Israel Is The Jews’ Second Amendment – Trump Is The Provider



So What’s With The Headline? . . . Israel Is The Jews’ Second Amendment:

It’s Easier & More-Straight Forward Than It Seems.

First, the Media did all it could to Promote the Primary Election of Trump, so Trump Could Lead the Republican Party, thinking that Crooked Hillary can, and will Beat Trump in a Presidential Election in a Landslide, Without Barely Breaking a Sweat.

Surprise – Surprise . . . The LEFT & The Crooked Media Backed The Wrong Horse.

THEN THE DEEP LEFT DECIDED, that through a Supposedly “Independent” Counsel, a Determined House of Democrat Representatives, and an Aggressive Media . . . it could Eliminate a Duly Elected President by Creating a False Nazi-Like Propagandas Narrative . . . Russia – Russia – Russia.

Not Only Didn’t That Work . . . It’s Coming Back To Bite The LEFT On The Ass!

SO NOW WE GO TO RACIST – RACIST – RACIST. If Today is Monday – It must be Monday because Trump is a Racist. If the Gulf Coast is Flooding . . . It’s Flooding because Trump is a Racist. If ICE is Arresting Illegal Aliens . . . it’s not Because the Aliens are ILLEGALLY within the United States of America . . . but Rather, it’s because Trump is a Racist.

Racist . . . To The LEFT’S Usage – Is The Catch-All For Everything Bad.


It’s No Secret . . . Anti-Semitism Worldwide Is On The Rise. And In-Spite of all we Want to Believe, Hear, See & What We Don’t Want To Believe – There’s every Chance on the Planet for Another Attempt at a Second Holocaust at the Worst . . . and Anti-Jewish Genocide at the Best.

It’s Not Like Jews Haven’t Been Everyone’s Whipping-Boy For Thousands Of Years.

The Problem . . . As I See It – is that Europe is Openly Hostile to Jews, Practicing or Secular Jews like Me. It Doesn’t Matter – and it Never did Matter how Jewish a Person Behaved Outwardly or Otherwise. And In-Spite of what Some Leaders in the Arab/Moslem World are beginning to Portray in terms of Rapprochement with Israel, in Places like Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Arab Emirates . . . Etc – NONE would Shed a Tear if Israel were to be Wiped Off The Middle Eastern Map & Everywhere Else as Long as it Didn’t Affect Them.


Less Than 8-Decades Ago, As A Civilized, Cultured, Educated & Accomplished Nation . . . Germany – Treated An Equally Civilized, Cultured, Educated & Accomplished People (Jews) within all of Europe to the Kind of Torture & Mass Murder, for the Goal of Genetic Extinction, which we wouldn’t Tolerate on Animals . . . AS THE WORLD STOOD SILENT!

And Had It Not Been For General Dwight D Eisenhower . . . Who Ordered a Full Visual Documentation of what the Germans and their Willing European Accomplices Did as Jewish Embers Still Smoldered – the Holocaust Deniers would have Already been Able to Rewrite History.

I Was Born 5-Years After WWII . . . 5-Years After The Concentration Camps:

But I Clearly Remember My Parents, who were Alive During the War, who Served Valiantly During the War, and Others who Survived the Nazi/European Concentration Camps, which were Nothing More than Human Slaughter-Houses for Jews & Handy for Others . . . Who Passionately & Repeatedly Said . . . IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!

I Begrudgingly Believed That . . . BUT WHAT I DIDN’T BELIEVE, is that it Could Happen Here in Canada, and most Certainly Never in The United States of America . . . The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – E Pluribus Unum – Etc- Etc.

I Don’t Believe That Any More. Not Since The Democrats Swung So Hard LEFT.

When the Democrats had the Chance to Stand-Up in an Unabashed Way to Dispel any Association with Anti-Semitism on Multiple Occasions, Echoed from Multiple Members of the Democrat Party – They Stunningly Failed To Do-So. And Sooner Rather Than Later . . . The LEFT will Take Power in The United States of America.

The American Bastion Of Safe Harbor For The Jewish People Is Crumbling.

We are Bearing Witness to an EXTREME DISPLAY of Gender, Racist & Religious Party-Line (Democrat) Discrimination, Akin to the Precursor to Most . . . if not in One Way or Another – To All Jew Hatred which has always Politically Played Very Well.

