Until American Elections Are Made Real . . .


Lest We Forget Those Who Gave Us Freedom. . .


Here’s the Bottom Line. At the End of the Day, Everyone Knows who Won & Nobody Cares who Lost Except the Losers. And No Matter By How Much the Winners Won & By How Much the Losers Lost – It Makes No Appreciable Difference.

Whether the Republicans Take the House with a One Seat Majority or a 50 Seat Majority . . . The Republicans Will Still Be In The Majority & In Full Charge Of The Country’s Political Agenda, Spending, Committees & Investigations.

So Why Don’t They Just Take The Win & Go To Work?


Just Like Pelosi Wouldn’t Allow Certain Republicans to Sit on Committees . . . What Was Good for the Goose will be No Less be Good for the Gander.

If It Will Be Kevin McCarthy As The Speaker . . . He Better Grow A Pair Real Quick, Because if McCarthy or Whomever will be the Speaker Doesn’t Give as Good As He Got Under Pelosi . . . This Will Indeed End The Republican Party & End The Future Of The United States Of America As A Free Nation . . . Unlike Any Nation Before-It.

As Sickening As It Is To Remember, Just Look at How Much Damage Nancy Pelosi Did with a Razor Thin Majority Over the Past Few Years. Now Just Think How Much Good the Republican Majority Speaker will be Able to Do Over the Next Two Years.


I’m Not Writing About My Life . . . I’m Writing About The Future Of Our World.

Specifically – When I Write The Future Of Our World – I’m Not Writing About Europe, Asia, Africa – Etc . . . I’m Writing About the United States of America, Canada & Israel.

As For The Rest Of The World, they Have my Best Wishes, but Not my Commitment or Sacrifice, Since a Great Deal of the Misery We’re Feeling in North America and the Danger Faced by Israel Every Day . . . Is 100% Attributable To The Global Society, which is Purposefully Ruining What we Worked to Have Acquired Over Dozens of Generations.


The November 8, 2022 Results Weren’t A Game Of Horseshoes – Close Doesn’t Count For Beans.

The Republicans Can Stop Blaming Trump, Because Trump Was No More Responsible for the November 8, 2022 Outcome, than DeSantis was Responsible for the Last Two Hurricanes that Hit Florida.

TO QUOTE MARK TWAIN AS I’VE DONE IN THE PAST – “Don’t Start A Fight With A Man Who Buys Ink By The Barrel” . . . In Other Words – it Wasn’t the Fault of Trump or Bad Republican Candidates, Because, If That Was All That It Was, the Democrats Had Much Worse Candidates Throughout America.


And Now . . . Nancy Pelosi Is Dancing A Jig, Watching the Republican NEVER-Trumpers Pile Onto the ONLY Person in America who Can Change the Swamp & Took a Beating Like No-One Else I Can Think-Of.

What Fools We Are Who Take Defeat As Victory . . . And Victory As Defeat.

Pelosi and her Global Cadre of Communist One World Government Advocates Have Perhaps Finally Pulled-It-Off & Dug the Last Dagger Into the Back of America’s Champion, After Spending More Money than Imaginable to Destroy America’s Lone Guardian at the Gate (Trump), And There Are American Republicans Who Are Rejoicing.


We Didn’t Escape the Vengeance of the Last Hurricane (Nicole), so I’m Writing this Editorial in the Cramped Front Seat of my F250, which is No Joy to Do. And if the Power Doesn’t Come Back-On Soon, I Really Don’t Want to Spend the Money, but it Looks Like Anne & I Will be Going Generator Shopping.

We Are OK. & I’m Sure The Power Will Be Back On Soon.

In The Meantime – I’m Sending This Editorial By Use of an iPhone Hot Spot. And at my Very First Opportunity, I Will Expand Upon what I Just Wrote About the Betrayal to Trump with my Own Personal Experiences.

When You’re Winning, You’re A Hero – When You’re Not, You’ll See Who Your Friends Are.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am afraid the R’s will do as they have always done: Just roll-over and say “We must be nice to our partners across the aisle” —— as opposed to the destruction the D’s have brought to our freedoms!

  2. Glad you made it to the great Freedom State of Florida. Keep safe! The current storm is because of Global Warning. Must be true because Biden and Trudope just said so.🤣 Sorry, I don’t agree with you about Trump. He is now caustic, and needs to go away. Walker needs to win PA, but if Trump pokes his nose in there again, he will lose. In the meantime, the crooks in AZ and NV are still doing what they always do! Republicans had 2 years to fix this mess, and failed!

