Let’s Not Kill Jews For Three Months. Okay?

If Hamas is on the ropes, and the Israeli targeted killings are having there effect, why stop? What's in it for Israel to show weakness to TERRORISTS?

The Palestinian TERRORIST groups known as Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have decided to stop killing Jews for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!

What a pathetic victory for humanity. Yet; the Europeans and the Arab States hail this as a great move forward towards Middle East peace.

If I was Ariel Sharon, I would accept this deal as a step forward, and CONTINUE to wipe out every member of Hamas and their sister organizations.

In a sane world where so many nations would not be so anti-Israel and pro Arab oil, Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad would be hunted to extinction, just like the US are hunting down Al Qaeda.

You don’t hear President Bush suggesting the US accept a TERRORIST pledge to stop killing Americans for three months.

Actually; I’ve never heard ONE American, not even the “moderate” Colin Powell, even whisper in the softest of tones that the Americans should stop hunting down TERRORISTS who kill Americans.

Not only that: I haven’t heard one other nation, INCLUDING France suggest that the Americans stop killing Al Qaeda members wherever they can find them.

There is only one way to deal with a TERRORIST group. Wipe them out. Hunt them until they know that nowhere on this planet will be safe for them. And only then will they be dealt with.

Israel would be asking for serious trouble if they accept a deal that stops Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others from murdering its Jewish citizens for a predetermined period of time. What happens after the three month period? What happens if Israel and the infinite amount of Palestinian factions don’t come to an accord after the three months?

Will it then be acceptable for Hamas and the others to once again start murdering Jews as part of their nationhood policy?

If Hamas is on the ropes, and the Israeli targeted killings are having there effect, why stop? What’s in it for Israel to show weakness to TERRORISTS?

The Palestinian Authority is a scummy group of thugs who have done more damage to their own people, than Israel has ever done. Why negotiate with TERRORISTS who have so much Jewish blood on their hands, that all the scrubbing in the world could never wash clean?

Israel should negotiate with Palestinians who really want peace and are prepared to sacrifice to earn it. The Israelis should be generous and offer whatever they can to accommodate the legitimate needs of their negotiating counterparts. But, they should NEVER succumb to TERRORISTS. NEVER!


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  1. “Because of Socialism and a Conservative party”; I believe you meant “Liberal party”. I’m moving to Ontario, even with the basket case government and economy. Better there than here in racist Quebec. But I wonder, is it worth you running? As an independent your voice would be out drowned and rare that the Speaker would call on you. If you ran with the Conservatives, is the riding willing to vote for you? Is it worth facing another smear campaign? If I were in your riding, I would vote for you.

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