This Time – We Won’t Simply Be Dirty-Jews In The Lands We Call Home Like Canada & The USA . . . We will be Dirty Jews Everywhere who are Associated with a Perceived (Untrue) Hateful Jewish Country Called Israel.


And No Matter How We Defend Ourselves . . . We Jews Will be Publicly Morphed into Evil Beings, who Prey on “Defenseless” Palestinians in an Israeli Apartheid State called Israel. And if we Support Israel – Then we will be Perceived to be no Less Evil & Culpable than are the Israeli Jews.

I Cannot Envision President Trump Losing In 2020 . . . But Sooner Rather Than Later, and Inevitably by Hook or Crook, the LEFT will Win the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

We Already Had A Taste Of It With Jimmy Carter & Barack Hussein Obama.

And as the World Moves Inextricably Towards a Socialist One World Government, America, through the American LEFT, will Succumb, Leaving Israel Exposed & Vulnerable to an Anti-Semitic World Without a Strong Friend to Watch Israel’s Back.

And If Israel Goes – So Will Go The Jewish People. In the 1930’s during the Lead-Up to the Holocaust, there was a Plethora of Jewish Elites, who became known as Judenrat (Jews Who Cooperated With The Nazis).

These were Businesspeople, Professionals, Teachers, Rabbis & Assorted Community Leaders, who Thought they were Smarter than Everyone Else, who told the Jewish People who Trusted Them and their Judgment – NOT TO RESIST & Everything will be Alright. We Know How That Story Ended.


Today . . . Unlike Some 80 Years Ago – Jews have a Country to Turn to, when the Respective Countries we Call Home Create Reasons to Turn on Us, as those People whom we Thought were Friends, Including the Modern Judenrat (Democrats In Congress), find it Easier to Get Along if they Go Along.

The Israelis Are Not Defenseless. Some People Learn from their Past, some Curse Themselves to Repeat it. Israel Will Not Repeat That Part Of Jewish Past.

I’m Not Overly Worried About 2020 . . . I Strongly Suspect Trump will Re-Win the White House. The Republicans will Keep the Senate . . . & the Republicans have a great Chance to Win Back the House.

It’s The Longer LEFTIST Game That Keeps Me Awake At Night.

As long as there is Israel. And as long as Israel is Armed to the Teeth. And as Long as Israel is Capable, Able & Willing to Use the Weapons it Has – It will be Somewhat Easier for People like Me to Sleep at Night.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . What President Trump & His Republicans are Doing Today for Israel and the Jewish People, is Creating an INTERNATIONAL SECOND AMENDMENT for Israel, Before the LEFT can Stop Him . . . which the LEFT Will Do when given the Chance to Govern from the White House . . . Or At The Very Least, They Will Try To Do.

There’s More To It Over The Next 18-Months Than We Can Imagine.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Israel will not be wiped off the face of the map; that is a promise from God. When Israel is attacked by a combined-nation army, God will protect them & wipe out the enemy. God already miraculously protected once before not that long ago. Believe it. Suffering will happen before & increase, but Israel will be saved by God Almighty. Can’t claim that same protection for the USA as a nation. Bible interpreters believe once Israel was established again as a nation, it will stand til the end of time.

  2. I hope you’re wrong–I hope GOD really is in charge and steering the “ship” for his own ends–I believe I can faithfully follow HIS wishes, because I and my family are children of GOD, whether they admit it or not!–I believe HE really has the plan!
    NOT my will, but YOURS be done–isn’t just religious dogma!

  3. Many Muslims come from countries that teach from birth that Jews and Israel are bad. Leftist media and universities today do the same thing. I am not surprised AOC, Omar, Tlaib think this way. Whatever they claim they are, they have no independent or critical thought. Their opinions are no different than the throngs of history’s and the modern world’s anti-Semites.

  4. What we learn from history is that we “Never Learn From History”.
    The exception to this conundrum may be Israel.
    I hope so as they are the only friends we (the western world) have in the middle east and we need to support them economically, socially and militarily if necessary.

  5. Again and again. You do it everytime. You bring stark reality, a sobering vision. You are the purveyor of a no nonsense tell it like it is world we live in. Baruch Hashen, Howard. You are a gift from G-d.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  6. I don’t know how many of you that horrible, hateful display of self-agrandisement today when “the squad” had what they called a press conference. It was horrible ….. they berated everything about our wonderful America. They wouldn’t even call President Trump President … instead they said the individual in the White House. If you didn’t hear it, I’m sure it was recorded somewhere – it was on FOX mid-afternoon. I should have known better than to watch it.

