Harper – Don’t Dig Up The Corpse Of Mulroney’s Conservatives.

Harper should take very careful note, that even though the Liberals are in serious trouble with the polls showing a steady decline in their support, he isn't getting that support.

Yesterday; June 1, 2004, the National Post Newspaper reported that Stephen Harper is meeting with Brian Mulroney’s former advisors to discuss Harper’s transition into the Prime Minister’s Office.

The same report specifically mentioned the names of Brian Mulroney and Hughie Segal, Mulroney’s former right-hand man, as the people Harper is speaking with.

None of this makes me happy.

Harper shouldn’t appear all that confident to be rearranging the furniture in the Official Prime Minister’s Residence before he is offered the lease.

He is doing well in the polls as the Liberals and NDP seem to be floundering. But that can change. People don’t like arrogance. And being seen to be planning the victory transition 4 weeks before the vote, is certainly a sign of hubris.

This brings me to another monumental issue: Brian Mulroney and his former key staff are exclusively responsible for destroying the Progressive Conservative Party. What is the value of being seen with such scoundrels?

Mulroney and his cronies are also responsible for putting an exceptionally bitter taste in the mouths of Canadians when one thinks of politicians. Does harper need that taste associated with him?

Harper should take very careful note, that even though the Liberals are in serious trouble with the polls showing a steady decline in their support, he isn’t getting that support.

Although his numbers are going up marginally, they don’t show me that the electorate is falling over themselves with enthusiasm to have him become Canada’s next Prime Minister.

What I see are a great many people who don’t want to vote for the Liberals, and not really for the Conservatives either. One serious mistake by Harper could change all of that.

The federal Liberals brought Quebec Separatists into their fold to win Quebec votes. It was a stupid thing to do which is now costing them plenty.

Harper will make the same mistake if he brings in Mulroney and his former insiders.

The people voted to destroy the Mulroney Conservatives because of Brian Mulroney. Never before Mulroney, was there a Canadian politician, who with total justification earned the disdain of so many people from coast to coast.

And now, for a reason that utterly escapes me, Harper is bringing this political pariah into his inner circle.

Being up close and personal with Brian Mulroney could be enough of a reason for me to destroy my ballot. If Harper thinks that Mulroney is in some way an asset to his campaign, I have to rethink Harper’s judgment.

The people symbolically buried the Mulroney Conservatives in November of 1993. If Harper has any respect for the will of the people, he’ll leave all of that in the political grave where it belongs.

Otherwise; he can count on losing two votes in my house.

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  1. I wish to buy a ‘Never Again’ bumper sticker for my car

    Rod Packwood. Ottawa

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