Biden Is Hiding His Complicity


The Following Is A Letter Just Issued By 5-World Leaders.

“Today, We—President Macron Of France, Chancellor Scholz Of Germany, Prime Minister Meloni Of Italy, Prime Minister Sunak Of The United Kingdom, And President Biden Of The United States—Express Our Steadfast And United Support To The State Of Israel, And Our Unequivocal Condemnation Of Hamas And Its Appalling Acts Of Terrorism”.

Where is the Name of Canada’s Pathetic Pro-Islamic/Pro-Communist Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) on this List of World Leaders?

Has Canada Become So Inconsequential Under The Sham Leadership Of Trudeau, that in a Message of Condolences & Support . . . from the Likes of President Macron of France, Chancellor Scholz of Germany, Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, Prime Minister Sunak of the United Kingdom & President Biden of the United States of America . . . They Didn’t Think Canada Was Sufficiently Worthy To Be A Co-Signatory To This Extremely Important International Cadre Of Leaders?

More Than 50-Years Ago . . . I Watched Tony Randall, who was a Tremendous Actor and a Brilliant Thinker (Known By His Odd-Couple TV Persona As Felix Unger), Being Interviewed on the Johnny Carson Show.

In A Serious Moment, the Conversation Between Randall & Carson Morphed into Anti-Semitism as the World was Contemplating the Eventual Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Tony Randall . . . Who was Jewish, Turned to Johnny Carson & Said in all Seriousness, that the Threat of Extreme Anti-Semitism and a Second Holocaust has Not Waned Since the End of World War II . . . And Is As Prevalent Today As It Was Circa WWII.

I Clearly Remember My Father . . . Who Saw Extreme Violence & Evil as a Jewish/Canadian Soldier, who Fought Throughout Europe as a Highly Decorated War Hero During WWII, Telling me at the Age that I Could Comprehend, when I Asked my Father Why He and my Mother Invested so Much Time, Effort & Money (Money They Really Didn’t Have) to Support the Nascent State of Israel . . . We Are Jewish He Told Me . . . And Wherever We Live – We Will Never Be Totally Accepted.

The Joke Amongst Anti-Semites Was . . . Jew Go Home. Oh – You Don’t Have A Home . . . Ha, Ha.

My Father Wasn’t A Big Man . . . But Pound For Pound . . . My Dad was the Toughest Guy I Ever Knew. And One Evening just After Supper, Two Heavy-Set Thugs Came to our Door who were from a Collection Agency Hired by Canada’s Federal Government Tax Collection Service, to Shake-Down my Dad & Others for Outstanding Taxes.

I Was Perhaps 16 Or 17 Years-Old When This Happened, and I Stood at the Door Near my Father Who was Very Polite, Embarrassed & Contrite, which Empowered these Thugs to Further Intimidate my Dad. And then One of the Thugs Looked at the Mezuzah on our Door Frame & Told My Father . . . You Owe Us Your Taxes Because Good Christians Went To War To Fight For Your Kind.

I Saw Tears Well-Up In My Fathers Eyes. Dad Walked Away for a Moment & Came Back with a Cluster of his World War II Medals in His Hand. And in an Extremely Soft Voice, Dad Asked Both of them Where they Served During the War?

They Looked at Each Other in Silence . . . And Then It Happened. My Father Exploded Like a Human Nuclear Bomb . . . As My Dad Lunged For These Two Much Bigger Men, They Literally Jumped-Off The Balcony To Get Away.

I Personally Remember The Sign On A Public Beach – “NO JEWS OR DOGS ALLOWED”.

That Was Over 65-Years Ago . . . But Watching the Worldwide Demonstrations, Especially in the United States of America & Canada – Celebrating the Blood Thirstiness of Hamas and the Slaughter of Jews because they are Jews, Tells Me that Tony Randall was Prescient, and How My Father Dealt with the Thugs at the Front Door wasn’t an Outlier.

It Also Tells Me The Sign Of No Jews On The Beach Hasn’t Changed . . . It’s Only Better Hidden.


Anne & I Live In A Community That Is 99.9% Non-Jewish . . . We Never Felt Set-Upon because we are Jewish. Yesterday Morning . . . I Unfurled An Israeli Flag On Our Property For All To See.

