Arafat Wants To Turn Off The Tap Of Hatred

How do you undo in one statement, that which has taken a lifetime to create?

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat on Sunday (July 20, 2003) issued a “presidential decree” prohibiting incitement to racial discrimination and violence. Published in Rammalah, the diktat also bans the establishment of illegal associations practising incitement and corruption”.

It read:

“The following acts are considered forbidden in the Palestinian districts: incitement to racial discrimination, encouragement of violence and insulting various religions. Also, the use of violence or inciting to violence in a way that harms the Palestinian Authority’s relations with other countries, as well as the agreements signed between the PLO and friendly and foreign parties”.

“Arafat’s decree warned that anyone who does not comply would be severely punished.”

Hey Arafat. Here’s the rub. You can’t turn hatred on and off like a tap. The entire Palestinian community from toddlers to geriatrics have been born, bred and cultivated on a steady diet of horrific anti-Semitic propaganda.

How do you undo in one statement, that which has taken a lifetime to create?

You can’t.

You can’t tell the people whose lives you’ve led to misery, that it was all a big lie. That Jews don’t really murder Moslem children in order to suck out their blood to make ritual food. That Jews have been in the Middle East, and indeed in Jerusalem itself for thousands of years. That it was the Arab world which told the Palestinian Arabs to leave their homes in 1948 while they, the united Arab armies would drive the Jews into the sea.

The reality, is that it will take a generation or more for the Palestinian Arabs, especially the children, to learn for the first time, that their anti-Jewish, and loathing for all things Israeli was built on a foundation of lies. And that their shortcomings are the fault of their own, and not the fault of Jews.

And had the Palestinian people accepted a generous UN compromise, they could have had a homeland in 1948. More than what they will get now. That is if they get anything at all.

There was never a reason for Palestinians to be living in squalid refugee camps of their own making. Instead of being taught hatred; their children should have been taught reading, writing, arithmetic, science, medicine, the arts and the humanities.

Instead of killing Jews and TERRORIZING The world, they should have been working with Jews and the rest of the world to build a beautiful modern progressive community.

Just like Israel’s.

They could already have a working society instead of their communal mess. There could be wealth in their society, instead of wealth in the private hands of Arafat and his cronies.

And now that the Israelis have finally decided to take off the gloves, and go directly after the leaders of Palestinian hatred, the Palestinian cowards are looking for a respite while they try to figure out their next move.

This Road Map to Wherever, is the current Palestinian leadership’s last best chance. If they blow it, which I am quite certain they will, Israel will finish the job against Arafat and his henchmen; a job that Israel started with the election victory of Ariel Sharon. And the Palestinian leaders know it.

Israel has made it quite clear. Either live by the conditions of the Road Map, or face the consequences. The first condition of the Road Map is the end of all TERRORIST attacks against Israel, and the disarming of the TERRORIST groups.

But instead, Palestinian TERRORISTS have killed Israeli Jews since they adopted the Road Map, and Abu Mazen, aka Mahmoud Abbas has declared that he WON’T disarm his Palestinian TERRORIST groups, because he fears that will lead Palestine to a civil war.

The best the Palestinians could come up with was a promise (hudna) not to murder innocent Jewish Israelis for 3 months, while they wait to evaluate Israel’s progress in acquiescing to Palestinian demands.

Ain’t that just swell of them?

The clock is ticking down for Arafat, his accomplices and all the others who thought they could drive the Jews from Israel, or perpetuate a never ending cycle of TERROR.

The game will soon be over, one way or the other. Either the Palestinians will join the world of decency, and take their place in a globalizing inclusive world, or they will be crushed and condemned to live in poverty, ignorance and destitution in perpetuity.

It is the Palestinians who demanded the Road Map. It is they who levelled charges against Israel for not coming on-side soon enough. It was the Palestinians who couldn’t wait to sign the document and get the Road Map moving forward. And now that they have got what they wanted, it will be their Road Map to revolution or hell.

Before insisting on the Road Map, they should have considered the Chinese curse. Be careful for what you wish. You just might get it.

Ands as for Arafat’s proclamation for peace and decency, it’s too little too late to save his sorry ass. The best he can hope for, is a safe and timely exit with all the money he stole from the Palestinian people.

I prefer the alternative, a bullet between his eyes for all the suffering and deaths he has caused all sides: Arabs, Israelis, Jews, Christians, Moslems, Atheists and the rest of the world.

The real potential for peace between the Palestinian and Israeli people will come when Arafat is either dead or gone away. Either alternative is probably just around the corner.

In spite of all the fancy Palestinian manoeuvres, it will be fascinating to see how the Palestinians will blow this chance, just like all the others.

I hope Israel is still busily building the wall.

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