There’s No Excuse For Ignorance


First They Came For Him

Next . . . They’ll Be Coming For You

Brent Tyler Is A Rare Gem . . . But To Be Succinct – There Was an Army of Patriots who Marched Arm-In Arm with People Like Brent & Myself, who Came to the Rallies, to the Boycotts and to the Aid of Individuals who Wouldn’t Take a Knee to Quebecois Ethnocentric Nationalism.

To Their Great Credit . . . They Were Brave Soldiers – But Not Generals.

The Problem . . . As the Problem Has Always Been Throughout History, Dating-Back to the Ancient Greeks, was that it was Always the Few who Led the Reluctant Many as the Darkest Days Approached, Very Often When The Few Were Saddled To Pay The Extreme Price For (The Many) Patriotism.

In Canada . . . We Are Cursed With A Communist Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) and a Corrupt Globalist Mega-Millionaire Politician (Jagmeet Singh) who Leads the Communist New Democrat Party (NDP) . . . Propping-Up Trudeau’s Despised Minority “Liberal” Government.

During The Canadian Covid Lockdowns & Forced Mandates . . . Trudeau with Other Political Leaders from Across Canada Did the Unthinkable by Suspending ALL CIVIL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES . . . To the Point of Using Fines, Threats, Disenfranchisement & Police Violence to Break-Up Peaceful & Lawful Anti-Mandate Criticisms & Demonstrations.

It Came To The Bizarre Reality, that Canadian Freedom Leaders were Strongarmed, Beaten, Arrested, Charged & Jailed for Non-Existing Crimes . . . Where our Canadian Heroes (Truckers & Organizers) are still Tied-Up in the Judiciary, Being Treated as Common Criminals . . . For The Crime Of Publicly Expressing Their (Our) Constitutional Civil Rights & Liberties.


Both Birman & Gilchrist Commented in My Previous Editorial (August 25, 2023), Expressing their Extreme Disdain for Donald Trump, In A Manner That Suggested Trump Deserves To Be Getting What He Is Getting.

To Quote Birman & Gilchrist In Unison . . . “Trump is a self-serving, egotistical, dishonest, misguided, graceless man, totally unfit to lead the great United States of America”.

While Trump Was President From 2017 To 2021 . . . How Many People Did Trump Imprison for Expressing their “Constitutional” Rights to Burn Down a Huge Portion of America? How Many Rioters Did Trump Have Truncheoned for Destroying Iconic American Statues (Symbols)? And Name the Number of Rioters Who were Jailed by Trump’s Justice Department for Committing Arson Against a Historic Church Located Across the Road From the White House?

And How Did Trump Unleash the Full Power of the Police Against the Rioters who Raped, Maimed & Murdered Civilians . . . As They Also Beat & Wounded Thousands Of Police Officers Just Doing Their Duty Across America?

Want To Talk About An Insurrection? . . . Talk About The Many Nights & Days Before the 2020 Election When the LEFT Rushed the Fence of Trump’s White House.

OKAY . . . Trump Uses Non-Politically Correct Language When He Speaks To The People. He Also Played Hardball to Get NATO to Pay What they Agreed to Pay. And Trump Didn’t Pussy-Foot With China Or Mexico/Canada.

And In Spite Of All The Obstacles Placed In Trump’s Way – Trump Delivered on all of His Promises & More. And for all the People who Blame Trump for Adding Trillions to the Government Debt . . . Understand ThisThe President Of The United States Of America Is Not In Charge Of Spending.


That’s The Job of Congress. And When Trump was President, Who was In Charge of Congress? Paul Ryan (RINO) for Trump’s First Two Years and then Nancy Pelosi for the Balance.


Trump Was Snookered By Republican Uni-State Republicans.

Perhaps People Have Forgotten . . . How Outraged Trump Had Been When Trump was Forced to Sign Paul Ryan’s Spending Atrocity – If Trump Wanted To Make Good On His Agenda.

It’s Remarkable How People Like Birman & Gilchrist . . . are so Quick to Condemn Trump because they Don’t Like the Tone of His Voice or His Proclivity to Boast, or How Trump Goes After His Opponents . . . But I Never Heard People Like Birman & Gilchrist Refuse To Take All The Great Things Trump Gave To Everyone.

My Comment Section is Open to Anyone with an Honest Comment, which People like Birman & Gilchrist Seem to Enjoy Using . . . So Where Were Their Comments About The Extraordinarily Bad Treatment Given To The Canadian Truckers?

What About The Thousand Plus Innocent Bystanders Charged For Being Near The Riot?

Isn’t It Quite Something How Birman & Gilchrist Hate Trump’s Demeanor . . . But seem to Have No Problem with the Politically Correct Rhetoric Spoken by the Politicians who are Stealing their Rights in the Name of their Sick & Convoluted View of “Democracy”.


Says The Democrats? Says The RINOS? Says The LEFTIST Pollsters? Says The Corrupt Propagandized Media? Says The Republican Presidential Wannabes?

Well . . . I Say Otherwise & So Do Most Conservatives & Probably More Independents Than Not.


Read The Caption Accompanying Trump’s Mug Shot . . . And Then Give It A Good Hard Think!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. For as awful as it is that there’s no excuse for ignorance what’s worse is that there’s no cure for stupid.

  2. Never-Trumpers like Birman and Gilchrist have their heads up their rear ends.They’re offended by Trumps speech. Are they happy now with all the illegal drugs coming thru the Southern Border? Are they happy with the criminals coming thru the Southern Border? Are they happy with a chief executive that gives $83 billion worth of armaments to our enemy? Or can’t put two words together, never mind a sentence? I could go on and on. Trump is the best thing that has happened to America since forever.