We Went Costco-Shopping In An Area About 40-Miles From Where We Live, which is Also Located in a 99% Non-Jewish Community. It was a Cool Day which Required the Wearing of a Jacket. The Jacket I Chose to Wear was a Denim Motorcycle Jacket Festooned with Prominent Stars of David Patches Amongst Others . . . My Thoughts Were Thus – I’m Not Ashamed Or Frightened To Be A Jew & Let The First Person Say Something.

About A Week-Ago . . . Anne & I Ended The Life Of Our Beloved German Shepherd Dog Tavor.

We Ended Tavor’s Life Because He Was Incorrigible. It Wasn’t a Matter of if Tavor was Going to Hurt Someone . . . It Was A Matter Of When & How Badly. And as Much Pain that Came with our Decision to End Tavor’s Life, we Knew it Had to be Done, because Tavor was an Extremely Dangerous Beast.

Hamas . . . And All Savages Like Hamas Are Incorrigible Human Beasts. But Unlike the Tears Anne & I Shed for Tavor . . . There Will Not Be A Tear Shed From Me For The Total Eradication Of Hamas & All Their Acolytes.

For Those Who Chant Death To Israel Or Death To Jews . . . Their Lives Are Incorrigible Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. i watched some of the interviews on TV last night with the Hamas supporters and was amazed by their level of inhumanity-also their ignorance of the history of “Palestine”. They have no idea how their leaders have sold them down the river again and again, how they have been offered their own lands but have turned them down, wanting it all. Propaganda has done its work in the US and Canada and our educators have failed to teach the truth of the history of the region. I stand with Israel!!

  2. My 2 cents worth is this: We have an open border & those coming across have NOT been vetted. There are many Palestinians amongst them. If we think what is happening in Israel, is NOT at our shores we are wrong. Their demonstration this weekend tells me WE ARE NEXT. And we did nothing to these demonstrators. We have NO backbone. They think they can do anything they want and WE won’t touch them, but they can and will Touch Us. Be Aware, very Aware. Evil is as Evil does.

  3. hamas and hisbala are all about wiping out the Jewish race. Idiots that think hamas and the likes are freedom fighters trying to establish a so -called Palestinian state, are just that… idiots. May God bless the Jewish people and help them chop off the head of the snake , Iran after they deal with gaza. Unfortunately, I don’t think Joe or Justin have the fortitude /brains to go all the way, and help Israel in the end , do what really needs to be done.

  4. Totally agree Howard. I fly the Israeli flag 24/7 in my front yard. Gentile Ministry has the Star of David in their logo (I am a part of this group. Check us out.) Wherever I stand, I stand with Yisrael. AM Yisrael Chai! Od Avinu Chai! I am of Hebrew heritage. Sad that Canada was not included in the statement of support. Anyone who is familiar with the Continued Scriptures knows that there will come a day that all nations shall rise against Israel. Including America/Canada.

  5. Re; ‘Palestinian’ protestors in Canada. No emergency measures for a REAL dangerous mob, no RCMP thugs or horses, nobody jailed, no frozen bank accounts; no Trudeau or Freeland. Unfortunatly the flag waving protestors can’t be deported otherwise that’s what should be done. This time, no matter how much blood must be shed, Gaza must be reduced to a parking lot; this is probably Israels last opportunity to rid the region of Islamic terrorists.

  6. As I write the 96th hour of Hamas’ unprovoked attack on all Jews living in Israel. I remember the Yom Kippur War in 1973 well. I asked my father why the Israelis seemed to be defending themselves from the Islamic states in the Middle East. He told me the story of Ishmael and Isaac. Resentment is drilled into young Muslim children in school and home. Until that stops the Israelis will never know peace. I pray for ALL Jews and asked for them to feel safe everywhere they live.

  7. I repeat HG There Will Not Be A Tear Shed From Me For The Total Eradication Of Hamas & All Their Acolytes. For Those Who Chant Death To Israel Or Death To Jews . . . Their Lives Are Incorrigible To.✅️ Hezbollah needs eradicated too❗️

  8. Please do NOT forget who gave pallets of cash to Iran!!! WHY??? Please do NOT forget who is OBiden’s puppeteer!!! There is nothing complex about OBiden. He is only an puppet —— he cannot think for himself.

  9. Weak leadership is always exploited by terrorrists throughout the world. How come some people still don’t get it? Especially women. Its NOT sexist to say so, it’s statistically factual and sorry to all women (maybe up to 40%) to whom this statement doesn’t apply to and who vote (or are at least able to vote) conservative and/or republican (in the USA).

