Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts


Troy Had It Won . . . All they Had to Do – Was Leave the Gates Closed to Keep the Greeks Outside the City . . . But No-Sirree – The Greeks, Who Could Not Win on the Outside . . . Did-It On The Inside, by Leaving a Hollowed-Out Giant Offering of a Wooden Horse as a Gift Outside the Gates . . . With Greeks Hidden Inside, the Trojans Accepted this Gift, Brought the Horse into the City of Troy & Retired for the Night . . . The Rest Is History.


Ron DeSantis . . . Who Has Yet To Declare The Seemingly Obvious, that he Intends to Run for the Leadership of the Republican Party, to Become the 2024 Nominee to Run for President . . . Has Raised Far More Than $100-Million Dollars From Just A Handful Of Donors.

DeSantis Also Has the Generous Undisputed Support of Republican Insiders in the Names of Karl Rove, the Koch Foundation, the Murdoch’s of Fox News, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney – Etc.

Do You Think The Mega Millions To DeSantis From These Insiders Are Without Strings Attached?

Do you Know What Separates the Globalist LEFT from the Globalist RIGHT – The Correct Answer Besides their Purported Ideologies . . . Is NOTHING.

They Are Both Insatiably Greedy For Wealth & Power.

George Soros and his Acolytes Want you to Surrender your Wealth, Comfort & Position . . . But – Will George Soros and all the Other Limousine Liberals & Faux-Conservatives Surrender their Perks?

As I’ve Written Many Times . . . I Like Ron DeSantis – But I Won’t Like Ron DeSantis if he Takes a Knee & Sells-Out to the Corporate & Political Insiders who are Without Question Most Responsible for the Mess that Has Become America & Subsequently Canada.

If there is a Line Between Being . . . Of The People, For The People & By The People, Opposed to Being . . . For The Insiders, Of The Insiders & By The Insiders . . . Ron DeSantis is Very Close to Crossing that Line in the Wrong Direction.

While It Is Argued, That Without Big Money . . . It is Just About Impossible to Win a Primary or an Election, Isn’t Necessarily True, Since Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, who Outspent Trump by a Huge Margin . . . Not Even Including all the Favorable Press Given to Clinton at No Cost, to her or her Campaign, And The Phony Anti-Trump Accusations, Which Were Aided, Abetted & Supported By The FBI & The Media . . . TRUMP STILL WON!


Who Says-So? . . . The Insiders Who Are Terrified Of A Trump Victory?

Mitch McConnell . . . Who Supported Democrat Candidates Instead of Republican Candidates in 2020? Or Should We Listen to Mitt Romney and the Other RINO Insiders who Trump Humiliated in the 2016 Primaries?

Perhaps We Should Listen To & Trust The Propagandized Media, Even Fox News, who Just Recently Showed their True Colors with the Firing of Dan Bongino & Tucker Carlson . . . That Trump Can’t Win.

I Love To Ask This Question To Trump 2016 Enthusiasts Who Today Hate Trump.

If According To The Present-Day Trump Haters. who Loved all that Trump was Able to Achieve in Just 4 Years, While Fighting with Both His Hands Tied Behind His Back, are Now Amongst Trump’s Biggest Detractors . . . Are Now Spouting That Trump Is Now A Huge Liability To The Republicans & Can’t Win In 2024 . . . WHY?

Why Are They So Convinced That Trump Can’t Win In 2024?

Their Answer Is Always The Same . . . Because Of Trump’s Tone. Because Trump Lost in 2020 and Wouldn’t Accept-His-Defeat. Because Trump’s Endorsed Candidates Lost in 2022. And Of Course – It Goes-On.


1 – Trump Has Not Changed His Tone From 2016 . . . When Trump Made America Great Again for the First Time.

2 – Anyone who Believes that the 2020 Presidential Election was Fair & Square . . . Needs Not Read my Editorials, Since I Take No Pride In Writing For Dummies.

