“He Who Can, Does; He Who Cannot, Teaches”


These Words (Paraphrased) By George Bernard Shaw Were First Heard In 1903 . . . 120 Years Ago. But George Bernard Shaw Wasn’t the First Nor the Last of the Great Thinkers/Communicators/Philosophers to Come to the Conclusion that for all the Good Teachers-Do . . . They Are Also Incapable Of Doing What They Teach To Others . . . And Much Of What They Do Causes Harm.

That Would Be OK If That Truth Is Where It Begins & Ends, But that is Not the Case, Since Too Many Teachers Believe in their Own Hype & Leave the Cloistered Safe Halls of Academia to Share their Self-Conceived Brilliance with those Who-Do . . . Which Is Where Their Incompetence Reigns Supreme.

Teaching . . . Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Is A Noble Calling Unto Itself. So What Happened?

When did it Become the Business of Educators to Assume the Role of the Parent and the Surrogate of the Government’s LEFTIST Philosophy?


Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken, which in my Mind’s Eye Includes the Media and the Politicians, all of Whom are the Progeny of Academia who Teach & Lecture . . . All That They Can’t Do Themselves.

If They Were So Smart . . . Why Are We In Such Trouble?

As A Boy Scout, One of the Badges we Had to Earn was the Fire-Fighter-Badge, Where we were Taught the Rudiments of Fighting Fires. And the First Thing we were Taught was Not to Point the Water from a Hose to the Top of the Inferno, But Rather, At The Source From Where The Fuel Was Feeding The Flames.

I Ask You . . . What Is The Source Of Our Misery & Where Should We Focus Our Angst?


It’s Equally Easy To Stand-Tall Against Individual Pygmies . . . But it is Indeed a Different thing Entirely When the Pygmies Amass as One.

Trump is Facing Intellectual Pygmies who Have Formed Political Gangs and their Own Rules of Combat, which are Grossly Unfair to Trump and to all the People who Support the Man (Trump) . . . Who Is Promising To Restore The Constitutional Dream Of America.

In The Case Of President Donald Trump – Specifically for these Times & Circumstances . . . One Must Measure Trump’s Entirety Not through the Prism of Normal Politics, but Rather . . . By The Massive Domestic & Foreign Forces Aligned Against Him & How Trump Deals With It.


A Demagogue Is A Rabble-Rouser Willing To Enter The Arena To Do Combat – Trump Is A Demagogue.

But To The LEFT, a Demagogue is Someone Who Feeds on Public Fear, Weakness & Misunderstanding – Who Uses the Term in the Most Pejorative Way Possible. But in the Case of Donald Trump, He Is Indeed Feeding Correctly On The Real Fears The World Is Currently Facing In A Manner No One Else Could.

It Could Easily Be Argued That Christ Was A Demagogue, as were all the Men & Women Who Legitimately Stood & Still Stand Against Tyranny at Great Personal Risk.


The LEFT Is Hoping That During The Decades Of Inculcation Through Academia, which Created Hollywood, Entertainment in General and the Faux News Media we Have Today . . . that Enough People will be Blinded by its Orwellian Misuse of Freedom . . . For The Deep-State To Claim Victory Of Darkness Over Truth.

It’s Like Old Time Professional Television Wrestling . . . Where the Bad-Guys Always Seemed to Have Something (A Mysterious “Object”) Tucked Away in their Trunks, which they would Take-Out when the Ref Wasn’t Looking, for them to Use as a Weapon Against their Opponent as the Crowd Screamed as Loud as it Could for the Referee to Turn Around & Stop the “Crime”.

But The Referees Never Turned-Around . . . And the Bad-Guys Always Re-Hid the “Object” Back in their Trunks while the Crowd Yelled Foul.

This Is Politics. It Isn’t Professional Wrestling. And It Isn’t Fake. The Bad-Guys Are Real.

What was at that Time – Well Choreographed Television Entertainment when I was a Child, which Everyone Knew was Fake (Maybe Not Everyone) . . . The Referees Were Always Part Of The Show.

. . . But Today, In Our World Of Politics, the Show is Real, and the Referees are the Members of Congress, the Media and the Judiciary, And The Consequences Will Be Deadly.

About 250-Years Ago . . . American Patriots Put-It All On The Line . . . Their Wealth, Freedom and their Very Lives to Fight Against Tyranny.

It Wasn’t Fake Then & It Isn’t Fake Now . . . Don’t Be Fooled – The Mysterious “Object” Is Real.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard as always you are correct about the Teachers and the Politics The next 2 years will tell the tail. Either we keep our freedom or we lose it.

  2. Your comment regarding teachers is made with much too wide of a brush. It is insulting to the many terrific teachers out there.

  3. I have been saying almost these exact same words for 2-3 decades —— but due to my personal lack of vocabulary & writing skills, I cannot say to say it so eloquently. As usual Howard, thank you ——– you are spot-on.

  4. Those who can do. those who can’t, teach, those who can’t, teach teachers.

  5. Excellent. All needs to be put on the line again. Remove the lovers of the crown and the communists.

  6. Regarding your comments relating to education and teachers. Sadly you are so correct. I just don’t understand why those teachers who are great at their profession do not get together and clean up the mess. Also, the universities and some of the professors share a great deal of the blame. Tenure plus some of the perks that go with it should be abolished! There, now I feel much better getting that off my chest. But what do I know? I am just an old dirt farmer! Thanks again for a great article.

  7. Those who can teach, teach well. Those who can’t teach politicize, groom, influence, attack reality and decency and those who teach honestly.

  8. Actually, George Bernard Shaw, who had mastered verbal diarrhea, was a Marxist and eugenicist.

  9. Thank you, Howard! Well said! While there are good teachers out there, why were so many of the ones I got were awful teachers and awful people? I had some teachers that were stellar! But they were by no means the majority. President Trump is unique. There has never been anyone like him, especially in politics. Thank you for reminding me when I get bummed out by the news, Howard! My very best to you, Anne, and Tavor!! And thank you again!!

  10. I worked for a large company. We had a woman who was very inept at her job. Made mistakes all the time, ran into equipment while driving delivery equip. Was stoned most of the time, she was finally fired. My Son entered High School and his first teacher in History was Christy that had been fired. She was still a dope smoking inept fool. I challenged her with the School Board but she had Tenure and could not be fired. My daughter had her 4 years later, same inept dope smoking fool. Tenure Sucks.

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