  10. Howard, I agree with everything you stated in this post; and, I agree that these terrorists need to be annihilated once & for all. I pray for all the hostages, and those who were brutalized by these savages, and all of Israel. I also wanted to shared my condolences in the tough decision that you & Anne had to make regarding Tavor; I had to make that same decision years ago with a Great Dane that I had. It’s heartbreaking, but the best decision for all. God Bless you.

  11. I’m writing a few kilometers from the front, my son and two grandsons are soldiering. DAUGHTER Head Nurse at a Military hospital. I am a decorated former soldier. The huge disaster more than 1100 dead, 2400 wounded, 150 prisoners was directly linked to Biden Obama via Iran financing and policies. Horrors by bestial Islamic monsters are documented. Israel is now on zhe march to crush the scum.

  12. The equivalent of 50B to Iran. FBI Investigating Iran officials in the administration, Intelligence- a no show (a warning from Egypt ignored and haven’t we learned by now how bad this Biden Administration is! This bunch must go or we will have no country.

  13. Howard, I would like to read about the history of Israel and how the Gaza strip came to be. Can you suggest something? I did a search. But am afraid if I go that route I would get a slanted version of the truth. I would like truthful facts about the history behind what is happening now. Thanks.

  14. My father was a WWII Veteran, he saw the Death Camps in person. He allowed us to read the War Almanacs he brought home which covered WWI and most of WWII. He would not talk about it. We have in our Congress a group of Idiots called the Squad that are Pro Palestine, they should be kicked out of congress and our country. Biden is just a shell puppet, he dances to whom ever probable Hillary and Obama, but mostly to those who send money.

  15. At 10 year’s old in the Bronx (1962) I heard many a story from my Jewish Neighbors who survived those Nazi Death Camps, the brandings on there arms bore witness of the Savagery of those Heartless Scum! There were some who were bitter (Even at 10 I understood why). Then there were those who were not bitter but Grateful they made it to the USA. Thanking GOD for His Mercy. History 101, that was not taught in schools. As For Me I Will NEVER FORGET THOSE STORIES AND THEM! “NEVER FORGET”! SEMPER-

  16. This tragedy is unspeakable, and I as most are heartbroken. As a commentator said watching the Palestinian scum march in our own country said…..”what have we become” . And no Trudeau because he has made us a laughing stock. The world no longer cares.

  17. The question to be asked to Trudeau in no uncertain terms was why he is not a signatory on the letter with other world leaders. Is it because they did not ask him to sign(hence confirming that Canada is inconsequential since the departure of PM Harper),or was he asked to sign and refused. And if so,why? Was it just wokeness ignorance/stupidity, the fact that his brother who is married to a Palestinian is on Iran’s’ payroll as a propaganda filmmaker, or just osmotic antisemitism learned from da

  18. Amen! I am in agreement with what you have said here, and I am beyond disgusted with those here and around the world who try to nuance, finesse, and make excuses for this horror. In what world is the murder of babies justifiable? Oh, wait…

  19. Howard, first let me say I am sorry you had to lose Tavor. It’s too ba you couldn’t have lent him to the IDF for today’s showing. I am a Catholic, My religion is that of Jesus, The Christ, a Jew. ALL Christian” churches and branches grew on the tree of Catholicism, nurtured from the seed of Judaism. I am disappointed at the number of “Christians” who are somewhat (and some outright) Anti-Semetic. Today, my heart is heavy at what is happening in Israel. Joseph Masterson, COL, US Ar

  20. The world is being split into 2 groups. Thise who know, understand, support and choose to live with intelligence, education and good connections to family, community and fellow man. And those who march ignorantly and willingly to follow destructive & hateful leaders, ideologies and movements, who will mindlessly drag good society into the pits if given the chance.

  21. So sorry for your loss of Tavor. You did a very difficult thing. He probably should have been sent over to Israel. I bet he would have done a good job on the Hamas. The torture that the Israelis have gone through and the loss of life they have suffered is unspeakable. I hope the Hamas get what’s coming to them, once and for all. God is watching over all of you Jews and giving you courage and strength to win.

  22. Please accept my sincerest condolences on the loss of Tavor. That being said, what is happening in Israel is horrific! The people who cheer this are despicable cretins that should experience this themselves. They do not stop and think what the Israeli people are feeling; or how they would feel if this were their children being slaughtered. May God bless and protect the people of Israel.

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