The Unelected Power – The Enemy Within



I Can’t Write This Too Often . . .

The Greatest Defense Freedom Has . . . Is The Fifth Estate (News Media).

That Written . . .

Conversely – The Greatest Threat To Freedom . . . Is A Corrupt News Media.

For The Purpose Of Definition . . . I’m An Editorialist. I Write & Speak about Issues, which I think are Pertinent. I use Whatever Skills of Communication I Possess to Define the Issues, which I Believe are and should be Important to all of us, In The Most Honest & Balanced Way That I Can.

I Write & Speak about Many Things, which other People Don’t Want to Write or Speak About, or who Portray these Subjects in Ways which are Inaccurate, Slanted, Incomplete, or Simply Dishonest.

SO . . . Given the Fact – That I’m Conveying Much of all the Same Issues, which Men & Women who Identify Themselves as Journalists – Write & Say . . . How Does That Make Them Journalists & Me Not?

I’M OLD SCHOOL . . . The Men & Woman of Today, who Sell Themselves as Journalists, Don’t even Come Close to those Who Stood for Journalism, When Journalism Actually Meant Something.


So In Short – I’m Proud To Proclaim . . . I’m Not A Journalist.

Journalism has Fallen Victim to Political & Corporate Influence, to Power & Political Correctness . . . To Ratings & Entertainment – to Who Looks Best on Screen, and who is the Most Wiling to Sell His or Her Soul for the Soundbite, or to the Acceptance of the Mob.

In University . . . Some 50-Years Ago – I Attended a Social Studies Course, Given by a Very Old Professor, whose Name Escapes me, who was a Rank LEFTIST, who Quoted the Following Words to the Class, which I Never Heard Before, which I’ve Heard & Read Many Times Since, Which I Will Never Forget . . .

Attributed To Voltaire . . . “I Disapprove Of What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It”.

Today . . . In Universities Throughout North America . . . The Preceding Quote has Neither Merit Nor Standing, Since in Most North American Universities, Freedom of Expression is Anathema to Intelligent Debate, and has Become a Threat to the Biased Socio/Political (Socialist) Beliefs, which have been Inculcated through the Generations, by Educators, Who Are Of Very Little Ethical Value.


People Are Ignorant Of All The Many Things They Support . . . For Example:

The Climate has been Changing for 4.5-Billion Years, yet, all of a Sudden, all the LEFTISTS and the Few who Don’t Swallow the Propaganda, but who Otherwise Refuse to take a Principled Position, because it’s Easier to Go Along To Get Along, have Become Climate Gurus, In-Spite of the Truth & Facts.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

According to the LEFT, there is an America-Wide War on Women. And that there is No Level Playing Field For Women – OK . . . Show me the Laws which Restrict the Rights of Women Anywhere in the United States of America.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

Also – According to the LEFT, America is a Racist Country Against all People of Color. The LEFT Remind us Repeatedly of our Racism through Policing, Border Patrol, Immigration, Proposed Voting Rights Acts, Pro-Life Policies . . . Etc.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

We know from the LEFT, that America is an Islamophobic Nation, where Islamic Discrimination is Everywhere. And that Being Moslem in America is a Serious Disadvantage.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

We Know from Past President Barack Hussein Obama . . . that there is a Long History of Moslem Accomplishments & Contributions to the United States of America.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

We Also Know from Past President Barack Hussein Obama that America has been Arrogant and an International Bully. And that America was and is not an Exceptional Country, at least no more Exceptional than any other Country.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

We know from the LEFT that Donald Trump Colluded with The Russians. We also know that Donald Trump Spied for the Russians. And that Donald Trump Obstructed the Investigation of a Special Council, in Spite of all Evidence that seems to Prove Otherwise.

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

Robert Mueller’s Final Shot (Snipe) at the Presidency of Donald Trump came Down to Mueller’s Press Conference at 11:00 AM (May 29, 2019) Washington Time, when Mueller Effectively Said (To Paraphrase) . . . Since We Couldn’t Prove That President Trump Committed A Crime (Obstruction), We Couldn’t Charge Him. What The Hell Does That Mean?

Where’s The Media To Say Prove-It?

The News Media Is Nowhere To Say Prove-It, because the News Media has Stopped being Objective Years Ago. And has Become Part of the Political Process, Far More as the Barbarians at the Gate, Rather Than The Guardians Of The Gate.

This Isn’t New . . . that the News Media Chooses Sides – What’s New, is that the Media has Become Part of the Unelected Political Process, from where they Snipe, Collude & Carry-Out the Miscarriage of Journalism . . . IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.


If Mueller & Other Bad Actors Like Mueller . . . are Indeed Serious about Finding Political Enemies who Threaten the very Fabric of their Free Nation, through Conspiracies, Lies, Innuendos, Planted Stories & Entrapment . . . The Meullers of this World can Start with Themselves and their Co-Conspirators Within the News Media.

Until Such Time . . . as the News Media is Held to Account & Punished Legally for their Malfeasance – Politicians of Ill-Repute will Run Amuck, More Personal & Public Reputations will be Lost, More Fortunes will be Driven into the Ground . . . And Men Of Worth Will Never Want To Run For Political Office.

That’s Where We’re At . . . It Starts With The Educators & Ends With The Media.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I totally agree with you, but you are a Jew and I am a Christian. We have a Muslen President whose administration is riddled with Muslims. Follow the dots. They always side with the Muslims. There have been many demonstrations by Muslims yelling down with Israel and DEATH TO AMERICA. Hey, folks – THATS US!! WAKE UP!!

  2. Howard… wonderful and so TRUE. All the college kids who daily are branwashed by LIBERAL prof will never know what the Hell is going on. I’m sure they eat up their special people in Hollywood saying they MUST know what is going on.
    Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Damn this is great, Howard. You say things we want to hear, but those who need to hear it, wouldn’t believe it anyway. Well, some of the media may be getting they’re just due. Some are going out of business and others are losing their customers like crazy. But,in the mean time, they will never give up their DNA-ingrained belief that they are right and we are wrong.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better or more eloquently. Thank You. God Bless

  5. Time to read Mark Levin’s new book, “Unfreedom of the press”. According to Mark, he also states that there aren’t too many universities in the U.S.A. that promote the truth and good journalism. He does mention one all the time, Hillsdale college and wishes all colleges would go back to the values of Hillsdale in their teaching. We are a very long way from there.

  6. The media is the organ grinder monkey of the democrat party.

  7. PROVE IT! These are two very SCARY WORDS for the LEFT!The minute one asks LEFTISTS to PROVE or give EXAMPLES of their NEGATIVE comments, they either TWIST their answers to COMPLEMENT their AGENDA or ATTACK Pres. Trump.They never provide DIRECT ANSWERS.The various FAKE MEDIA support the LEFT and PARROT the same REHEARSED EXPRESSIONS one after another. The LEFT LIES so much that it BELIEVES in its LIES to the point of NO RETURN! The LEFT has been WOUNDED by the TRUTH because the TRUTH HURTS! AMEN!

  8. WOW Howard! My favorite rant! Mueller’s statement was clearly legalese and inflammatory; he took measures to avoid being held responsible if something goes wrong. He said, “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” Is it not also true that he purposely omitted, “If we had confidence that the president clearly committed a crime, we would have said so.” He said there was no evidence that Trump was innocent, how could there be such evidence?

  9. Thank you as always you write such great writings, you may not be a journalist but in your heart & soul you sure are. Keep up the wonderful work you do for all of us.

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