Why We Don’t Take American Express USA


A Stroke Is A Serious Health Issue . . . I Know, Because About 10-Years Ago I Was There Too.

But I Was Lucky, The Stroke I Suffered Didn’t Render Me Incapable. I Had Cognitive Difficulties. I had Limited Problems Speaking & Even Working My Computer Keyboard. And I was Not Totally Capable of Driving & Working with Even Modestly Dangerous Equipment.

I Count My Blessings . . . Because That Was The Worst Of It. And Even Today, I Follow a Better Diet & Live with Preventative Medication. But Always – in the Back of My Mind, Lingers the Worry that it Can Happen Again.

I Could Wretch Watching & Listening To Fake Kiss-Ass Conservatives . . . Showing their Incredible Sympathy for the “Poor” Senatorial Pennsylvania Candidate (Fetterman) who is Recovering from a Stroke, as if Having Survived a Stroke Gives Fetterman Some Kind of Privilege.


Stroke Or No Stroke . . . Save Your Sympathy for all the People who are Getting Creamed by Political Bastards like John Fetterman, who’s Been Sucking on the Public Teat of the Taxpayers for Years.

And If You Want To Really Feel Sorry . . . How About Feeling Sorry for the Dupes Who’ve Already Voted for Fetterman before the Debate . . . and Even More-So for the Stupid People who are Going to Vote for a Demented Man Whose best Attribute, Stroke Or No Stroke, Is Being The Purveyor Of A Big Lie & An Imbecile Even Before The Stroke . . . Who Wants To Tear Apart The American Dream.

In 2018 Fetterman Publicly Said . . . “I Never Supported Fracking & Never Will” . . . Until the Debate with Dr Oz on October 25, 2022 . . . when Fetterman Said – “I Always Supported Fracking”.


How Sorry Do You Feel For A Man Who Could So Cavalierly Suck & Blow At The Same Time?


So Save The Phony Pity-Party For People Who Deserve-It.


Years Ago, PayPal Played Fast & Loose with Galganov.com, because PayPal Decided to Restrict the Cash Payments of Conservative Web Sites, such as Galganov.com and Many Others, Including Websites that Sold Firearms & Ammunition . . . So Galganov.com Told PayPal Were To Go.

And We Weren’t The Only Ones.

The Fiasco with PayPal, in Terms of Refunded Dollars we Returned to our Supporters, Plus the Rebuilding Cost for our Credit Card Collection Service and the Real Loss of Revenue over a Period of Several Months . . .  Cost Galganov.Com About $10,000 Until we were Able to Establish a Business Relationship with Moneris, the Credit Card Collection Corporation, Co-Owned by Two of Canada’s Largest Banks (Royal Bank Of Canada & The Bank Of Montreal).

As It Turned-Out, Moneris was a Far Better Service . . . More Professional & Less Expensive an Alternative to PayPal. In Essence . . . PayPal Did Us A Favor. However, as Good as Moneris is, Moneris Accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express in Canada.

Moneris Also Accepts Visa & Mastercard in the United States of America . . . But Does Not Automatically Accept American Express Or The Discover Card From The USA, which is Only Slightly Problematic, since Very Few of our American Supporters use Either the Discover or American Express Cards.

But Out Of Convenience For Our American Supporters We Asked Moneris . . . How Can we Arrange to Accept Discover and the US American Express Card?

This Is What We Were Told By Moneris.

Moneris has No Working Relationship with Discover, at least Not for Online “Purchasing”. As for American Express – USA, Galganov.com would have to Deal Directly with American Express in America, for AMEX – USA to Authorize Payments to Moneris on the Behalf of Galganov.com.

But we were Warned by the Moneris Representative with Whom we were Speaking, That Unless It Was Absolutely Necessary, We Shouldn’t Even Bother . . . It Just Wouldn’t Be Worth-It.

We Called American Express USA Anyways, And The Moneris Representative Was Right.

