The Truth About Anti-Semitism In Europe.

Incredibly, it is Israel, amongst the European mind-set that is considered to be the Principle Threat To World Peace.

A poll released this past week throughout the European Union (7,500 people polled), shows that Israel is foremost in the minds of Europeans as the PRINCIPLE Worldwide Threat To Peace.

59% of all Europeans polled agreed.

In the Netherlands it was 74%, in Germany 65%, in Austria 69% and Britain 60%.

What does this say about Europe?

How can a civilized democratic people (EU) possibly come to the conclusion that a country with a population of just 5 million Jewish Israelis, and 1 million Arab Israelis, all of whom practice REAL democracy is the PRINCIPLE Threat To World Peace?

I wish I could say that it is beyond my understanding of why the people of the EU would choose Israel as the Principle Threat to World Peace, when there are so many other obvious choices, such as: North Korea, Pakistan, Iran and the fundamentalist Islamic world in general.

Not only is Israel a full blown democracy in a sea of Middle East Thugocracies, it is also a nation governed by Secular Rule of Law, where everyone is considered to be equal regardless of religion, race, sex, age, language and cultural origin.

Many horrible nations, including the world of Islam export TERROR. And countries such as Pakistan and North Korea export Weapons Of Mass Destruction, including nuclear technology and delivery systems. While Iran and Saudi Arabia export Islamic fundamentalism and subsequent TERRORISM.

Yet; it is Israel, amongst the European mind-set that is considered to be the Principle Threat To World Peace.

Two things come to my mind when pondering this poll:

1 – Europeans are inherently anti-Semitic.

2 – The distorted, biassed, and anti-Israel European press coverage of the Middle East conflict between the Israelis and everyone else has had a tremendous negative influence on Europe’s already negative impression of Israel.

In this day and age, it is difficult and unacceptable for nations and governments to practice old style anti-Semitism. But, it is an entirely different matter to practice “Politically Correct Israel Bashing”. So much so, that it has become the new anti-Semitism.

But this Europe-wide result didn’t just condemn Israel. It also singled out the USA as a Principle Threat To World Peace by an average of 53% of Europeans polled.

This tells me three other things:

1 – Europe really doesn’t like the fact that the USA is not only the Big Man On Campus, but the ONLY Big Man On Campus.

2 – That Europe ties American support of Israel’s right to exist to America’s otherwise roll in the world.

3 – As I have very often mentioned in the past, the world dislikes Israel; more because it is a Jewish mirror of the USA, than it is of any other society on the planet.

The preceding is my personal speculation open to interpretation. But what is not open to interpretation is the European mind-set concerning Israel.

This poll serves to solidify the often argued belief that Europe is at best anti-Israel, and at worst anti-Semitic. All of which opens an entirely different debate.

If 59% of Europe is already predisposed to believing that Israel is the Principle Threat To World Peace, how can the European Union negotiate a peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis with any semblance of neutrality and good faith?

The short answer is: THEY CAN NOT!

It wasn’t more than 60 years ago, when the last of Europe’s Jews (6,000,000) who died at the hands of the Nazis and Nazi supporters were gassed in chambers specifically designed to murder Jews.

And then the murdered Jews were burnt in ovens, like the gas chambers, also specifically built for the purpose of disposing Jewish bodies, leaving most of Europe, with the exception of Russia, almost “JUDENREIN” (Free of Jews).

Yet; Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in Europe are routinely desecrated while visible religious Jews come under physical attack in major European centres. Not to mention European Jews who are far too often vilified in the European press.

This poll is an awful embarrassment for a European Union that consistently pleas their even-handedness when dealing between Jews and Arabs, because this poll says everything to the opposite.

European leaders are tripping over each other explaining why this poll is actually flawed and non representative of the European Union. But the more they protest, the more relevant the poll becomes.

I am not pleased with the results of this poll, or with Europe. But neither am I surprised. And after all is said and done, it is always better to know who is with you, and even better yet, to know who is against you.

I have said this many times before: Europe is no friend to Jews.

But finally; so have the Europeans.

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