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Thousands of Unwanted & Unwelcomed People are Invading the Small Town of Cornwall Ontario, which to us, Represents all the Smaller Hamlets where Anne, Tavor & I Live.

They’re Streaming Across The Border Into Canada From The United States Of America, through Roxham Road into Quebec, from New York State, where New York City’s Mayor (Eric Adams) is Bussing them to Plattsburgh NY, from where they Make their Way to the Canadian Border, Crossing Into Canada by Bypassing the Canadian Border, and are then Transported by the Canadian Federal Government to the Already Depressed Town of Cornwall Ontario.

Cornwall, With A Population Of Less Than 50,000 People Can Barely Support Our Own Tax Paying Residents, where a Number of Canadians Already Live on Welfare or Minimum Wages. Our Hospitals can Barely Handle the Existing Population. And Neither can our Schools or Our Social Services.

The Liberal Federal Government Bought a Ramada Hotel in Cornwall to Permanently House the Invaders, But That’s Only A Drop In The Bucket . . . To the Amount of Housing these Unwanted Immigrants (By The Thousands) will Need.

In & Around Cornwall – Everyone Speaks English with Many who Also Speak French as their First Language . . . But None of Whom I’m Aware-Of, Speak Spanish or Whatever Other Language the Invaders Speak.


There Are Borders & Immigration Laws For Reasons.

There Are Approximately 7-Billion People On This Planet . . . How Many Should We “Invite” Into Our Homes? How Much Food Should We Take Out Of The Mouths Of Our Children To Feed The Children Of Others . . . who Invaded our Homes, who Have No Right to be Here, and Demand to Have What we’ve Worked So Hard to Cultivate Over the Generations for Ourselves & Families?

Are You Prepared To Watch Your Children Live With Less Or Without?


Both My Parents & Anne’s Parents Were Born In Canada.

They Did It The Right Way. They Applied, Waited, Boarded the Ship to Cross the Atlantic . . . And Came To Canada When Approved.

Neither of my Four Grandparents were Able to Speak English or French. And Neither of the Four Expected Anything More than Freedom and an Equal Chance to Succeed.

The Four Of Them, Like All Legal Immigrants, Worked Like Dogs To Build A Better Life.

For My Grandparents – There Were No Handouts, No Welfare Checks . . . And No Expectations For Either. But They Did It The Right Way. And When the Time Arrived for them to Take their Oath of Citizenship to Canada . . . No One Owed Them Anything, And They Owed Nothing To Anyone, Just their Gratitude to Become Canadians & Raise their Canadian Children in a Free Country, that was Built on Respect for the Law and the Social Values, that Made us Free, Productive and the Envy of the World.

If Breaking The Law & Screwing Our Canadian Values Is What Brought These People Here – How do you Think these People and their Children Will Behave, Now that they are Here, and the First Lesson they’ve Learned Besides Coming Into Canada Illegally, Is How In Canada . . . You Get Something For Nothing That Someone Else Paid-For?


The Country Doesn’t Let This Happen – The Country Encourages This To Happen.

This Is All About The Elitist/Communist One World Order (Government) . . . Flooding the Free World with Third World Immigrants – who Have Nothing in Common with our Rules, Laws, Culture, Language or Life & Work Ethic.

This Isn’t By Mistake – It’s By Careful Planning & Execution.

Once Millions of People Are Within Our Country, Who Have No Right to be in Our Country, How In A Million Years Will We Be Able To Get Rid Of Them?

Our Leaders Are Criminals . . . They’re Traitors to You & Me & Everything We Stand For. They are Forever Changing our Societies into the Image they Want our Societies to be, Opposed To The Societies We’ve Cultured For Hundreds Of Years.

If you Think these Invaders are Going to Change their Customs to Become More like Us, Opposed to them Wanting Us to Become More like Them – Think Again!

Europe Is A Continent With Never Ending Wars . . . Because of the Different Cultures, which Just Haven’t Been Able to Get Along for a Gazillion Cultural Reasons.

