I’m Too Supportive Of The USA. And Jews Own Too Much Media. So Says Don Of Vancouver.

The fact that so many of the Peaceniks and Do Nothing Do Gooders are Jewish only serves to remind us that the Jewish psyche is driven by activism. However, that is not to say that the activism is always well targeted.

Don from Vancouver, sent me an E-Mail “suggesting” that I am too pro USA. And that I am ignorant of the fact that many Jews support the anti-war movement. Especially Hollywood Jews. And Jews, mostly in the name of the Asper family who control too much of Canada’s media.


The United States of America is not perfect. Of that there is absolutely no quarrel. However; they are also not as bad as Don and others portray them. If it was not for the USA, the 20th and 21st centuries would be far more dismal places in time.

No nation on this planet has accomplished nearly as much in every facet of life as has America. Every time Canadians sit back and enjoy our privileged lifestyle, we can thank America.

Without the USA, Canada would not be able to afford all of the social benefits we take for granted. Every time we manufacture a car in Oshawa or Windsor, that is money we are taking from the American car industry and American auto workers.

The USA is our single largest importer. We sell more consumer goods to the USA in two weeks than we sell to the rest of the entire world in 12 months.

Just look at the impact the soft wood lumber controversy has had on British Columbia. Imagine what would happen to Canada if the USA said enough. No more soft wood lumber from Canada. Also; no more cars, car parts, jet engines, regional jets, railway cars, subway cars, locomotives, clothing, furniture and just about everything else we sell to them.

And think about how much money WE DON’T SPEND on defense thanks to our Big Uncle to the South.


Don was quite right that Hollywood is a Jewish creation. But that does not mean that there are no elitist Jewish intellectuals who have forgotten what brought their parents and grandparents to the shores of Staten Island.

It is remarkable how soon and how easily some of us forget from where we come once we taste success. The recent history of Jews living within the modern world is replete with prominent Jews who try as hard as they can, NOT to be TOO Jewish.

When the Nazis started rounding up German Jews, it was the elitists who fell first. And to their utter shock, they couldn’t believe that this could possibly be happening to THEM, after-all; they were far MORE German than they were Jewish.

There are many perfect examples of “self-hating” or “embarrassed” Jews. Mega comedian, Jackie Mason laments at how many Jews are actually embarrassed by his humor. Well actually, not as much by his humor as by his accent. “It’s too Jewish” he’s very often told.

Senator Joe Lieberman is an excellent politician, who very possibly has what it takes to be the President of the USA, however, because of his overt Jewishness, he makes many high profile Jews nervous.

Henry Kissinger, A German Jew who left Germany before the Holocaust has spent a lifetime loathing Israel and Israeli’s as being uppity Jews. So much so, that he nearly caused the demise of Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 by withholding military aid to Israel. He wanted to teach them a lesson.

The fact that so many of the Peaceniks and Do Nothing Do Gooders are Jewish only serves to remind us that the Jewish psyche is driven by activism. However, that is not to say that the activism is always well targeted.

As there are no shortage of self-hating Americans, there are also no shortage of self-hating Jews. It appears that success sometimes does strange things to people.

About the USA and Canada. Ask yourself these two questions:

1) What does Canada stand for?

2) What does America stand for?

And then ask yourself what Canada has done for the world since the last 60 years? And what has the USA has done for the world since the last 60 years?

And for Don’s inference of why don’t I move to the USA? It is something which Anne and I are very seriously considering. I am having a hard time justifying why I should be enduring high taxes, a lower standard of living and freezing temperatures in Canada, when I could be doing the same business considerably South of our border., with greater benefits and rewards.

One of the only hold-backs for us to make the move South is Canadian healthcare. But even that might not be sufficiently compelling to keep us within Canada, if Canada does not get its act together.


As for the Jewish media within Canada, Don makes a derogatory comment about the Asper family’s control of media, especially on the West Coast.

Israel Asper and his son own and operate Global Television and Southam Newspapers, including the National Post – Canada’s Best Newspaper. And as much as this makes them big players and very influential in much of the Canadian market, it also makes them very small compared to the other NON JEWISH Canadian media conglomerates.

CTV Television Network. Owned by Bell Media (BCE). NOT JEWISH.

EXPRESS-VU Satellite Service. Owned by Bell Media (BCE). NOT JEWISH.

STAR CHOICE Satellite Service. Which is publicly traded, and mostly owned by the Shaw family. NOT JEWISH.

