They Hated Me Before I Was Born


Even Though There Are Millions Of Anti-Semites In North America . . . There are Hundreds of Millions More Who are Not. Thank You For Being Amongst Those People Who Are Not.

Anne & I Count a Huge Number of Non-Jews (Christians-Others) to be Amongst our Closest & Dearest Friends, all of Whom we Would Never Doubt in Terms of their Sincere Bond to our Relationship.


In A Simple Description . . . They Are Soulless Butchers.

Please Understand – We Know who and What the Islamists are and What they Stand-For. They Are As Socially Low As Is Possible For Living Creatures To Stoop. And right Along with these Beasts, are the People who Support them, whether they are Members of the Democrat Congressional Squad (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley) or all the Politicians who Don’t Come-Out & Condemn the Islamists in the Harshest Terms Possible.

A Pox On The Despicable People In Canada Too, who Have Taken to the Streets Across the Country to Show their Support for the Islamist Butchers of Humanity.


For The Longest Time . . . We Have Been Spoon-Fed by the LEFT that Conservative People are Hard-Right. And Hard-Right People are Akin to the KKK, Nazis and Domestic Terrorists.

Understand This . . . Nothing Is Farther From The Truth.

If you were to Invert this LEFTIST Propaganda, the Truth Would-Be that this Description of Conservatives by the LEFTFully Applies To Virtually All People On The LEFT.


Emile Zola, a Christian Writer from France, Virtually Singlehandedly Led the Accusation of Anti-Semitism Against the French Government for the Wrongful Charge of Treason & Imprisonment on Devil’s Island of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a French Jewish Military Officer . . . Who Because Of Zola’s Journalistic Bravery, Dreyfus Was Fully Exonerated.


What Else Can Be Said About The Jewish LEFT?

I Watched A Well-Spoken Jewish American, Whose Loved-One was One of the Jews Taken by the Palestinian Islamist Butchers, who in his Own Words Described Himself as a Pacifist, who Before the Simchat Torah Slaughter at the Hands of Palestinian Islamists, this LEFTIST Jew Supported the Palestinian Cause, As Do Many LEFTIST Jews In Israel & Worldwide.

This Isn’t Something New To Globalist Jews, who Even Prior to WWII, LEFTIST European Jews Condemned Conservative Jews who Stood Vocally Against the Anti-Semites in their Respective Governments.

To LEFTIST Jews . . . Self-Righteous Virtue-Signaling (Ass Kissing) Is The Religion.


Any Jew In The United States Of America, Canada & Worldwide . . . Who Identifies with the LEFT,  is as Guilty of Anti-Semitism as Any of the Bastards – Who Chant Death To The Jews.

I Watched The FIVE On Fox News Two Days Ago – Judge Jeanine Pirro was Brilliant in Her Unabashed Defense of Israel & Jews Everywhere. So Were the Other Members of the FIVE, with the Exception of the LEFTIST Jessica Tarlov, who Said the Right Things Until Tarlov Inserted . . . She Holds Benjamin Netanyahu Responsible For The Hamas Butchery Of The Jewish People.

I Heard Tarlov Say – Also On The FIVE, that she Feels Horrible for the Palestinians and how they Have Been Treated . . . What She Failed to Mention is How the Palestinians in Israel Cheered at the News of the Gaza Border Slaughter.

I Didn’t Hear Tarlov Say Anything about the Many Millions of Dollars that Goes to Palestinian Families of Men & Women Who Die After Murdering Jews – It’s Called Pay For Slay.

And Maybe Tarlov, the Self-Hating Jew who Brags about Being Jewish . . . Conveniently Forgot to Mention that Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Cajoles the Palestinian People to Murder Jews. And How Palestinian Children are Educated in their Schools to Hate Jews to Grow-Up to Become Martyrs of Jihad.

With Jewish Voices Like This . . . Who Needs Enemies?

Sell-Out Jews Like Jessica Tarlov, Chuck Schumer & Others . . . Who Won’t Take a Loud & Public Stand Against Democrat Anti-Semites like the Squad, by Naming them in Either the House or the Senate – Says All That Needs To Be Said About These Jewish Sell-Outs.


