Canada Declares Native Leader Coon Come Irrelevant

The federal government's hypocrisy is stunning. Not only are they choosing to publicly ignore the "democratically" elected representative of the Canadian Native People. But; they are rendering him insignificant.

Canada has finally decided to declare that Native Indian leader, Matthew Coon Come is “irrelevant”. And in his place, they are looking for someone else from the Native community with whom to negotiate.

The federal government’s hypocrisy is stunning. Not only are they choosing to publicly ignore the “democratically” elected representative of the Canadian Native People. But; they are rendering him insignificant. And in doing so, they are undermining the democratic will of Canada’s Native population.

The reason given for this extraordinary measure, is that Canada says it can no longer trust Coon Come to negotiate in good faith. Nor deliver the goods. Even though this might be true of Coon Come. It is not Canada’s place to tell the Natives who should speak for them. ESPECIALLY since Canada has made such an issue of condemning Israel’s right to declare Arafat irrelevant. Who by the way was never really elected to anything.

How come Canada can declare a “democratically” elected Native leader irrelevant, whose only issue is to aggravate and embarrass the government; when it suggests that Israel can not declare a murderous terrorist tyrant irrelevant, whose hands are dripping with Jewish blood? After-all, both “irrelevant leaders” have been proven to be mutually incompetent and not beneficial to their people.

I happen to believe that the greatest political scandal in Canada is Indian Affairs. It is a boondoggle of massive proportions. Instead of maintaining a system that segregates an entire cultural community, and works to keep this community in the virtual dark ages, Canada should be working towards voluntary integration. Having people live on reserves where they exist on welfare is not progressive. And it is inherently unfair to the Native People who are being left behind.

Similarly; I believe that the Palestinian Refugee Camps are no less an abomination that severely damages the people who are existing there.

The only beneficiaries of the department of Indian Affairs, and Canada’s policy of Native segregation are the Native leaders and Canada’s politicians. Canada pisses away billions of dollars annually, propping up “irrelevant” native leaders who take this money and keep themselves in the lifestyle their people will never know.

Like the Palestinian Refugee Camps, the only people who win from their existence are the Middle Eastern Arab leaders and Yasser Arafat. The people who are rotting in the Camps are living in a form of political, technological and cultural purgatory.

Native leaders routinely travel all over the world attending one seminar after another. And every now and then, they go to a UN function such as the Durban disaster and shit all over the country that feeds their machine. Much like the Palestinian leadership.

Come to think of it, Canada sort of has its own Palestinians. Here are a people (Native Canadians) who fight to stay segregated from the world in their own Refugee Camps, paid by the people of Canadian, with leaders who live pretty high on the hog while the average folk they purport to represent struggle just to get by.

As the world rushes towards everything high-tech; Canada’s Native People stagnate in a life without any apparent emphasis on education and multi-culturalism. Much like Yasser Arafat, Coon Come and his predecessors seem to have their act down pat. All they have to do is keep their people believing that they are being discriminated against and can not compete without the Reservation/Refugee Camp leadership.

Canada is wrong to declare Matthew Coon Come irrelevant, since he is nothing short of Ottawa’s own creation through a failed and harmful Native policy that Canada seems to be in no rush to repair.

On the other hand, Canada is just as wrong to lecture Israel on its policy to declare Arafat irrelevant, since the Israelis recognize a serious problem which they want to remedy.

Until such time as Canada is willing to totally change the way our Native population is treated; Canada has absolutely no business telling them which of their “elected” leaders they are willing to deal with. Relevance aside.

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