Signing Onto American Express USA Was Akin To Jumping Through Hoops, which we were Willing to Do, Until After More than a Half-Hour on the Phone, the American Express Agent said that she Could Not Authorize Payment to Galganov.com through Moneris because of the Nature of Galganov.com. And that she Had To Refer it to a Special Department . . . To Make Certain That Galganov.Com Met Their Special Social Values.


It Took Anne & Myself, Both of us Who were on Speakerphone with AMEX USA . . . About 2-Seconds for us to Tell the AMEX Agent that we were Not Interested in Being Judged or Censored by American Express or by Any Institution.

Thank You For Your Time We Said To The AMEX Agent, But We Won’t Be Judged – Goodbye.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Funny how these major corporations can pick and choose or drop their clientele based on their own wacky, social agendas, but ‘Mom & Pop’ bakeries and business are taken to court and beaten up or molested if not serving someone who might conflict with their personal values. Typical Liberal hypocrisy in action yet again.

  2. I suffered a stroke early this year(probably covid related) but I am very lucky with no defects remaining. However, like you I am vigilant about my health and pray it never happens again. The far left should be prosecuted for their many crimes against all of humanity.

  3. Loved all that you and Anne went thru with AMEX. I have been in a battle with AMEX for appx 2 years in hopes of getting some results of overcharges on my card…..no more card from AMEX and they are willing to forgo the charges that Iam willing to pay. That after being a card holder for 19 years.

  4. Meet their special social values??!!! What the heck!!!??? Sometimes I think I’m just having nightmares and that I’ll wake up and the world will be back to normal. Then I realize that I’m wide awake and totally shocked over all that has happened over the last couple of years and how quickly the world has changed. Wokism is destroying us. We have to remain strong and very vigilant!!!

  5. What happened with AMEX is likely because banks are now using the ESG (environment, social, governance) standard. I read it was for loans to businesses. But perhaps some are using it for any business account. Until we get people in positions of authority (power), this crap will continue and get worse. As for Fetterman – well Dems didn’t see a problem w/Biden’s dementia, so….. Makes them easier to control & do what they’re told I guess. Have a safe trip & hope you don’t run into any issues

  6. Just an “OFF” topic for a while, but whatever happened to Texas as a vacation spot ???? November 8th will decide if I continue to be right and that 80% of sheeples should be barred from voting. I have been proven right with o’biden, turdgrope, queeeebec etc… Have a nice trip you, Anne, and Tavor the dog, and hope it’s not too humid in Florida hence while I thought that was the reason you liked to vacation in Texas !!!! Time to get a new cat to make the family complete again, LOL !!!!

  7. Safe travels. Be careful. Just got back a month ago or so from Allegan Michigan, gas prices are horrendous for traveling by RV.

  8. I do not remember what I just wrote. It was good. I am voting for Mr. Trump I wish him all the best that this time around the nun nuns on the other siide realize he is in there to stay & he is going to do all he can to clean up the mess that they left him. The man will do all he can to repair what has been ruined. God bless you Mr. Trump and y our family. That goes for you and your’s also Howard have a nice vacation you, Anne, and keep close watch of your beauty someone will do their best .

  9. I was in the retail business in the tourist town of Jasper I accepted VISA and MC.THE AMEX people came to see me and asked why I stopped accepting AMEX? I told him that VISA and MC charge me only 1-1/2 % and you want 3-1/2%. I said most people that have an ANEX card will also have either a VISA or a MC so NO LOST SALES. I had also sent my own AMEX card back and canceled it.They think that it’s a privilege to have it and is recognized as a prestigious card…lol Good for you to tell them good

  10. Having had a stroke is a scary time, I was lucky the only residual was numbness in my left arm. I have short term memory loss. I would not even dream of running for anything. The reason I believe they want Fetterman to win is that the Governor can ask him to step down because of health issues and replace him with a REAL Idiot. I cancelled AMEX after fighting with them over charges made by someone else. Took way too many calls being answered by folks I could not understand, language issue.

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