If This Is The Norm – What Do You Think Our North American Future Is Going To Look Like?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The strategy of western govts to throw all caution and rules to the wind are always only recipes for disaster. Immigration is not the issue. “Free-for-all” immigration with no plans or strategies to assimilate people to become functioning and contributing members of society is. Any policies of a “free-for-all” nature only serve to weaken. Once weakened, it is much easier to defeat and control us. Whether or not this is the plan, it is certainly an end result of these actions. My opinion only

  2. Why is it, only the less desirable folks cross the borders, or is it whom their country is trying to expel. Politicians in their countries want to get rid of those who are a drain on their countries resources, the drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and criminals. Our countries do not want them unless they go thru the process as our ancestors did. Crime has blown up across this great nation because of poor leadership. We do not have a President just an Old Fool Who thinks he is President.

  3. Everyday makes me more fearful that we are rapidly arriving at this point. The quote, from Mencken’s 1919 Prejudices (First Series), is in full: “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” Are we there yet? How close are we?

  4. It is going to look like violent and failing America. The latest Canadian polls show Liberals and Conservatives even at 33 %. Add the NDP to the Liberals, and you get continued far left wing government. Canadians have not been swayed! Read the tea leaves… The Canadian future is indeed bleak at best. Good luck, Canada.

  5. You are right on Howard. Here in the EU we have the problem in spades. The very least desirable people imaginable allowed to enter virtually as they wish. Why? Because we do condone it! We actually encourage it! Political suicide now for any ball-less politico to stand against it. Votes you know! Consider. Via satellite we can read a cars licence plate. BUT we can’t see rubber rafts holding 35 people???

  6. Completely agree with you Howard. The government leaders of Canada and America are traitorous criminals.

  7. You are right. It is an international cabal that is promoting this unlimited movement of people from one country to another. Open borders are a program to destroy western culture. The Biden administration is doing the bidding of Soros and other extreme leftist communists. Couple this with the transgender movement and unlimited abortion and you will end up with the elimination of native-born populations in both Canada and the US. The end of culture as we know it.

  8. Geez, Howard, you couldn’t have said this any better. My thoughts exactly. We are being over run by these illegal immigrants who have no respect for our Country and never will. Our politiciams should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Especially TRUDEAU and his gang of criminals!!! We are running out of space, shelters and eventually food as we become more overburdened. This is so SAD!!! We’re losing Canada as a country as we know it.

  9. I am very down today. Yesterday’s polling in Canada shows support for Liberals and Conservatives tied at 33%. How is it possible that 33% of the Canadian voters will still vote for the Marxist Liberal Government? How is it possible to be that stupid, after all the scandals, lockdowns, carbon tax, unaccountable spending, etc? Is there someone out there who can explain this to me?

  10. The pathetic little puke Turd-o will retain a minority government as long as he can count on the support of the equally pathetic clown Jagmeet Singh and the brain-dead idiots who vote NDP. Our parliamentary system practically ensures this illogical arrangement of power. It’s time we became a constitutional republic like our neighbors to the south. America became great because its system of government has always been greater than any other.

  11. Bussing these illegals north is perhaps what Canada should do aksi – bus them further north & drop them off. Do a search for UN/State Dept working together to bring those illegals to the US southern border. UN lures them, US State Dept pays for it (taxpayers paying to be invaded). It’s all part of agenda to destroy sovereignty & all moral/ethical values. Wealthy are sheltered & care NOTHING for those not in the 1% of wealth/power. Wealthy vs rest of us. We outnumber them so WE FIGHT BACK.

  12. Mayor Adams is bussing the illegals to Plattsburgh??? Is that the same Mayor Adams from NYC that can’t stop tapping about Governor Abbott of Texas bussing illegals to his “sanctuary city”. Really?

  13. Hungary has got it right – they don’t let any of those invaders in. They don’t/won’t assimilate, or we wouldn’t need every form in a zillion languages. Or interpreters. We could save a fortune if we weren’t translating everything. What happened to learning the language when you move to a new country? Instead, they have no-go zones that citizens aren’t allowed in (unless they’re part of the preferred group).

  14. The left wing media and educators in Canada call them “asylum seekers “. Its a term that is not up for debate , unless you want to be classified as a racist , etc , etc. The governments’ useful idiots now rule the hen house in Canada. . Some democracy. I wouldn’t call it too healthy right now.

  15. 100% agree with you Howard this is all with intention and planning and when complete to create chaos and unrest. And in doing that they hope to take ultimate control what a shame my family like yours went through all the proper procedures to immigrate to this country, and have worked hard and labour loved and lost, however we continue to look up. Our redemption is nigh. God bless you.

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