  3. I spent time today with a Federal Politician who visited, spoke with and supported the ” Canadian Truckers”. The Propaganda Media, CBC, CTV, GLOBAL News all condemned his support but the fact is 90% of Canada was with him. There has to be a message there. Do you think a Liberal or their Puppy, NDP members will get it? Doubtful.

  4. Kenney Corber!!!!… I agree with you wholeheartedly but these brainwashed idiots like Perry are idiots!!!!!!… You’ve got one choice and that’s for a police state or not!!!!!….. Trump will win, albeit from jail and these Wokeshevik Fascists will have to assassinate Trump before he ever gives up!!!!!… I don’t agree on Trump’s s stand on the bullcrap Covid19 Scamdemic but he was probably pressured and coerced??????…. Joe Magdall….

  5. Gilcrest and Birman sounds like Communists! their thinking – their ability to do objective analysis of policies is clouded by emotion and a sick ideology. Trump is an alpha male…..maybe Gilcrest and Birman are beta males…..preferring to follow and indulge in what others earn rather than trail blaze themselves. Beta males feel threatened by alpha males and criticize alpha males. these two weenies…..very much like Obama – prissy men?

  6. I look at our leaders, not so much for how they look, or how they speak, but for how COMPETENT they are. Canada and the US currently have the most incompetent government leaders and their minions, in the entire history of both countries. It is hard to imagine how any sane person could continue to support them. But they’re vote buying schemes like grocery rebate, $10/day day care in Canada, Unions, and most government workers give them many more votes than they deserve. Can’t fix Stupid!

  7. It seems those who show true patriotism are people not involved in politics. The fact they are willing to put themselves in harms way for the betterment of We The People speaks volumes. It stands in strong contrast to career politicians who spend as much or more time enriching themselves than enriching US citizens. These days those politicians skirt or outwardly ignore law themselves without consequence. Is it any wonder both our countries are the least moral & ethical they’ve ever been?

  8. Teriffic job on addressing Birman & Gilchrist. Their hatred is eating them from inside out.

  9. We humans are flawed creatures, and prideful. If one has bellowed his opinion loud and long to anyone and everyone, it’s unlikely any amount of reasoned argument or logic in opposition will cause a change of heart, at least not one willingly shared in public. I am old, and thus believe the people on one’s payroll ought to be judged, in large part, by the fruits of their labor. We don’t have to “like” them.

  10. They say ignorance is bliss. But hard headed, non compromising, I am always right is not bliss it is down right terrifying. If…..the POOP hits the fan & they lose all their ‘rights’ & everything is taken from them, will they finally see the errors of their ways. I am sure that SOME of the people in Germany finally opened their eyes & revised their thinking. I hope that there is an awakening soon. We may have to FIGHT for our rights & freedom. DJT 2024.

  11. That’s why I like numbers and facts. If they are coming from clean, objective, non-biased data, they tell you the real story. Qualificatives and insults, they are what they are: relative too often and subject to feelings and emotions. You don’t lead a great nation with “feelings and emotions”, you lead great nations by the facts and the numbers, by what you bring to the table.

  12. Project Pelican. High treason by arch criminal, debarred, unknown father origin Hussein Soetoro Obama. The Kenyan who agreed to take the fall did so to make it easier to his pals. President Trump won in 2020. He is a true macho. Terrific executive. Raw, harsh direct. As to the 2020 rip off. I saw the same election fraud practices used by Peron, without Chavez machines. I got food and 10 pesos to mule pre packed “votes”. Was 13 years old. Antifa arson and mayhem campaign is exported.

  13. Trump will be reelected POTUS. He is more popular than ever abetted by the latest idiotic legal manoeuvres of the Dems. His one failing which my haunt him a little was his failure to build the wall.

  14. You are spot on in your analysis of Canada’s government, and the two jackals championing communist one world government for all that recognizes only their rights and no one else. Who will use any government agency to persecute those who champion freedom. I ask they relocate to a country where the government they desire is practiced. China comes to mind or North Korea. Leave us freedom lovers behind to enjoy our freedoms.

  15. Any normal person would have quit fighting the Political World in 2017. DJT fought the constant barrage of Politics the best way he could. ANTIFA, BLM, and Congress where his biggest foes. They tried everything to disrupt the Presidency. Congress stopped the Border Wall not DJT. RINOs back stabbed him at every turn. The 2020 election had fraud, but Congress and DOJ prevented the truth from coming out. We have an inept President in Biden, he is a puppet of Soros and others. Look for 2nd lockdown

  16. “…But seem to Have No Problem with the Politically Correct Rhetoric Spoken by the Politicians…” Don’t put words in my mouth, Howard. I voted for Trump 3 times (FL Primary and 2 general elections) and I was a supporter of his BEFORE YOU WERE. In fact, I remember convincing you that he could and should win in 2016. But after his string of ONLY losses since then and his lies and shenanigans after his LOSS in 2020, he is a person not fit for the office of President of The United States. PERIO

  17. It amazes me how people can become so dumbed down that they can be brainwashed into believing that Trump was terrible with pathetic excuses like he said something that wasn’t very nice a few times. Apparently, that’s worse than being a smooth-talking, lying, unaccomplished con artist like Hussein Obama. You always here … “I don’t like Trump BUT” , excusing themselves before recognizing his accomplishments. Even Birman can’t be specific about Trumps’s alleged “lies and shenanigans”.

  18. Thank you for your calm, genteel response to my comment about Trump. With only 500 letters, one can not begin to deal with the other 1000’s of poor candidates of all Parties for whom voters have no other choice than to elect. And then there are some good ones who are competent, honest and patriotic. Let’s hope the systen can be improved to give voters better choices.

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