World War Two Was Not Won With Kind Words And Gentle Urging.

Once the war was totally engaged, and all sides knew the consequences of defeat, especially the Allies: winning became the only consideration. And at all costs.

By 1939, the world was forced to come face to face with the ugly reality of appeasement to Nazi Germany.

In December of 1941, the Americans came face to face with an imperialistic enemy they too had to fight.

Europe and the United States did whatever they could, NOT to go to war. Especially the USA, which kept itself and its military as far away from the action as possible, for almost 3 years before being sucked into World Ward II by the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor.

The USA and Europe pretended that everything was alright, even as the Germans and Japanese built their enormous war machines and rattled their sabers on their inextricable journey to world war.

Once the war was totally engaged, and all sides knew the consequences of defeat, especially the Allies: winning became the only consideration. And at all costs.

Bombers dropped huge amounts of ordinance upon whole cities, just as all manner of cannon was trained upon enemy positions. Whether they were in civilian zones or not. And eventually, with enough pounding, death and destruction, the Axis slowly began to crumble.

Two incredible events took place as the war in Europe, and the subsequent war in the Pacific began to wind down. First: the Allies, led by Bomber Harris of the RAF, bombed Dresden into oblivion, killing what might have been as many as 100,000 “innocent” Germans. And then, “supposedly” to end the war in the Pacific against Japan, the USA twice unleashed a nuclear firestorm. First in Hiroshima. And then Nagasaki. The execution of either of these two events was arguably not necessary to end either war.

The excuse for the nuclear bombings of Japan, was that to defeat the Imperial army by conventional means, would have meant even greater death to the Japanese, and to the soldiers of the Allied armies. Specifically Americans. That might have been true. However; in my opinion, the real reason for the nuclear bombings was to teach the Japanese a lesson they would never forget, demonstrate the incredible military might and resolve of the USA, and to send a message to the rest of the world. Specifically the Russians.

In the end, the nuclear bombings did immediately finish the war. And in fact, they probably did save lives. Certainly American lives. But more than that; the bombings also sent a signal concerning US resolve. Not only were the Americans capable of delivering massive death and destruction; they were also willing to do it.

In Germany, specifically Dresden, the bombing had no military significance whatsoever. By the time of this event, February 13, 1945, Germany was already more or less defeated. And destroying Dresden saved no Allied lives. Nor did it expedite the end of the war. But it did serve two other purposes.

First: it was revenge for the Battle of Briton and all the other horrors inflicted upon humanity by the Nazi hate and war machine. Second: It made the Germans (and others) understand the consequences of belligerent actions in the absolute clearest of terms.

All of this said: the nuclear bombings and Dresden sent a signal world-wide; that to take on the democratic West, specifically the USA, meant paying a price of dire consequences. This is a lesson that was not lost on the Russians and the former USSR. Had the Soviets not been scared “shitless” of US might, and US resolve to use that might, I can guarantee that we would have already fought World War III.

It is only because the adversaries to peace and democracy knew what to expect if they crossed the line, that they didn’t.

It was a lot clearer some 60 years ago. When one nation or people went to war against another nation or people. The understanding was that the loser would pay a significant price for aggression. But that lesson seems to have been lost.

The GUARANTEE for NEVER ending social/political violence and warfare is power equivalence. When an evil belligerent believes, mistakenly or not, that it has the military equivalence of its neighbor. Or that the neighbor does not have the resolve to fight back and punish with all due prejudice, will he constantly be sniping and agitating for a fight, especially if he thinks he can win something.

This is why the Arab Islamists felt “lucky” in hitting the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The USA, through past President Bill Clinton sent a clear message with its anemic response to a series of terrorist attacks; that the USA won’t punish their attackers. Now, they, the belligerents, and the entire world know better. So much so, that I really doubt if America is nearly in as much jeopardy as the current government would have us believe.

The reason there is relative peace in the Middle East, that is between the Arab world and Israel, is because all the Arab nations know what Israel can, and will do to them in war. Especially if that war included weapons of mass destruction. There are no illusions or questions about Israeli resolve and willingness to to retaliate. Israel can, and will wipe out its neighbors if attacked.

Everyone in the Middle East understands this, except the Palestinians and their terror supporters. And the only reason why they do not understand this is because of the UN, the EU and the “Do-Gooders” of this world, will not allow Israel to defend itself the way it should. But if push comes to shove. Israel will do what it has to do.

If Israel was to look upon this horrible terrorist war, it is defending against, as if it was a REAL war, which it REALLY is, it would fight the way the Allies did some 60 years ago. It would make the Palestinians and their terrorist allies pay such a price for their belligerence, that it would end. Period.

When the USA was attacked on 9/11, no one said don’t go after the perpetrators. As a matter of fact and history, the USA said that they will hunt down the people responsible, and kill them wherever they find them, if they can not easily take them alive.

And to back up their promise, they have bombed whole villages in Afghanistan where the enemies were believed to be hiding. And were not all that concerned about civilian casualties. If enough civilians died as a result of hiding members of Al Qaeda, or the Taliban, the civilians would soon understand the price to be paid for sheltering the enemies of the USA. And the entire world, including the UN and the EU seem to accept this.

Israel can quickly end the “war” they are waging against Palestinian and Islamic terrorists. All they have to do is find the leaders, supporters and combatants of terror. And wherever they are, blow them up from the skies. And if “innocent” civilians are killed as a result. Then that’s the price of war.

Let the Arab belligerents steer clear from civilians. Or let the civilians understand how vulnerable they are when they aid and shelter terrorists.

Israel, like any other country should fight for its survival and the protection of its people like any other country would. No more pin-prick operations where Israelis try to live up to the anti-Semitic double standard of the world.

If Israel really wants to end the daily attacks and psychological siege which they have been enduring for the last two years; not including the wars from its inception in 1948, Israel will have to do it by fighting this war as it should be fought. And as any other nation would fight it. To win.

Let the racist enemies of peace and democracy in the Middle East and elsewhere, fully understand the horrific consequences of future hostilities. Anything less will guarantee a never-ending grinding war of attrition which no civilized country could, or should ever endure.

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  1. Howard,

    I have tried calling the police, but in both Montreal and Laval there is little interest in pursuing the law and give out tickets. I have boxed in cars, called for the police, only to be told that no one will be coming and that I will receive a ticket for blocking a car – even though I told the police that I was threatened when I asked the driver to move.

    Its always “just for a minute” that seems to last a long, long time. I’ve even seen police in Laval doing this. Sad.

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