Will McCarthy Survive? – Will The Republicans Survive?


Is It Time To Burn-Down The House?

Perhaps . . . More Than – Do Republicans Deserve To Survive? The Real Question Should Be . . . Does The Current Political System Deserve To Survive?


It seems to Me that the Vast Majority of the Media, Including Many within the Pro-Republican Media are Either Missing the Point, or Purposefully Avoiding it Completely.


I Started Writing this Before the Vote on Whether McCarthy Gets the Gavel or Not, since it Doesn’t Really Matter, Given the Fact, Truth & History of How Republicans Surrendered their Oath of Honest Service to their Voters for Prestige, Perks and the Power of Government.


And This Isn’t Just About America . . . We’ve All Allowed Ourselves To Be Highjacked.

Our Two Nations (The USA & Canada) Are Not In The Mess We’re In Today Because Our Systems Are Working So Well. To the Contrary, we’re all in a Politically Unsustainable Debt & Serious Threat to all of our Freedoms, BECAUSE of How our Political Process Chooses our Governments & How our Government Employees (Politicians & Bureaucrats) Have Very Little to Absolutely No Accountability to the People.

Whoever Holds The Gavel . . . Will Change Nothing.

It Wasn’t Always Like This. I Remember a Time in Canada when Members of Government, Especially Cabinet Ministers, would Resign in Disgrace if his or her Ministry Failed at Accomplishing its Trust to the People.

I Remember A Time In The United States Of America, when being Caught Lying in Congress (House & Senate & To The People) was a Reason for Great Shame . . . Today It’s Just Called Politicking.

I Also Remember When In Both Countries . . . Politics was Adversarial, When each Party Held the Feet of the Opposition to the Fire, Guaranteeing a More Honest & Robust Government. But Not Anymore – Today, It’s Them Against Us . . . Yet “Us” is We the People Who Pay the Freight.

Today . . . Opposing Members Of Government Refer To Each Other As My Good Friend, which is Unsettling, since the Voters Never Elected their Members . . .  Be Them Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats Or Republicans To Become Good Friends.

Government Isn’t College Fraternities, Sororities Or Sleep-Away Camp.

Our Politicians were Elected by the People for the Exclusive Purpose of Providing Good Governance as the Representatives of the People Who Voted for Them.

When Barack Obama so Miserably Said about Private Enterprise (Capitalism) “You Didn’t Build That”, Little Did Most People Realize that Obama was Seriously Parroting the Axiom of Marxist Ideology.

Today . . . Scurrilous Characters like Obama, Biden, the Pelosis, the Clintons & Millions of Others Just like them . . . Didn’t Build The Obscene Wealth They Lord Over The People, it was We the People Who Built What they Took in their Name of Elitist Socialism (Communism).

And Who In Republican Leadership Stopped That From Happening?

It Is We The People Who Keep The Wheel Turning, and it is Them the Politicians, Bureaucrats, the New Corporate Robber Barons & Social Insiders who Feed off our Flesh like the Parasites they are . . . All In Lockstep Together.

They Are Jackals Feeding Off Our Flesh – Getting Rich Off Our Blood & Treasure.

It’s Not Going to Make a Difference Who Holds the Gavel in the House as Long as the System Continues as is. If McCarthy Gets The Gavel What Changes?


It’s Time For The Great Reset . . . But Not The Way The Communists Envision It.

When Communist Supporters like Canada’s Justin Trudeau Continue to Feed-Off the People and the Permanent Unelected Bureaucrats (Deep State) Continue to be Unanswerable to the People . . . And as Long as the People are Civically Dumbed-Down by Academia and a Propagandized Media . . . Nothing Will Change . . . And Everything Will Continue To Get Worse.

America Has An Easy Solution . . . Go Back To The Constitution. For Canada, It’s More Complicated.

I Have No Idea Who Will Lead The Republicans (Probably McCarthy), but What I Do Know, is that the System has Become so Broken because of the Way we Have Allowed our Educators to Destroy the Extreme Importance of Learning Civics, History & the Art of Debating . . . that Nothing Short of a Real Revolution will Bring our Nations Back to where they Were Before the Politicians Forgot Why they were Sent to Govern.

