Why My Concern About Israel? After The Jew Haters Are Done With Israel, They Still Won’t Be Done.

JEWS GO HOME! That's what they used to say, and then they'd laugh. Ho Ho: you don't have a home.

Some people question why I write so often about Israel and about anti-Semitism. Some people suggest that I should write LESS about both subjects. And then there are a few people who can’t see the correlation between anti-Semitism and Israel.

First: SILENCE of the victims is the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of the anti-Semite. If no one refutes the lies and misrepresentations, they become the accepted truth.

Second: The ONLY reason the world spends so much time attacking Israel and its leaders is because it is a JEWISH state. It seems, that to the world’s elitist intellectuals, everything Israel does is wrong. And whatever Israel stands for is an insult to humanity.

However; there is no shortage of SILENCE from the same people who are so quick to condemn Israel, when it comes to criticizing the treatment of people in Arab and Moslem countries; such as the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia.

Any cognizant person knows the litany of issues which makes virtually every Arab and Islamist country a despicable place to live. But without any equivocation, you, and just about everyone else in the secular democratized and civilized world doesn’t give a damn about what happens in the Arab and Islamist world.

I don’t see protestors taking to the streets to DEMAND changes in these vile regimes. I don’t ever hear of boycotts of products which come from these horrific despoilers of humanity. I don’t see countless resolutions in the UN against these tyrannies. I don’t see or hear anything that would make anyone believe that these countries are anything less than an aberration to the modern human condition.

BUT ISRAEL! – Now that’s a different story.

Israel is the ONLY country in the whole wide world that can NEVER sit on the UN Security Council under the UN’s existing rules.

Israel is the ONLY country on this planet that has a capital NOT recognized by the UN and just about every country including Canada.

Israel is a democracy surrounded by a sea of hatred, where one mistake means another genocide for the Jews. Yet; the world ALWAYS condemns Israel for any action it takes to defend itself; preemptively or otherwise. Even after the all too often wanton slaughter of Jews at the hands of Palestinian murderers.

The world recognizes Palestine as a nation, even though there was NEVER a nation called Palestine. Nor a people called Palestinians. BUT; Israel, a nation CREATED by the UN from the ashes of the Holocaust, and constantly under the threat of oblivion from its Arab neighbors is routinely dismissed by the world body as if it is illegitimate.

At the September 2001, Durban South African UN Conference on Racism, Israel was unabashedly and mercilessly attacked by the racist thugocracies of the world. And yet, the UN and its members, including Canada, signed a resolution which included a condemnation of Israel as being a racist state.


The simplest explanation possible for all this Israel bashing is ANTI-SEMITISM, and the outright HATRED of Jews. There is absolutely no other reason or explanation for the entire world body to vent as viciously and continually against this minuscule country where democracy, secularism, the pursuit of knowledge, compassion and modernity thrive.

In a world where absolutely EVERY religion and culture has a place they can call home, ONLY the Jews, the world’s oldest unchanged religion has not had a country or place to call home until 1948.

JEWS GO HOME! That’s what they used to say, and then they’d laugh. Ho Ho: you don’t have a home.

The Jews have wondered the world as GUESTS of inhospitable countries for the past 2,000 years. And now that they finally have returned home to their ancestral and religious birth-place, the world can’t take it.

The world finds every possible fault with Israel. But they couldn’t care less if Saudi Arabia murders, rapes and treats its women like vermin. The world couldn’t care less if Saddam Hussein slaughters thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons. The world couldn’t care less that Lebanon is OCCUPIED by Syria. The world doesn’t give a rat’s ass that all of the Arab world was an illegitimate Western creation from the time of the fall of the Ottoman Empire: post WWI.

The world ONLY cares that the Jews finally have a homeland, and that bothers them to no end. How come we never hear international condemnation, even from Canada, of how Arafat and others like him have CURSED their own people to live in squalor, with hatred towards Jews taught to them from their first recollection?

Why is it that Israel is always blamed for the shortcomings of the Arabs, regardless of the circumstances? People are starving in the slums of Egypt. It’s the fault of the Jews. The Syrian people are oppressed. It’s the fault of the Jews. The USA is going to war against Saddam Hussein. It’s the fault of the Jews. The Arab Islamists murdered thousands of people in America on 9/11. It’s the fault of the Jews. Saudi Arabia is a religious police state. It’s the fault of the Jews.

It’s ALWAYS the fault of the Jews.

How come the world didn’t give a damn when King Hussein of Jordan murdered some three thousand Palestinians in Black September of 1970? Hussein killed MORE Palestinians in one event than Israel has killed in self-defense in more than 50 years.


JEWS! – Israel is a Jewish country. THAT’S HOW COME!

And why should I be concerned about what the world thinks of Israel? Because when the Israel haters are finished with the Jews in the Middle East, they will then be coming for me.

By Pastor Martin Niemoller:

A Christian Who Died In A German Concentration Camp.

“First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me”.

SILENCE is a death sentence.

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