On Tuesday October 10, 2023 . . . Biden Made A Political Speech That Shoveled Platitudes.

With all the Garbage that Fell From Biden’s Mouth About How Much he Loves Israel, How Much he Has Israel’s Back, and How he was Prepared to Give Everything Israel Needs to Fight Hamas . . . He Also Said That Congress Has To Come Back, So America Can Pass Bills Approving Money For Military Campaigns.

Maybe You Missed That . . . But I Didn’t.

Biden Surreptitiously Lumped-In Israel’s Direst Moment since its Re-Creation in 1948, to the More Unaccountable Billions of Dollars already Funded by Biden who Wants to Splurge even More on Ukraine.

On Wednesday October 11, Biden Gave a Speech to a Group of LEFTIST Rabbis & Jewish Leaders, where Biden Chose a Moment Here and a Moment There to Scream his Consternation into the Microphone for Political Effect.

During The Speech, Biden Said Something That Should Not Escape The Understanding Of Anyone.

Biden Said . . . That After Speaking with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . . . Biden Reminded Netanyahu “That Israel Has To Fight By The Rules Of War”.  What do you Think Biden Meant by – The Rules Of War?


Biden Didn’t Say I’m Sorry For Screwing-Up The World.

I’m Sorry for What I Allowed to Happen in Afghanistan. I’m Sorry for Allowing Russia to Destroy Ukraine. I’m Sorry for Selling America-Out to China. I’m Sorry for Making a Mess of How America Dealt with the China Virus (Covid). I’m Sorry for Devastating the American Economy. I’m Sorry for Fomenting Racism Beween the American People. I’m Sorry for Throwing America’s Borders Open to Unknown Threats & Usurpers of the American Way of Life.

And Now . . . I’m Sorry For Empowering Iran To Enable This Slaughter Of Jews.

I’m Already Hearing from Many Nations, Including the UN, that Israel’s Response to the Palestinian Terror Attack, Has To Be Proportional.

Does that Mean Israel Has to Choose More than 1300 Innocent Men, Women & Children To Butcher . . . And Do to them what the Arab Islamists Did to the Unsuspecting Jews?


To An Enormous Extent . . . Fox News Has Redeemed Itself in my Eyes by their Unabashed Support for Israel and their Almost Equal Detestation of Hamas and What Hamas Did.


Like Much Of The Mainstream Media, Fox News is Broadcasting the Number of Gazans Killed Versus the Number of Israelis Killed . . . I Don’t Give A Damn About How Many Gazans Are Going To Die.

Unlike The Slaughtered Israelis, the People of Gaza Won’t Be Purposefully Targeted by Israeli Troops for Rape, Murder, Torture & Hostage-Taking. And the Gazans Have Every Opportunity to Leave Gaza or Get Away from Where the Israelis are Going to be Fighting.

Anne & I Didn’t Hesitate . . . Yesterday, We Donated to Magen David Adom, Israel’s Equivalent to the Red Cross on Steroids. There are Several Great Israeli Charities where Help will be Dispersed to Where it’s Needed. We Chose Magen David Adom.

Israel Didn’t Start This Mayhem . . . And If Not Finished By Israel Now – It Will Never Stop.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, met you over 20 years ago, during the Alliance Quebec years of William Johnson. Thank you for your unapologetic voice. Just wanted you to know that my brother, Dr. Paul Saba, is organizing an event “Christians for Israel” on Sunday, October 15th, 2:00pm at Place du Canada, the park in front of SunLife building. Hope you can attend.

  2. As you wrote previously, Israel must emerge victorious and FINISH the war for good this time. An enemy whose only path says “death to all Jews” is an enemy who must be eradicated. I taught a gifted high school student whose father sent his 3 boys each summer for their indoctrination In Palestine. In a classroom discussion, one of my gifted Jewish students asked my Palestinian student, “would you kill our teacher if you met her on the street?” His answer was, “YES.” He would kill ALL

  3. Jews unfortunately know what the world is only beginning to learn. The world has had many indications, like 9/11, but still people choose to remain eyes closed and ignorant. But now the mask is ripped off and the devil is there for you see and feel. Those who chant they support Hamas are as vile and demented as the baby butchers themselves. They show their true colours as people who would make good nazis. FYI – Hamas is calling for tomorrow to be a day to rise up and globally attack all Jews.