3 – 82% of all Trump’s Endorsed 2022 Candidates Won their Elections In-Spite of the Propagandized Media, Voting Shenanigans & Treasonous Republicans (RINOS) like Mitch McConnell.


Why All The Hoopla Against Trump? Why all the Court Cases, the Out of Left-Field Accusations of Rape Purportedly Happening Decades Ago, the Intense Forensic Audits of Trump’s Business & Personal Life . . . And The Secured Classified Documents At Mar-A-Lago, That Were According To Government Presidential Rules & Regulations . . . Were Not All That Classified?

If Trump Can Be So Easily Beaten By Biden In 2024 – Why Not Just Ignore Trump?

For “Republican” Trump-Haters Who Believe Trump Can’t Win In 2024 . . . It Just Goes to Show . . . Propaganda Works For Them No Less Than It Does For The LEFT.

If Trump Doesn’t Win The Primary . . . Or Subsequently Doesn’t Win The 2024 Election, it will Not be Because of Trump . . . Full Dishonorable Credit Will Go to the Republican Trump Haters . . .

. . . Who As A Result – Will Seal The Fate Of America & The Free World.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In my humble opinion DeSantis, by running has joined the RINO croud and has allready SOLD OUT. Living in Florida I have been so proud of him UNTIL NOW. There is no way he isn’t aware of what he is doing. As I have said before we need to accept that God is still in control, and we better get in touch with Him, as things get worse He will be our only protector. Read Revelation, it’s all there. God bless Trump and protect him.

  2. If the Republicans don’t ballot harvest, vote in advance, and work at the polls like the Dems, it doesn’t matter who wins the Republican primary.

  3. Even Florida legislature gave DeSantis the OK to remain in office while running for president. I truly hope DeSantis does not run, no matter the prodding or finances raised to support such a decision. I hope he continues to keep his mind free of self & filled with what is best for his family & himself for now. He can always run in 2028 with more knowledge, wisdom & self-awareness. I agree with Betsy Markman, the GOP needs to be more aggressive in encouraging voting, in advance, & working polls.

  4. What do you think of RFK Jr entering the race? Will he have a marked effect on Biden’s “campaign”?

  5. Is there any possibility that DeSantis could join up with Trump? After their win he will be elected president from 2028 for 2 terms. He has not yet declared he will run for the rep of the Republicans.

  6. In my Opinion Mr. DeSantis should stay at being the Governor Of Florida! Also in my Opinion Mrs. Haley, as much as I think of her, I just don’t see her going Head to Head, Face to Face (Along With Mr. DeSantis) with China, and Or Russia. We Need a Statesman NOT A “Politician” Former President Donald Trump was, is that Statesman! Regarding RFK Jr; My Gut tells me he’s a far cry from His Dad!

  7. Did you read Kennedy’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’? The Swamp will not let Kennedy anywhere near the Oval Office.

  8. One question. How do you rape a prostitute?

    Don’t Give Her The Money You Promised – HG:

  9. Trump is human, not the most perfect example to ever exist, but he is our last best hope. He has the glandular fortitude to take the fight all the way and he has the advantage this trip of knowing his enemies on both parties. If the people of America have a brain the size of a pea, can overlook his less than humble attitude and understand he’s doing it for us (he doesn’t need the headache),then we have a hope of reversing the tragic end we are headed for. May God Bless.

  10. Howard, great editorial as always, and Trump is still my man no matter what his faults are. We all have them and he does love our country and people. According to my calendar, (May 1) I wanted to wish you and Anne a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many more. Celebrate big time!

  11. If the GOP doesn’t run Trump they will hand the election and the nation to the Marxist globalist democrats.

  12. The questions that needs asking is the same one Ronald Reagan asked in the campaign for the 1980 election, which is “Are you better off today, than you were four years ago?”. If the answer is no, or NO – you must, it would logically seem, vote for a different candidate/platform. But, there’s no logic here – too much emotion, not enough By The People, For the People, Of the People.

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