Nothing’s Changed . . . Except The Media Hysteria


Yom Kippur To Jews Everywhere . . . Is The Holiest Of Holy-Days.

Today, October 4, 2022 . . . Is the Day Long Ending of the Jewish New Year Celebration (Rosh Hashanah), which Began this Year on September 25, 2022, when Jews Worldwide Celebrated a New Year Full of Hope & Promise.

For Those Who Don’t Know . . . The Actual Translation of Israel’s National Anthem . . . HATIKVAH – in English, is “THE HOPE”.

Tonight At Sundown . . . Begins the Ending of the Celebration of Rosh Hashanah with the Beginning of Yom Kippur, The Jewish Day Of Atonement & Reflection, when Jews Everywhere Begin to Fast at Sundown for 25-Hours . . . as We Reflect Upon our Past Year, Begging for Forgiveness for our Egregious & Simple Transgressions, While we Stand in Synagogue Facing the Torah Scrolls . . . Before God – As We Outwardly Confess Our Sins & Any Promises We Made That Were Not Kept.

Does This Sound Like A Religion Based On Hate As The Media Portrays Israel?

Because The Full Day Of Atonement (Yom Kippur) . . . Ends Tomorrow on October 5, 2022 At Sundown, I will Not be Writing this Wednesday, since on Yom Kippur, Jews do Not Work. Even though I am Not a Religious Man, I Have Never Labored on Yom Kippur, And I Will Not Start Now.

I Wish The Jewish People An Easy Fast, Serious Reflection & To Be More Virtuous In The New Year.


In Closing This Editorial . . . I Want All The People To Reflect On The Evil Of Politics.

Many of My American Friends Have Bought the Massive Media Propaganda, that President Donald Trump Can’t Possibly Win In 2024, because He is a Bully, a Braggart & Spends Too Much Time Defaming & Insulting those He Disagrees With.

But What All My Friends Share In Common Is . . . Trump was the Best President in their Lifetimes, in Terms of EVERYTHING . . . from the Economy, Border Security, NATO, International Treaties, Global Security – Plus – Plus – Plus . . . Promises Made – Promises Kept.

What Is Incredible To Me . . . Is – Aren’t the Things that are Turning-Off My Friends Today, Literally the Exact Same Things Trump was Hammered for in 2015 During the Primaries, and then in 2016 During the Election?

The Only Difference As I See-It . . . Is that During the 2015 Primaries, there were Some Really Bad Republican (RINOS) Candidates, while Today – BECAUSE of President Trump, there are Some Really Great Conservative Candidates Starting with Ron DeSantis, Mike Pompeo & Nikki Haley . . . All Of Whom Are Thus Positioned To Run & Win The Primary In 2023 For The Election Year Of 2024 If Trump Doesn’t Run.

Say Whatever You Want About The Aforementioned. But Had it Not Been for President Donald Trump, the Three of them Would Not be the Household Names they are Today.

The Above Mentioned Would All Be Fabulous Choices . . . But They’re Not Trump.

Trump Has Not Changed . . . Trump is the Same Man He Was When He Came Down His Escalator with First Lady Melania Trump – On June 16, 2015 . . . An Escalator Ride That Changed The World.

The Only Real Difference Today, Opposed To June 16, 2015 – is that Today, we Know an Awful Lot More About the Swamp, the Deep State, the Propagandized Legacy & Social Media, and the Politicized Weaponization of the Departments of Justice, FBI, IRS – Etc.

Because of Trump, we Also have a Far Greater Understanding of the Uni-Government, Socialism (Communism) in the United States of America and the Horrific Threat of a One World Government.

As Much As My Friends Have Bought-Into The Negative Propaganda About Trump, they should Know Without Question, that When it will Come to Draining the Swamp, No One will Do it Better than President Donald Trump, Just as No One will be Able to Rescue America and the World with the Speed & Efficiency Trump has Already Proved Beyond any Shadow of Doubt that He Can-Do.


Why Doesn’t Trump Finance The Republican Candidates He Has Endorsed?

