The USA Has Fought Beyond The Victory.

That the Americans decided to stay in Iraq to rebuild it as a democracy from the ground up, is in my most humble opinion a mistake.

When the Americans steamrollered through Iraq, I was supportive. I still am. Saddam’s Iraq needed to be taken down. Not that any of the other Arab Middle Eastern countries are much better. But Saddam was the poster boy for an ass-kicking.

That the Americans decided to stay in Iraq to rebuild it as a democracy from the ground up, is in my most humble opinion a mistake. But that is what they have committed themselves to do, and now they have to do it.

But it won’t happen. Iraq, like any other Middle Eastern Arab country does not want democracy. They want many things, but democracy is not one of them.

Some Iraqis want to have a so-called secular government ruled by Shiites. Some want a Theocracy ruled by Shiites. Some want dictatorial rule over all of Iraq by Sunnis.

And then there are the Kurds in the North, who want to be done with all of Iraq’s Shiites and Sunnis.

In a conventional war, the Arabs have proven time and again, they’re absolutely useless. The Israelis have been kicking the crap out of them for over 50 years.

The French proved to the Algerians just how superior their troops were to the Algerian fighters in normal combat.

And now the Americans. Not once. But twice. America has walked all over the much vaunted Iraqi army which showed just how much of a bunch of pussies they were when push came to shove.

But all of these conventional military successes by Western powers and Israel over the Arabs mean nothing, because that’s not how the Arabs fight.

The Arabs greatest weapon is deceit, trickery and ambush. And time. Time is definitely on their side.

This way of doing battle is their strength. They will shoot their adversaries in the back. They’ll snipe from the shadows. They’ll convince some young religious nuts to blow themselves up on a crowded bus. And they’ll destroy their own infrastructure.

But they’ll NEVER come at you face to face.

The Arabs drove the French forces out of Algeria. They drove the Americans out of Beirut. And they drove the Israelis out of Northern Lebanon. Not by fighting mano a mano. But by doing what they do best.

In the Arab Middle East, being in power means buying off the tough guys, paying extortion money to TERRORISTS, maintaining a huge military to keep your own subjugated people in line. And being willing, ready and able to order the most heinous acts against mankind.

It seems to me, that the Arab mind-set is far more focussed with admiration for the tough guy image, than it is with the image of a peace maker.

At so many Arab street rallies we see on television; whether they’re burying a fallen Arab, celebrating an Arab wedding or some other Arab festival: the guns come out as they empty their Kalashnikov clips shooting into the air. To them, this is “normal” behavior.

When a child says that his ambition is to grow up to be a suicide bomber, very little else need be said.

This is the enemy, the war and the nightmare America now faces. If the USA is not prepared to be the merciless and heartless thugs the Arabs have been raised to respect, the American mission in Iraq will fail.

And failure in Iraq by the USA is unthinkable. But inevitable.

The entire Arab and Moslem world are watching Iraq. This is where the battle between the two cultures will take a huge turning point. If the Arabs can drive the Americans out, this will be the Arabs greatest victory ever.

If the Americans can really persevere and change the Iraqi mind-set, there is a minuscule chance for political and social change in the Arab Middle East.

And as much as I am praying for the Americans, I don’t hold a great deal of hope for their success.

The history of the Arab world hasn’t changed all that much for more than a thousand years. And having Infidel invaders and occupiers on their “sacred” land will not be accepted. It was not accepted with the Romans, the Greeks, or the Crusaders. And it certainly will not be accepted with the Americans.

The Americans would have done far better to walk into Iraq, beat the crap out of the Iraqi army, not so much as to leave them unable to defend Iraq from its Arab enemies, but sufficiently to no longer be a threat to the West, declare victory and leave.

That would have been a huge defeat for the Arabs and a lesson taught to all Middle Eastern thugs who would have thoughts of taking on the USA or any of its friends.

But with all due respect to George W Bush and his people, they’ve made a mistake they can not now easily extricate themselves from.

The Americans did the right thing in going to Iraq. Where they screwed up, and are still screwing up is in trying to modernize a country in a region that wants not to be modernized. The Americans have fought themselves beyond victory.

I will come back to my usual solution for all of these problems. The West MUST find alternatives to fossil fuel energy. We must CONSERVE energy wherever we can. And we must find other more reliable sources of petroleum from places other than the Middle East.

Then our Middle Eastern problems will be solved.

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  1. When one truly CARES about people, he/she will make an effort to try to understand other people’s values vs. judging them. Another great word which “fits” this concept is RESPECT. We need true leadership to be able to RECOVER from the present selfish attitude which exists in our world/Country these days. Maybe, just maybe, we can have some hope, if and when the Conservatives “take over” the Senate in November 2014!!!

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