A World Of Whores & We Don’t Get A Kiss


I Watched with Revulsion, as the Cameras Scanned the Members of Congress Prior to the Entrance of Biden, to the Congressional (House) Chamber, Where the Liar-In-Chief was to Deliver his second State of the Union Address.

What I Saw was a Gaggle of Some of the Most Reprehensible People One Can Imagine in Government, who are Trusted to Guide & Manage the Entire Lives of the American People and the Future of the Planet.

I Saw Hypocrites, Liars, Cheats & Congressional Lifers, who Long Ago Forgot what their Purpose was in Government. I Saw the Source of all that is Destroying the Foundation of the Freedoms of the American People.

I Saw Political Jackals Jumping to their Feet, Giving Wild Applause to the Most Inane Statements Made by the Most Corrupt President, as if the State of the Union Address was Some Kind of a Reality Television Entertainment Show.

I Saw Greed, Incompetence, Corruption & Narcissism On Full Display.


If The Left Hates Trump With That Much Gusto – That’s Enough Reason For Trump 47.

I Saw the Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rebuttal to the Liar-In-Chief’s State of the Union Address, which I Thought was Really Good & Spot-On . . . And That Was It. Then I saw Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax, Right After the Huckabee Sanders Rebuttal.

Before I Progress Any Further . . . For the Record, as I’ve Written Many Times – I Don’t Like Alan Dershowitz & Never Have.

To Me – Alan Dershowitz is a Self-Serving Passive-Aggressive Hypocrite, who Craves the Spotlight and the Sound of his Own Voice, Almost More than Anything. And Even Though Dershowitz Claims to be an Independent Liberal, who Sees the Side of all Arguments . . . If CNN would Welcome Dershowitz Back to their LEFTIST Fold, Dershowitz Would Break A Land-Speed-Record Getting Back To His LEFTIST Safe Space.

So – When the Host of Newsmax Asked Dershowitz what Dershowitz Thought about Huckabee Sanders’ Rebuttal to the State of the Union Address . . . For No Reason, and with No Prompting, Dershowitz Leveled this Unsolicited & Unwarranted Attack on Donald Trump, EXPLAINING WITH GLEE – How Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Ended Trump’s Push To Win The Republican Primary By Making Trump Inconsequential.

Because I Have Such A Poor Opinion Of Dershowitz . . . I Didn’t Think Of It Either Way.

But Then A Woman From Houston Texas, with Whom I Developed a Great Email Friendship over the Years, Wrote to me with a Link to a “War Room” Podcast . . . That Featured Lou Dobbs With Steve Bannon – Streamed On Rumble.

I Like Lou Dobbs – Even When Dobbs Was On CNN.

Unlike Dershowitz – Dobbs Tore a Piece out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Excluding President Trump from her Rebuttal, Since Trump Made Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Household Name that Got her Elected Governor of Arkansas.

In A Simple Statement – Dershowitz Was His Usual Piggish-Self & Dobbs Was Right.

It’s Fascinating . . . How So Many Previously Pro-Trumpers were Outraged at the Mainstream Media, Social-Media, Justice Department, FBI, Voting Irregularities with Drop Boxes, Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, No Voter ID, Ballot Harvesting & Deeply Suspect Voting Machines . . . All Of Which Cost President Trump The 2020 Presidential Election.

What’s Even More Unexplainable . . . is How the People who Loved Trump when Trump Electrified America by Following Through on all His Promises, Now Hate Trump, who are Blaming the Former President for Losing The 2020 Election . . . After Knowing Full-Well About The Rigged 2020 Vote.

Even Though President Trump Won the Most Number of Votes EVER – for an Incumbent President in a Reelection Presidential Campaign, Against a Doddering Old Fool, who was a Known Liar, Plagiarist, & Bullshitter, who Almost Never Left the Privacy of his Basement During the Campaign, and Rarely Ever Gave Media Interviews, Especially to a Non Biased Media . . . Who Was Known For His Self-Admitted Corruption (Ukraine) As Obama’s Vice President . . . Biden Won By Hook & Crook.

And Just To Add . . . The RINOS, Along with Republicans who have Been Duped to Blame Trump For The Republican’s 2022 Interim Election Fiasco . . . It’s Quite Remarkable How Everyone Ignores the FACT that RINOS Like Mitch McConnell who Held-Back Money from Trump-Endorsed Candidates, as well as Actually Campaigning Against the Same . . . Received No Blame.

