Dozens Dead – Crocodile LEFTIST Tears . . . News Media Bonanza


The Sickness Of Mass Shootings . . . Extends far beyond the Bullets, the Blood and the Deaths. The Sickness is with the Media & Politicians, which Makes the Horror of Mass Murder a Media Event, with which to “ENTERTAIN” the Mob, to be Strung-Out as long as the Media can Squeeze Ratings & Revenue from the Horrible Pain & Suffering of the Survivors & from the Victims Loved-Ones.


Nobody Likes An Economic Crash More Than The LEFT – When The Republicans Are In Power – So, when you Couple the Maniacal Shootings in Texas & Ohio to the Trade War with China . . . The LEFT Are In Socio/Political Nirvana.

AMERICA IS AT WAR! . . . Between the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, Islamists & Much of Europe, America is Fighting to Remain That Shining City On Top Of The Hill . . . To Keep-Out The Barbarians At The Gate.

The Greater Socio/Political Tragedy – Is That The LEFT Are Helping & Abetting The Enemies Of America.

To Blame President Trump for the Recent Shootings & the Trade War with China, the War Posture of North Korea, the Defense Against Islamism, Russia’s Support for America-Haters, the Iranian Mullahs Promotion of Moslem Terrorism, is Absolutely Akin with Calling Everyone who Disagrees with the LEFTS’ Socialist Agenda . . . RACISTS.


Every Time a LEFTIST Member of the Media – Plus Educators, the Entertainment Industry & Democrats Call President Trump a Racist, a Bigot, a Liar, a Misogynist, a Traitor and an Agent for the Russians . . . Calling to Investigate – Investigate – Investigate, All The Way To – Impeach – Impeach – Impeach . . . The Trump Haters Are Showing Their Deep Hatred For America – America – America . . . In Their Extreme Push For Socialism, One World Government . . . & However They Could Win The White House In 2020 By All Means Necessary – Costs To America Be Damned.


The Only Group Screaming Non-Stop About Race . . . Is The LEFT!


It Took A Civil War & The 1964 Civil Rights Act To Officially End Racism.

The United States Of America . . . Certainly Before Barack Hussein Obama, was Possibly the Least Racist Country on the Planet, where the American People in Large Numbers Elected a Black Man with Zero Experience Nor Accomplishment at Anything, other than Socialist Community Organizing – To Be President Of The United States Of America . . . . Not Once But Twice, even though Obama did a Dreadful Job the First Time as President.

And even though Barack Obama Surrounded Himself in the White House with many Black People, who were given Prominent Positions – I don’t Recall White Americans Griping about the Color of the Men & Women Obama Chose to Help Govern the USA.

Every-Time I Hear Or Read The Trope Of Racism – I Know it’s Coming from the LEFT, because that’s the LEFT’S only Strategy the LEFT has to Win Power, since Socialism & A One World Government Will Never Do It.

But I’ve Got News For The LEFT . . . Perhaps the LEFT are too Stupid to have either Read or Remember Aesop’s Fable, About The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The LEFT have so Misused & Over-Used the Cry of Racist for so Long, that there now Exists 3-Problems for the LEFT . . .

1 – The Word Racist Has Little Meaning To Most People . . . If Everyone’s Called A Racist.
2 – People Of Color Are Getting Sick & Tired Of Being  Stooges For The LEFT.
3 – Real Racists Are Getting A Freebie Hiding Amongst Decent People Who Are Routinely Called Racists For Political Purposes.


For Supporters Of The Socialized LEFT . . . The Constant Vitriol Against Decent People with a Different Viewpoint on how to Self-Govern, is Driving People more to the Center & Center-Right.

Listening to the LEFT, Especially to LEFTIST Politicians and the Media . . . You would believe, as Hillary Clinton tried for Years to Convince the American People, that there is a Vast Hardcore Right-Wing Conspiracy (Neo-Nazis) in America . . . Which Simply Is Not True.

The KKK for all Intents and Purposes is Gone. The Neo-Nazi Movement consists of a Small Number of Ignorant Haters, while the VAST Majority of American People are simply Decent Folk Trying to do the Best they Can, In-Spite of their Socio/Political Differences, the Government and what the Media tells them.


There Are Indeed Violent Hate Groups In America . . . Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Occupy – Etc.

So . . . When the LEFT and the Media Keep Pushing this Narrative of HATE through Lies, Distortions of the Truth & Ignorance of Fact . . . for Constitutional America, the President of the United States of America, and the Freedom of Capitalism – There Does Become A Real Risk Of National Separation & Identity, which could and very Possibly Erupt into something far Greater & Deadlier than just Aggressive Free Speech.

And None Of This Is Lost On The Foreign Enemies Of The United States Of America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Left continually shout “Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!” because they have nothing else. Its all a lot of virulent, empty, mean-nothing crap designed to rile the Liberal brainwashed of our society. To rally the troops for war against conservatives and those who do not fanatically support the brainwashed. And to get people to think and act like violent savages without thought or remorse. Make no mistake, these fools who beat up people with MAGA hats are as bad as Nazi brownshirts beating on Jews.