  4. History does repeat itself. The free world is now at another crossroads. Like the radical German SS , there are radical Arabs ( amongst others ) , whom don’t believe certain people have the right to exist. They even state it in their various charters. For them peace is a foreign concept. Now is the time for free countries to ally with Israel to destroy these butchers , before its too late , and our own heads end up on the nuclear block. Like www2 the choice is…..between good and evil.

  5. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are monstrous beasts. All of them. Must be killed. Israel fed that filth for decades. Since disengagement. We did not heed warnings that our defense top ranks and Shabbak were useless. The top were and remain political trash. Gantz. Gallant. Levi. Etc. Biden and Obama handled many of them. Very hard times ahead.

  6. The media should keep a scorecard by each side of the numbers of civilians who were and still are being, raped, tortured, murdered and beheaded with a special list of babies being burned alive and beheaded. Maybe Israel could arrange a cease-fire when the numbers on both sides are equal.

  7. If Biden is worth anything he will make the following statements: 1) For every hostage killed we will bomb one Iranian oil refinery into dust and instruct the Israelis to execute 10 Hamas prisoners. 2) If Hezbollah attacks from the north we will send out USS Ford pilots on a Shock & Awe mission over Lebanon and Syria to decimate you as your leaders watch from their penthouses in Jew hating Qatar. As for Saudi MBS, this is his chance to finally rid himself of the Palestinian albatross.

  8. I find it interesting how the funds released by Biden seemed to act like gasoline on a fire. What is happening between the Arab & the Jew is so sad. (That is an understatement) I wonder what the creator God that I have come to know is thinking about mankind right now. How close are we to having his Son return?

  9. Howard, SHALOM. Keep speaking the truth about what we are witnessing in the SICK World we are now living in.

  10. Decimate is not what will be satisfactory to me! Nothing short of Annihilate for these in-human satanic beings❗️

  11. We bring this travesty before you Lord and ask for a swift end to this violence! Our hearts are breaking for the children and families who continue to experience the unspeakable horror of these attacks!

  12. Israel is in the fight of their lives and must have complete victory over their enemies. The Palestinians must show that they are true partners in peace in order to be recognized. Islamism must be defeated. We are seeing evidence of Hamas support in many countries and these folks and the politicians who support them by sending taxpayer money which is used for “Pay for Slay” are equally culpable.

  13. My husband says we should divert the money for Iran and give it all to Israel. Works for me. Let’s fund God’s chosen people and defund vile evil. If the children are taught to hate infidels and kill the us all, you can never make peace with such Barbarism.

  14. Zacharia 12 vs 3 Jerusalem shall become a burden to the world and those who try to move it shall surely be injured.The Hebrew word for evil is Hamas,just another coincidence im sure.

  15. Many countries did not believe Hitler when he said what he would do to Jews and therefore got a way with his barbaric acts. Hamas and Palestinians are TELLING us what they have done and WILL do. Will countries listen THIS time???

  16. I’ve made three ‘starts’ to express my opinion/feelings here, but for the first time in a long time, words absolutely fail me. Suffice to say, I am in agreement with your comments, and my prayers are with Israel.

  17. You hit the ball out of the park. Every person, including those who claim to be a Jew, who voted for pedo joe have the blood of every person who died this last weekend and until the war is finished. Proportionate responsible my rear end. Go scorched earth on the inhuman savages. Am Yisrael Chai!! I’d Avinu Chai!!!

  18. I agree w Elizabeth Cox. David C, suggestion won’t work It will never end as long as one terrorist walks this earth. It is written in the Quran, to kill infidels (that’s us), & taught since the year 600. NB what Cathy and Ed say about indoctintaion of young boys; that’s the problem. Terrorists are not born jihadists, they are taught from an early age. Evidence of learned hatred has been quite obvious around the world this week, particularly in Universities. Jihad Friday 13th Oct. Be aware.

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