Why I Have No Sympathy For Iran.

Much of the world, especially the West is rushing as fast as it can to help the Iranians who have pledged to murder Infidels. Especially Jews.

The cataclysmic earthquake in Iran has the whole world shedding tears for the Persian victims of a catastrophe, not of their own making.

Every nation on this planet has been welcomed by the Iranians to offer their help. Every nation but one. Even the Great Satan (USA) is welcome to provide assistance.

The presence of Jews in Persia dates back through the millennium. In 539 BC, almost 600 years before the birth of Christ, and 1,200 years before the birth of Mohammed (570 AD), Jews were emancipated by Persian King Cyrus, where they began to live in freedom and prosperity.

At that time, Persia defeated the Babylonians, and began a 200 year rule of the Middle East, which included: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

Remarkably, one of the keystones of Persian rule for the Jews under King Cyrus, was the return of Jerusalem to the Jews, which fell to the Babylonians under the leadership of King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, who in the process of conquering the Jews also destroyed Solomon’s Temple.

Islam took hold in Iran (from Arabia) in 650 AD, and by 717 AD, Persian Jews were singled out as unclean and unwelcome. To even touch a Jew was to become dirty.

More than that; Jews were forbidden to give their children Moslem names, read or debate the Koran, serve in public office, or even own shops in the public markets (bazaar) or on the street.

There was even a blood-price for Moslems to pay who murdered a Jew. It was not against the law to kill a Jew. It was only against the law to kill a Jew and not pay a tax for doing the deed.

But in spite of all of this, Jews still managed to survive and in many ways prosper in Iran.

Things changed somewhat for the good for Iranian Jews during the rule of the Shah. But after the Shah was overthrown by Khomeini in 1978, Jewish life returned to the way it was, but with even more hostility than prior to the Shaw.

There is no history anywhere that I can find that illustrates where Jews, or Israel have done the Persian country any harm. Yet, the hatred harbored by Iran and its Shiite leaders is unbelievable.

I might even understand hatred for Israel because of some form of Arab unity. But the Iranians are not Arabs. They speak Farsi opposed to Arabic, and they have no real love for most of their Arab neighbors with the exception of Syria, their partner in TERRORISM.

So why the absolute hatred of Israel? And what does this level of hatred tell us?

It’s as simple as anti-Semitism. It is hating Jews for no reason other then hating Jews. And what makes this Iranian mind-set even more disturbing, is that it is the only commonality shared by every Islamic state in the Middle East.

Iranian leaders repeatedly call for the destruction of Israel. They have gone so far as to pledge a nuclear war against the Jews in Israel, if and when the Iranians ever get their hands on the bomb.

Iran is also the number one supporter of Hezbollah, the Islamist TERRORIST group responsible for so much of the death and carnage reigned down on the heads of Jews and Westerners in the Middle East, specifically from the hills in Lebanon.

The level of hatred the Iranians hold for the Israelis is so stunning, that they would rather leave 10’s of thousands of earthquake victims in Bam, to suffer and die, rather than accept the help of Jews.

Much of the world, especially the West is rushing as fast as it can to help the Iranians who have pledged to murder Infidels. Especially Jews.

In the West, we believe that every life is precious. But during the Iraq/Iran war, the Iranians sent hundreds of thousands of unarmed children into battle with the promise of martyrdom, to be used as targets for the Iraqis while regular Iranian troops fought against the distracted Iraqis who were otherwise occupied slaughtering Iranian children.

This is the value of life according to Iran.

The Iranians haven’t changed. They’re still the same TERRORIST state they were before the earthquake. And they still hate the West. And they’ll still do whatever they can to export their brand of Islam worldwide.

So, as distressing as the earthquake images are; they are an awful lot less distressing to me than the images of 9/11, and the spectre of a nuclear Holocaust against Israel caused by Iran if ever they get that chance.

When Jews are routinely murdered in Israel, and when thousands of everyday people in the USA died on 9/11, the Iranians celebrated. I can not feel sympathy for such a people, no matter how horrible the circumstances.

Let them help themselves.

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