  2. The left will blame President Trump for that twisted monster who killed & injured folks at Wal-Mart. Yeah sure, it’s all Trump’s fault that some mentally unbalanced racist, filled with anger and hatred, chose to open fire on innocent people. The bastard used a gun…but the trigger was mental illness & hatred. Hours later, in Ohio, some other twisted monster decided to shoot at folks for no apparent reason. President Trump is “bang on” saying these perpetrators should get the Death Penalty !!!

  3. The Russia Hoax didn’t work, the constant efforts to impeach based on Mueller’s lies hasn’t worked either. The Left has no agenda that sane Americans would vote for, therefore, let’s keep calling Trump a racist & blame the shootings on him. That’s how low & disgusting the Left & their MSM, Hollywood, etc. minions are. This is pure evil and the vitriol hate towards Trump has the potential to cause more violence. People need to wake up & realize that the Left is all about power & control.

  4. I applaud the progressive agenda of heaping more and more abuse on DJT and the Republicans, keep repeating the same mantra of hate and lies until you remove ANY DOUBT of just how intolerant and evil you truly are—Go ahead, make our day!

  5. The Leftists: The Boys & Girls that cried “Racist” – They’ve taken the meaning out of the word.

  6. These sorry excuses for Americans will continue to push their narrative, too, until enough of us who see them for who they are will stand up and collectively say, “Enough.” There are days when I barely recognize this country I’ve loved for three quarters of a century, but I’m coming to the conclusion that my refusal to discuss politics and religion in order to maintain pleasant relationships, is really a contribution to the overall problem. God bless you for speaking out as you do.

  7. The left are all in a caldron of the same mixture. Question is, who is doing the stirring and chants of hatred and what each spooned out needs to do about it. Most are instructed to repeat the mantra. Others are given tools ($$, etc.) to stir other pots. Sounds like Satanic rituals and it’s permeating large swaths of the world, now concentrated more on the USA.

  8. DESPERATE people do DESPERATE things!The RADICAL LEFT is more than DESPERATE!Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS]=HATRED of TRUMP!It is more SERIOUS and PREVALENT than anyone can/could ever imagine!Trump is/has been BLAMED for whatever CATASTROPHE which occurs! Of course, the FAKE NEWS thrives on this type of news; otherwise, they wouldn’t have anything to report on! If Trump’s GATHERINGS of THOUSANDS of people is a SIGN of his SUPPORT, he WILL DEFINITELY WIN in 2020.GO TRUMP GO! Pray for him. AMEN!

  9. Had the House/Senate voted MONIES for the WALL (as asked for by POTUS TRUMP) and an amending of the IMMIGRATION LAW, the majority of the ‘problem’ would have been resolved. THEY DID NOTHING & then POINTED FINGERS at Trump…after all it is NO ONE’s fault but his. The BLAME lies with THOSE who did NOT do the job for which they were elected. The LEFT carries the FULL WEIGHT for the CHAOS as well as the FAKE MEDIA. MYPOV

  10. What can I say Howard? Guns are not the problem the people who pick them up and use them are. A gun sitting on a table does nothing, some nut case of weird do picks it up then there is trouble.Bad people are going to get guns no matter if the Government takes everyone we all own, the bad guy is still going to get his guns. Why blame this President there have been others in office why have they not stopped guns? I am grateful to you for your Editorials thank you sir. God bless

  11. Who decided I should not talk about Religion or Politics? I am bringing up politics and religion any time I want too. It is part of freedom of speech to discuss both. Exchanging ideas makes America great. My son sent me a little text today. “I was asked, “Are you happy with a racist President?” I said, Certainly not! We replaced him with Donald Trump.” How True!!!!!

  12. Obama had 24 mass shootings during his time in office, 3 times more than the 3 previous administrations combined, yet nobody put any blame on him.The hypocrisy of the left makes my stomach turn. Then it turns out that the shooter in Dayton Ohio was a registered Democrat who would vote for Elizabeth Warren (I’m sure she is thrilled about that endorsement). Watch how the rhetoric for that incident dissolves because they can’t connect it to Trump or racism.

  13. Like the new Format, keep up all your hard work. We now have a new PM who is telling the monolith of Europe to get lost and stick their lousy agreement which would make us a vassal state. What a pathetic bunch of losers.

  14. One think we must never forget is that the community organizer in chief has put in opposition every possible group: white and colors, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, pro American and anti-American, the public and the security forces. He was the instigator of all the division as per Mr. Sol Olinsky directions. The racist thing is now so bad that the lefties are calling each other racist. For 8 years: misery, unemployment, stagnation, violence and more. What a change since Trump.

  15. R (rather) A (annoying) C (communist) I (inspired) S (silencing) T (tactic)

  16. Make a difference donate to Trump 2020,I just ordered the silver bar package.Metals are screaming higher so it probably won’t cost me anything.I don’t care what the silver market does,we all need to something.The dems need to be beaten so bad it takes them 30 years to recover.

  17. As always you’re right on the mark!!! Great article, Howard. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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