CORUS Radio and Entertainment. The single largest radio group in Canada which is publicly traded and mostly owned by the Shaw family. NOT JEWISH.

SHAW Communications. One of Canada’s largest Satellite and Cable companies which is publicly traded and mostly owned by the Shaw family. NOT JEWISH.

ROGERS Radio and Cable. One of Canada’s largest Cable companies which is publicly traded and mostly owned by Ted Rogers. NOT JEWISH.

CBC Television and Radio. National broadcasters owned by the Canadian government. NOT JEWISH.

TELEMETROPOLE. Canada’s largest French language Television Network. Owned by Quebecor. NOT JEWISH.

VIDEOTRON Cable. Quebec’s largest Cable provider. Owned and operated by Quebecor. NOT JEWISH.

COGECO Cable. Canada’s fourth largest cable provider. Number 2 in Quebec and Ontario. Publicly traded. NOT JEWISH.

STANDARD Radio. Canada’s largest privately owned radio network. Owned by the Slaight family. NOT JEWISH.

CHUM Broadcasting. Owns Canada-wide radio and television stations. And provides satellite shows to the media, is owned and operated by the Waters family. NOT JEWISH.

NEWCAP Radio and Print. A huge Maritime based media conglomerate spreading throughout Canada. Owned by Harry Steele. NOT JEWISH.

PATTISON Radio and Billboards. Vancouver based media conglomerate with one of the most significant Bill Board display companies. Owned by Jimmy Pattison. NOT JEWISH.

CLAUDE NEON. Amongst the world’s largest sign companies based in Quebec. Owned by Jimmy Pattison. NOT JEWISH.

GLOBE AND MAIL National Newspaper. Owned and operated by Thompson Corp and Bell Media (BCE). NOT JEWISH.

TORONTO STAR. Considered to be a national newspaper and publisher of other high profile newspapers owned by TorStar Corporation. NOT JEWISH.

SUN Newspapers. A significant Canada-wide newspaper chain owned and operated by Quebec based Quebecor. NOT JEWISH.

JOURNAL DE MONTREAL. Canada’s most read French language newspaper. Owned and operated by Quebecor. NOT JEWISH.

LA PRESSE Newspaper. Canada’s most significant French language newspaper chain. Owned and operated by Power Corp. NOT JEWISH.

POWER CORP. One of Canada’s most significant multi-media Giants headquartered in Quebec. NOT JEWISH.

QUEBECOR. The world’s largest printer of newspapers, magazines and books. Headquartered in Quebec, owned by Quebecor. NOT JEWISH.

PUBLICATION TRANSCONTINIENTAL. Canada’s second largest publisher of Newspapers, magazines and books. Headquartered in Quebec. NOT JEWISH.

There are many more NOT JEWISH media conglomerates within Canada. However, the next largest Jewish owned media compared to Asper is Astral Communications owned by the Greenberg family in the Province of Quebec. And by national standards and influence, they are minuscule.

Astral owns French language radio stations. Just about all of them providing music entertainment with virtually no editorial content.

So much for Don’s concept that Jews, specifically in the name of ASPER, own Canada’s media. And I have not even mentioned the huge Magazine Industry mostly owned and operated by MacLean’s. Also NOT JEWISH.

It is easy to point fingers at high profile groups and make outrageous yet believable claims. It is yet another thing to back up the claims. Unfortunately, when dishonest claims are not refuted they become “fact”. And then we hear that Jews own all the media. Jews own all the banks. Jews own – fill in the blanks. It starts to percolate.

People who want to hate Jews, Americans and Israelis, devour any information that maligns these three visible and easy targets. The haters are also easily swayed by innuendo and rumor, that they are willing to grasp anything that is plausible in order to validate their hatred.

I have to thank Don from Vancouver who sent me his letter, for giving me an opportunity to shine a light on his (and regrettably others) misconceptions and bias.

And as benign and inaccurate as his beliefs seem to be, that is how hate grows. Hate grows from the cauldron of simmering misconceptions, innuendo and lies. And the only way to confront it is head-on.

With this editorial, I trust that I was able to achieve just that.

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  1. A few days away from the event and some with cooler minds are no longer on the band wagon. Mark Cuban says “it’s a slippery slope when people come after your property because of your thoughts. William Rhoden of the New York times doubts if there will be a unanimous vote of NBA owners to force Donald Sterling to sell when the owners start to think of things they have said in private. He is not sure that they will get the 23 votes.
    Ken Fitzgerald Pine Level NC

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