liberals a Second Kick at the Can – to Fully Destroy the Country of my Parents and of my Birth.

So Here It Is . . . I’ll Vote For Scheer – Because Scheer Isn’t Mad Max Or Justin Trudeau.


On Tuesday, November 3, 2020 – If Everyone who is Legitimately Allowed to Vote in the American Presidential Election Chooses To Do So, More Than 150-Million Americans Could Turn-Out To Vote.

And Here We Are Bearing Witness . . . to Democrats, who are Campaigning to Lead their Party to become the Candidate to Run for the Presidency of the United States of America, who are as Far to the LEFT as their Imagination will Carry them.

And When A Dolt Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Speaks In Favor of DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, as if it was somehow Different than Non-Democratic Socialism, with Nary a Peep of Push-Back from Anyone in the Democrat Party . . . To Me – The Writing Is On The Wall.


Ocasio-Cortez either doesn’t Understand that America is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and has no Idea what a Constitutional Republic is, and that America is Not a Democracy in the Defining Sense, AND THAT SOCIALISM IS BASED 100% ON GOVERNMENT COERCION.

The Fact that the Democrats are so Far to the LEFT, and there isn’t one Competent Leader Amongst all the Candidates, and one of those Candidates Might Win the Nomination if an Outsider Doesn’t Step-In First to Win it at the Democrat Convention . . . and the Democrat Primary Winner Might Win The Presidency in 2020 Is A Very Real Possibility That Is Terrifying.


How Did These 3-Potential Disasters Come To Be? Ask The Educators – Then Look In The Mirror.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Disaster for sure…medicare for all….forgive student loans….open the borders….medical care and protection for illegals…reparations for slavery…..if the worst happens we are screwed! Oh…impeach the President for nothing!

  2. Difficult to hear, accurate, but the truth. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  3. I am voting for the person / party that I believe will do the least amount of damage to my country, province, municipality … how this country has evolved since WWII … we would be shamed by every person who participated and fought to ensure our freedom today … they would ask the question … why did I die … why was I maimed … why did someone not come home to me …

  4. Your commentary is spot on. I like the PPC policies and would vote for them if it weren’t for the vote split. We need Scheer. He might surprise us! As usual the votes in Ontario and Quebec will carry the election. We in the west have basically no influence on the outcome. If Trudeau gets back in, the only hope for Western Canada is to separate and form our own Wescan. And we cannot afford to keep pandering to Quebec by sending billions of $$ to them. We are at a breaking point!

  5. Thank you for allowing us to put your editorials on Facebook I am so happy to be able to share your words with others. Shalom

  6. I echo your thoughts re Ca. Election . However maybe the Ultimate Best Course of Action is to have Trudeau re-elected and drive us off the cliff. I am tired of half measures , lying clowns and piss poor leadership. Let’s get to the Worst possible result and face the mess . On. and Que. do decide for the other 8 and Canada as we Knew it, is done.

  7. Howard, Generally, I agree with your comments/writings. Not today. Trudope is such an embarrassment to Canada and Scheer – well I’m not scher. Yes Maxine screwed up with that Biker girlfriend, however, he came close to winning the Conservative leadership. I believe that Max will win several seats – including out west , and that his party – PCP – will have the most elected after the Liberals & Cons. WHY DID THE COMMISSIONER OF THE DEBATES CHANGE THE RULES TO ENSURE MAXINE COULD NOT PARTICIPATE?

  8. I won’t be voting Bernier not to split the conservative vote. Just for precision, Martin Masse must not be that anti-gay since he is gay himself (self-avowed publically)

  9. To paraphrase JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country is doing to you.” Real conservatives – thoughtful persons who believe in limited, accountable, transparent, honest government – are unrepresented. Most politicians put their interventionist agenda ahead of the best interests of the citizens they are sworn to serve. I couldn’t think of a more precise definition of fascism.

  10. We the people tried to get changes via the Tea Party. But the fight pretty much died out after one or two election cycles. It isn’t easy to fight infiltrators, media, etc., to continue to stand. Plus the financial support wasn’t there. I think what wound up killing it though was when members wanted to make it a 3rd political party, the organizers didn’t want that & so let it die. Now we’re lucky to have candidates even identify as a Tea Partier. What a shame we lost it.

  11. If the liberals win with Govt. health care have they ever thought that just maybe alot of people will not want to be doctors Even now alot of Drs. are not trying to have their children follow them as Doctors. How is the VA doing for our Vets? Why use the VA when for $15 dollars or forty for a specialist I can go to any Dr. I want to. I called last Friday and will see my Dr. tomorrow the 11th

  12. I believe Pres Clinton and Pres Obama effectively cut the Tea Party off at the knees by controlling/instructing the IRS to not process or delay indefinitely the appropriate legal papers filed by the Tea Party PACS so the donors could either stay anonymous or have their donations tax exempt and the PACS become legal entities….I consider myself to be a tea party, constitutionalist, libertarian, independent.AND ready to defend our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC !!!!! Thank you indeed, Mr. Galganov!!!

  13. If the Earth was flat, the Lefties would be soooooo far Left they would be OFF THE PLANET. They are in OUTER SPACE as it is. I am hoping that Complacency is NOT touching ‘everyone’. People MUST be informed with FACTS & Truth. They certainly are NOT getting it from the FAKE NEWS, nor from the HOUSE/SENATE. It seems the WHOLE WORLD has gone NUTS. They all have the (GIMMEEs). Mine, Mine, Mine. And Term LIMITS are a MUST. God Help Us

  14. I have to disagree with you Howard on one point, the fiberals are not soft socialist, they are harder and more to the left than the dippers. I will vote Conservative also while holding my breath because we don’t have any Conservative politicians in this country anymore, just like you said about Scheer, conservatives in name only just like the RINO’s in the U.S.A., blue tories or fiberals wearing blue suit. I make exemption about Pierre Poilievre. He should be the leader but he didn’t run.

  15. Another top notch Editorial, Howard. So what else is new ? (hahaha) – JFK was a true leader back in his day and if I’m not mistaken, John F. Kennedy is the most beloved American President of all time…in BOTH our Countries. (U.S.A. + Canada) – I also loved Bobby Kennedy, who once said: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not ?” Sadly both these men, as well as the great Martin Luther King…were shot down in cold blood. :>( Brucester

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