Even Though The RINOS, Never-Trumpers, Media & Insiders Did all they Could to Screw-Over Trump’s Picks for the 2022 Debacle . . . The Republicans Still Won More National Votes Overall.

And To Stick-It To The Never-Trumpers & Trump-Haters . . . In Spite of the FACT that Only Newsmax TV Carries Trump’s Message & Rallies . . . and that they’ve Been Kicked off DirecTV for Being so Pro-Trump . . . Every Poll Shows That Trump Is Still Well Ahead Of The Pack To Win The 2024 Primary.

So . . . Before The Never Trumpers Get Too Excited – Just Remember Who The LEFT Couldn’t Crush In-Spite of their Best Nefarious Efforts.


Why Were The Black Parents Of The Black Murder Victim Tyre Nichols . . . who was Beaten to Death by Five Black Memphis Tennessee Police Officers, who were Under the Command of their Black Female Police Chief . . . Feted As Honored Guests Of Joe Biden At The State Of The Union Address?

Just As An Aside . . . Cerelyn Davis is the Black Female Police Chief of Memphis Tennessee, Who Was Fired From The City Of Atlanta In 2008 For Corruption, where Davis Held a Prestigious Position in the Atlanta Police Department.

Now How Racist Is This?

The LEFT and the Media Tried to Somehow Blame the Murder of Tyre Nichols on White People, Even Though all the Players in the Death of Nichols, from the Five Black Cops to the Female Black Police Chief who Created the Violent Scorpion Squad were Black?

Why Didn’t Biden Have the Families of Murdered Black, Latino, Asian & White Police Officers, who were Murdered MOSTLY By Black Thugs . . . as his Guest at the State of the Union Address?

Just Think How Nice Life Could Be Without The Politicians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I can’t understand how Dershowitz can still support the Democrat Party. They are not the old liberal Democrats. As a cis white male there is no way Dershowitz could be a student in Harvard Law School and he could never be a Professor of Law unless he decided to change his gender or colour. Biden and the Democrats are dividing the country. I just hope more people realize it before the next election. Go Trump Go.

  2. Amen to that. Life without politicians, that would be heaven.

  3. If Hitler came back to life and looked at America & Britain, he would think he had won the war.

  4. The last line says it all!!! Life would be so much better without politicions!!!!!! They have to be the most underhanded, vile monsters on the planet.

  5. You are 100% correct! I love how you called out all of the above and those who professed to support Trump, but caved to the idea that he was responsible for losing the election. We need strength and loyalty during this time in our country, not idol worship and feckless fly-by-nights. I’m sharing your editorial with as many as I can. Thank you!!

  6. Take heart in the fact that his State of the Union Address had the lowest total audience recorded in over 30 years of keeping records & was down 29% from last year. ABC had the biggest over the air audience but failed to reach 5 million homes; that’s my benchmark for a BIG audience. I was fast asleep at 8 PM. Dick Bouchard WNRI

  7. While reading about politicians, I had a 1-second vision of the Capital Bldg blowing up. (I would exclude the 20 GOP stand-their-ground reps + a few others (i.e., MTGreen). Immediately put that out of my mind, but there are times we just need a “do-over”.

  8. Politics is like Prostitution, if you have money for them they love you, if not, go away. Just like Lawyers, Prostitutes go to the highest bidder. I ran into some friends that my wife and I play golf with. She saw my Trump 2024 hat and immediately told me how she hated him, I responded, “I did not know you knew him personally.” How could you hate someone that you do not know that had this country on such a good path. Yes, he shared his views openly but how do you like our country now, in shamb

  9. Respectfully , i beg to differ. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Ron Desantis are up and coming NON RINO Conservative all stars. I believe you don’t have to be classified as a 100% “ trump hater “ , rino , or both , if you no longer support DJT. There are others that will MAGA without all the egotistical bluster. Thank you DJT , but time to move on. If Biden decides to re run , a next gen republican opponent will crush him and the dems. Unity and MAGA can happen without the bluster.

  10. To paraphrase Thomas Sowell: “The gum-met is self-serving entity.” Congress is the head of that snake!!

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