  7. R(ather)A(nnoying)C(ommunist)I(nspired)S(ilencing)T(actic).If the middle east or any other country try to destroy Israel, it will be Israel that will use its nuclear armament to destroy the enemy. Israel will not be the aggressor but will respond in kind to the invaders as they did before since 1948 when it was founded on the order of the u.n. which today is completely anti-semitic. I still don’t get it, 14 million Jews on this planet with 7 billion people and they are hated ??? Zero logic !!!!

  8. Today’s irrelevant presser: The squad implied; Hypothetically, if the 4 congresspersons espoused the same anti-Semitic, anti-American views, but were white skinned, Trump would give them a pass. They are obviously cray-cray!!!

  9. Excellent.! For what it’s worth: my opinion is that those Jews in America and the rest of the world that do not revere the state of Israel live in some fantasy land and are today’s judenrat. “Never again” means exactly that. If armageddon is to come it’s core will be our land of salvation–ISRAEL

  10. Howard, a person does not have to be Jewish to work on a Kibbutz in Israel. Being Protestant, I was accepted on the Israeli Ulpan Program, permitting me to work on Kibbutz G’var Am in Ashkelon. I worked there and learned some Hebrew for 6 months (Jan-June, 1973) ~ the BEST experience I ever had in my life. What a remarkable country Israel is….and what a tremendous accomplishment by the Jewish people. I loved singing the Israel National Anthem “Hatikvah” which means “The Hope”: Hope for Peace

  11. to get around the smart “web link” ban, search YouTube with the following title! We strong believers totally support ISRAEL!
    “Johnathon Cohn’s Full Message – Presidential Inaugral Prayer Breakfast 2017 – Trump Inauguration”

  12. i walked into the novelty store “Le Pannier” in Pointe Claire village yesterday and beside the checkout was a display of toilet paper rolls imprinted with Donald Trump’s face. I loudly objected and demanded to speak with the owner who happened not to be there at the time. I called her today and needless to say it was like talking to the wall. She claimed that this was only a novelty item and was in high demand. She also played the broken record about how vulger Trump is to women. Brainwashed.

  13. Howard, as usual, right on point. I hope many people watched Life, Liberty and Levin 7-14,2019. Pastor John Hagee who is minister in San Antonia, TX gave an uplifting praise for Trump regarding Israel and Jews! Fears drifting away from God, Capitalism vs socialism.

  14. One of the definitions of SQUAD is– “(Military) the smallest military formation, typically comprising a dozen soldiers, used esp as a drill formation.” Today [7/15/19], the LEFT’S four most DISGUSTING females introduced this NEW description of themselves on TV. It FITS them very well, as these LEFTISTS behave in such a fashion, i.e., they continuously ATTACK the RIGHT and Pres. Trump. As a SQUAD, they should be fighting FOR and PROTECTING America–NOT BE REBELLING AGAINST it! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. As a very involved and committed Canadian who saw the writing on the wall many years ago, after an encounter with CBC radio, I moved to Northern Israel just over 28 years ago. I truly left home to come home. Howard you are invited to bring as many of your readers who want to come for a visit. You will have a simply wonderful time. Just let me know when you are coming so that I can get out the welcome party. As I usually end my emails to family and friends, so when are YOU coming to visit?

  16. One major change in this era is that Israel and Jews enjoy the full-throated support of America’s Evangelical Christians. Their political influence is why the Republican Party has evolved into the pro-Israel party. No guarantees but as long as that support is strong, America will have Israel’s back. Another is the embrace of the 2nd Amendment by MANY of us right-of-center American Jews. “Never Again” means being armed and ready to defend ourselves. With our Christian friends & our guns, WE ARE.

  17. NOT a SQUAD! BUT rather a SQUAT!!. That’s who they are, what they know, AND WHAT they DO!! The dems are really in trouble with this minority of communist/socialist cancer infecting what was once a valid opposition party. President Trump has been attacked from the beginning….keep fighting back!!! AND close down ANTIFA!! In Canada, the Sinkhole (tru-d’eau) has to be gone…regardless of the alternative!!

  18. While in visiting Eastern Europe and two concentration camps I notice that young Jewish school children were visiting also. They are required to do so as to never forget. This was very special to me. Many of us think there will be a real civil war if things keep going!

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