Perhaps We’re Witnessing The Thin Beginning Of Some Kind Of End For The Insiders.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent Commentary!! With ALL we the people have been through, I would have THOUGHT that the House Republicans could have MET and ‘discussed’ who THEY would choose for Speaker and then with MORE discussion they could have reached a COMPROMISE. But, NO…they could NOT do what they were ELECTED to do with a majority….ACT AS A UNIT BY WORKING TOGETHER. I fear the Democrats will take advantage and RULE THE HOUSE still!! Nothing has changed.

  2. You are so right. McCarthy is part of the Old School Swamp, he needs to go. “I Earned It” is what he is saying even after backing this last Bill. So many of Politicians today are Lawyers in it for what they can get from Lobby, so many have become Rich. It is time for Term Limits, but that will never happen. We are stuck until a Civil War or WWIII happens. At that time things will change quickly, for the better.

  3. Whether McCarthy gets the gavel or not, doesn’t change the fact that this was a complete debacle. This is why the Democrats get away with everything, and the Republicans can do nothing. Dems stick together while Republicans stab each other in the back. How many of those Never-McCarthy Republicans won their seats because of the money he helped raise for them? I think I may have lost my patience and respect for the Republican Party after watching this mess unfold.

  4. Are we witnessing the end for the insiders? Or are we witnessing the end…of us? We have witnessed how the deck has been stacked against us on both sides of the border. Fake news via corrupt and bought media, crooked judicial systems, indoctrinated educators, traiterous military and police, and false leaders like Erin O’Toole in Canada and multiple RINO”s in the US pretending to be our saviors. And of course elections stolen in plain sight. Can our ship really be righted or beyond salvage?

  5. He is a Rino! Puppet of the CFR, WEF, Klaus Schwab One World Elitist Group! in bed with the left.

  6. The real question facing us is; how do these governments get in? Simple! The are voted in! Until we can change the basic tenets of the existing electoral system things will not change. We are not electing Boy Scout troop leaders! But you wouldn’t know it. The majority of the electorate are unqualified to make informed rational decisions when casting their vote. It comes down to a “popularity” contest coupled with a “who is promising me the most”!

  7. No need to worry —— the R’s will figure out a way to screw this up as well. They will NOT listen to us, the grassroots! It is only about more power & money for themselves ——- America be damned!

  8. The Freedom Caucus (now numbering 20) of REAL small-government conservatives in the House are haggling behind the scenes to get some of their reasonable policies adopted by their party. If reason prevails, they will eventually sort it out and the House will get down to the serious business of holding the Dem-rats acccountable for their greed, negligence and outright contempt for the American people. I fear, however, that the GOP will do what it does best – snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  9. I think we have reached the point as a society where we need to be less interested with materialism, making a buck and time-wasting internet garbage, and more involved with our children, communities, institutions, schools and govt. We see what happens when we get busy and leave our youth and organizations to the hands of communist govt and administrators. We need to fight now to re-educate ourselves and get what is important back.

  10. I have thought for a long time (hoping I was wrong) nothing will change in washington till the financial markets which are an evil charade IMHO collapse under their own weight.When I see McCarthy chatting with the reprehensible Frank Luntz and back stabbing Mick Mulvaney im ready to tune the whole thing out ..We are headed for a reset,whether its for good or bad we shall see.

  11. Six House votes so far & McCarthy’s highest # of votes was 203. Yes, 20 ultra conservatives espouse new rules some of which McCarthy agreed to. I heard “term limits” mentioned on at least 2 occasions when a representative put forth a nomination for someone other than McCarthy (last being Donalds whom I’ve never heard of but is popular in the Freedom Caucus). The Dems are unified behind one of their members & raucous about it to ‘highlight’ division in GOP. No clue how this will finally end

  12. As I say, vote an honest person(?) into a position controlled by dishonest people. Appears a person wanting wealth only needs to convince the people to elect them, and within a short time they are millionaires wanting more. Voting now is so corrupt, that as you have quoted history, the only route is revolution. Mr. Trump having used the corrupt system has convinced us he has risen above that and is willing to help set things right. God help the USA and Canada we the people. Thanks Mr. G.

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