What a Foolish Indictment Against President Donald Trump, since Trump is Not the Republican Party – And Thus Far . . . Not Even A Candidate For Anything. If this is a Fair Question & Expectation About Trump, then Isn’t it Fair to Suggest the Same Thing from Individuals who Endorsed any Candidate?

And Doesn’t It Seem Strange . . . that the Same People Criticizing Trump for Not Financing Candidates He Has Endorsed . . . No One Is Thanking Trump for the Millions of Dollars Trump is Spending on Rallies Throughout the Country Where Trump Personally Organizes to Promote Many of the Candidates of His Choice . . . And the MAGA Platform that Will Carry the Republicans to a Massive Victory on November 8, 2022?

Today Is The Jewish Day Of Reflection . . . Maybe We Should All Take Some Time & Reflect.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Say Whatever You Want About [Desantis, Pompeo, Haley]. But Had it Not Been for President Donald Trump, the Three of them Would Not be the Household Names they are Today.” Very true, Howard. But in the spirit of Judaism, Moses led our people out of Egypt and wandered with them in the desert for 40 years on the way to the Promised Land. Moses died just before our ancestors went into Israel. Moses never made it to the Promised Land but he led us there. Have an easy fast. G’mar Chatima Tova.

  2. We live in northern Idaho and we have to go into Spokane at times. A while back, my wife was stopped at a stop light and one of the panhandle guys started to come up to my wife. When she goes anywhere she takes our 105 pound Burmese Mountain Dod who was in the back of our SUV and let the guy know not to mess with his Mom. Needless to say he went away very quickly when he saw Bodie. Loved it. It is a shame nice people have to put up with those people

  3. Interesting that you have “friends “ who hate Trump. I have eliminated all of the Trump Haters from my life. I don’t need them, in fact life is so much better without them. I have also eliminated anyone who supports Trudope and his Commie friends. Can’t fix stupid so quit trying. Move on and make friends with those who share your values!

  4. I wish you a positive day of atonement and at this time thank you again for all your wonderful editorials which so very often exactly reflect my thinking ! It’s so nice to have one’s feelings confirmed by someone who is so well versed on history and all things political. Bless your hearts and enjoy your day off from politics and other depressing things. From your friend who spent 19 years on Sanibel Island but is happily living near my Atlanta family. My heart goes out to all in SW Florida.

  5. re: “Today Is The Jewish Day Of Reflection . . . Maybe We Should All Take Some Time & Reflect.” AMEN!

  6. God bless you Howard. Reflecting on our sins is a hard task because we have to admit we are flawed to ourselves. It always makes me a better person. Makes me think before I act. Always feels better when God forgives.

  7. Nikki Haley is a backstabber where President Trump is concerned. I find her to be a self promoting politician who says what sounds good at the time, even when it is anti-Trump. She is no better than McConnell or Graham in my book. I’ve No use at all for her.

  8. Bless you, Howard. The news gets worse and worse every day. The idiot patrol in DC is giving all of our arms away (it isn’t generosity – it’s to disarm us, IMO), selling our strategic oil reserves to China, and probably other equally egregious sins that we just don’t know about. His project now seems to be making Putin angry enough to let the nukes fly. “I Want All The People To Reflect On The Evil Of Politics,” which is what I will be doing. Blessings to you, Anne, and Tavor!

  9. Totally agree on Trump, except for one thing. His major plank was to build the wall. He failed totally and I think people will remember that next time around.

  10. He did not fail to build the Wall, RINOs put up road blocks to prevent the completion of the Wall. In Politics the only friends you have are the ones that you trade favors with. Its is like a Gypsy Camp in Washington, you must be a Prostitute to stay in power. I do not personally know DJT, but I like what he did for our country. His style is a little abrasive but things get done unlike others who sold their Souls to the Devil to get where they are and will do anything to stay there. God bless DT

  11. I agree with Alma, check out Nikki Haley quitting UN, Trump and then Boeing.

  12. So thankful for your work .Pray that God keeps you and your family safe.You are a very wise man .

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