Get Angry – It’s Good For You.

To some people, my "intransigent" character flaws are seen as a virtue. To others, they are a vice.

A couple of days ago, I received an E-MAIL from a reader and supporter of QPAC; that is, when QPAC was still active. He was somewhat upset with my autocratic style, and reminded me of the meaning of democracy.

He also suggested that I lighten-up.

What bothered him, was how I don’t seem to make much of an effort to see both sides of EVERY argument, and that people other than me also have opinions.

Here is how I more or less responded to him:

Life is too full of bull-shit to try and see EVERY side of EVERY argument. It can be argued with some success to virtually every “intellectual”, that the Nazis also had a point worth listening to.

It can also be argued with enormous success that the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists have a RIGHT to subjugate the rights of Quebec’s minorities, in order to protect THEIR culture.

It was once argued with great acumen amongst “reasonable” people that American Blacks could not sit at the front of the bus.

If you want to see firsthand what arguing both sides of the debate gets you, just pay attention to English language Montreal media: CJAD radio, CBC, CFCF and Global television stations, or read the Montreal Gazette, and you’ll know the arguments from the other side. And FOR the other side. And look where it’s got the Quebec minorities.

To some people, my “intransigent” character flaws are seen as a virtue. To others, they represent a vice. I really don’t care either way. I ask no one to follow me. I ask no one to read the stuff I write. And I have always insisted that I speak ONLY for myself.

And, as the letter writer suggested: AND HE’S RIGHT. I am quick to anger. And I am not all that interested in hearing arguments from the other side on every issue. Particularly on issues of individual rights.

And besides. Who’s to say that being angry is wrong?

Because people want to be so politically correct, and are so slow to anger; more often than not, innocent people are either deprived or die.

Perhaps the whole world should get angry every time Jews are murdered in Israel by terrorists and their supporters. Perhaps the whole world should get angry that women are treated like garbage in much of the Moslem world.

What about the despots in Africa who murder, rape and pillage at will? Do you think it is a bad thing if we got a little angry at them?

Or the Chinese? What about them using convict and slave labor to manufacture the cheap stuff we can’t seem to get enough of? Should we be a bit angry at a government that trades in human body parts of the poor and imprisoned?

Our politicians are STEALING from us 24 hours a day. They LIE to us. They CHEAT. They WASTE. They TAKE CARE of their friends. They PICK OUR POCKETS and laugh in our face. How about it? Do you think we should get a little bit angry at them?

Perhaps it is the people who don’t get angry, and who look to discuss and debate every side of every issue who are the sickos.

Perhaps, if Bill Clinton would have got as angry at the terrorists as did George W Bush, there would have been no 9/11, and Saddam and his buddies would have been taken apart long before he was able to do so much damage to the Middle East, and subsequently the world.

Very often it is far more wrong to argue or debate the issues of the other side – than not. But what do I know? I’m too busy being angry.

Maybe I too should pretend that everything is simply hunky-dory, while I see everyone’s side of every issue?


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  1. Running would be compete waste of time Howard.

    And this is why. You have to be government to reduce anything. You have to be in power to legislate…to deregulate, to downsize…to eliminate anything.

    No matter how you spin it, unless we get real fiscal conservatives in power, debt will continue to rise, the province will go bankrupt…not far the down the road I predict.

    Yes the province is a mess and all the mainstream parties are pretty well the same but we need a group, a full slate of pe

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