  3. As has been in the past, the election is a joke. No accountability for those who cheat. Media is a big problem as they can say, lie, exaggerate or do what ever without repercussions. Now a judge says Biden can not forgive college loans, after the fact, we knew it was a lie to begin with but he said it anyway to change the election, which it did. Mail in votes are still being counted in NV and AZ, how many are fraud. Time for a Civil Action against Washington to rid us of all the liars and idiot

  4. What is obvious is the democrat’s and some rinos are hell bend to destroys Trump. What does that mean or say?

  5. Thank you for posting. Glad both of you are OK. Hoping you regain electricity real soon.

  6. Never underestimate media’s control over the public psyche. It is a drug that takes full, cold turkey breakaway in order to cleanse oneself of its manipulations. Most people are too unaware, too intellectually lazy, too comfortable and too far gone to veer off its destructive path. Election results are mostly always predictable and rarely surprising. Watching one hour of mainstream media and knowing the easiest common denominator of any issue will tell precisely how people think.

  7. Trump knows what is going on better than DeSantis does. DeSantis is a young man and has made a commitment to FLA for 4 years. We need more than 4 more years of control to get things straightened out. If Trump runs I will vote for him in the primaries. We need to keep DeSantis for the following 8 years. What is wrong with the Republicans? Can’t they see that? We have a great lineup of Republicans in the wings. We need a ‘Junk Yard Dog’ in right now to get it going. We can clean up later.

  8. I love Trump, appreciate all he did to MAGA, and know he is probably the only one to right the ship. But I do wish he would lay off criticizing DeSantis. DeSantis is a great leader in his own right. Such behavior makes Trump look petty and maybe even a bit envious of all the attention DeSantis has garnered the past 2-3 years. It is also not good for the GOP. We need some unity amongst the GOP and save the offensive weaponry for use against the Dems! When will we learn?

  9. Haven’t we been here before? When Trump won the Presidency in 2016, he had a Republican Congress and Senate. They could have accomplished so much during those 2 years, but who was speaker of the house, the turncoat RINO Paul Ryan. I hope McCarthy doesn’t turn out to be another Ryan, otherwise that country is screwed.

  10. You are SPOT ON, Mr. G. Trump has The Hammer and can do the most damage as President. Watching the mealy mouth media and the PHONY supposedly Trump Supporters DUMP ON HIM has me fuming. That is why the country is in the shape it is. The public is too easily swayed. I will support Trump as President for 2024. DeSantis is still TOO GREEN. However; the Demorats FIXED this election again….ie: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada,etc. Get rid of those machines, they are FIXED. MYPOV.

  11. my concern how is this going to effect/affect Pierre Poilievre’s efforts across Canada

  12. I also echo Lee Norman. Unless Scalise, Jordan or someone of that ilk somehow gets the gavel, McCarthy will do the same old same old of the Republicans. After all, gotta get approbation from the media, and the invitations to all the DC parties. “See. We are the good guys.” (Without cohones!)

  13. I too would rather see Jim Jordan as Speaker; he pulls no punches. I personally feel McCarthy would be another Paul Ryan. It’s time for true Constitutional conservatives to hold the gavel & make decisions based on the Constitution. Too bad We The People don’t get to vote on Speaker. Congress is lazy, passed parts of their job to Administration’s 3-letter agencies years ago. So instead of LAWS, they govern using Rules which they enforce. Our gov’t is so messed up due to lazy career politician

  14. Back in the earlier comments, a writer noted that De Santis should stay the course. That is absolutely true. He’s a young man who will have scads of time to consider a run to be POTUS. I don’t suggest this to increase DJTs chances for the GOP nomination, I say it because De Santis has taken Florida to a great spot in the last few years, and he needs to keep the state there for several more years until conservatism is fully entrenched.

  15. Trump criticising DeSantis & Fox, very negative. DeSantis is no threat, just a 2028 President in waiting. MSM has much to answer for & mostly Demorats too. Jim Jordan, no nonsense man would be best choice for Speaker. Meanwhile our despot is staying well away from the spotlight, jaunting around S.E.Asia having a good time, with his climate changing junket at taxpayers expense. Sophie represented JT at Ceremony in Ottawa today training next Trudeau PM by her side but he doesn’t have nice hair.

  16. Trump was and is the best thing the USA has to fight the Global Cabal – dump him at your peril. It would be conceding to the communists. EXACTLY what they must have to beat you up!

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