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If This Is One Of The Worst Storms In 100 Years, What Does It Say About Global Warming Or Climate Change 100-Years Ago?


The LEFT is Out-There Pounding their Chests that this Most Deadly Hurricane (Ian) that Slammed the State of Florida (September 28, 2022) is the Cause of the Use of Fossil Fuels. But at the Same Time . . . Meteorologists are Saying that this is the Worst Storm to Hit Florida . . . In Over 100-Years.

Could Somebody Please Square This Circle For Me . . . Since 100-Years Ago, when there was No Proliferation of Fossil Fuels, the Ridiculous LEFT is Pushing their Narrative for the Halt of Fossil Fuels Right Now, Because Hurricane Ian is Proof that Climate Change is Caused by Internal Combustion Engines, since this is the Worse Hurricane to Hit Florida in at Least 100-Years.

So What Caused As Bad A Hurricane More Than 100-Years Ago If It Wasn’t Fossil Fuels?


Newly Voted-In Leader Of Canada’s Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, Has Dropped His Gauntlet in Terms of What He Intends to Do to Make Canada the Country it Used to Be & Should Be Again.

“We Want Canada To Be The Freest Country In The World” . . . By Poilievre.

We In Canada Also Have A Deep State, Made-Up of Deeply Entrenched Civil Servants & Bureaucrats, which Deliver Enormous Power & Influence Over the Entire Country, Who None Of The People Have Ever Voted For In National Or Even Provincial Elections.

Poilievre Is Not Holding Any Punches . . . In as Much as the Extremely Popular New Conservative Leader, Who Would Win A Landslide Victory . . . if Trudeau would Call an Election Now, which Trudeau Won’t-Do Because Trudeau Doesn’t Want to Have his Ass Kicked from One Side of Canada to the Other . . . Is Targeting The Insiders Who Create All The Roadblocks To Canadian Exceptionalism.

POILIEVRE MAKES IT CLEAR . . . Poilievre will Remove Mountains of Suffocating Regulations to Make Canada the Freest Country in the World, with all Canadians Being Able to Follow their Dreams, Without the Barriers of Government through Unmitigated Bureaucracy.

Poilievre Has Also Made It Clear . . . That Freedom of Expression is Vital for a Society to Prosper Both Financially & Socially . . . and Will Make the Necessary Steps to Keep the Media from Propagandizing Without Consequence.

And in Addition to these Critical Financial & Social Planks in a Very Free & Conservative Mandate He is Presenting to all Canadians, Poilievre Also Believes in the Right for Canadians to Own & Use Firearms WITHOUT Undue Interference by the Government.

And While Speaking Of The Right For Canadians To Own Firearms, the Provinces of Alberta & Saskatchewan, just Announced where Trudeau Can Shove his Illegal Gun Seizures, by Sending the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Cease & Desist Letters Vis-À-Vis Seizing the Guns of Alberta & Saskatchewan Residents.

I Doubt If Canada’s Largest Province (Ontario) Is Going To Follow Suit, since the Conservative Party of Ontario is Called the PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party of Ontario, which Acts More Like Liberals than they Do Like Conservatives.


As We Can See from Recent European & Canadian Elections & Leadership Changes, there is a Firm Movement to the Social Right, that if Ignored by Mainstream Politicians, It Will Be At Their Not-Too-Distant Political Peril.

We’re Living In Rough Times . . . But At Least We’re Heading In The Right Direction.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Worst hurricane for Florida in 100 years, my first thought was not climate change related. I don’t think dinosaurs drove SUVs either.

  2. “In the right direction” indeed. It sounds to me that Mr. Poilievre is Canada’s version of President Trump. I hope his reach is as wide in Canada as it could be. Good luck, Howard.

  3. Hurricanes invariably start off coast of West Africa & build strength as they cross the Atlantic. Right now Tropical Depression “ELEVEN” mid Atlantic could develop into a Hurricane. Cornwall Gun Club under threat with a Petition by local residents, one of their demands is no more use of the club for training by Law Enforcement agencies like OPP, RCMP et al. Ironically some residents are club members. Canadian border mandates expire Oct 1st but the US Border to show proof of jabs still remains

    Anne & I Have Crossed Into the US at Least Half a Dozen Times Within the Last 5-Months, and Not One Time were we Asked About Covid Shots – HG:

  4. Better be careful, so many civil servants have huge voting power with extended families and friends. Which Mike Harris found out. You must use attrition to diminish the horde or they will destroy you.

  5. Like the USA our left wing media just piles on the propaganda. According to them any weather event is now due to global warming. Of course, If they repeat it enough , alot of people begin to believe. In Canada right wing journalists aren’t even allowed to participate in government news conferences and if they do they’re ignored. .True journalism in this country is dead. A democratic left wing mob now rules as a result. Hopefully Pierre can fix it if elected !

  6. You have to remember Howard, in the ’70s, it was going to be a new ice age, in the ’80s it was acid rain, in the ’90s it was Y2K. Between 2000 and 2006, peace and quiet, then in 2006, ali gory’s movie “an inconvenient lie” came out and that’s when global warming started to later become climate change. Before 2006, it was always 21°C, light breeze, had no seasons, and rained between 1:00 AM & 4:00 AM. We had it good before 2006, LOL !!!! I keep saying, 80% sheeples to be denied the right

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t Blame President Trump….And remember when Gore Said That the Polar Ice Caps Were Going To Melt AND NYC will be under water! AND in the 60’s it was said that the Van Allen Radiation Belt was going to ROAST The World!

  8. Davides was correct the “storms” start off the coast of Africa not here because of fosil fuels………. the left be dammed we will get the votes/positions that we need, and sooner than lated dump that moron in DC calling out a woman who was killed in an accident as if she was in the room, impeach the bastard now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Climate change is a funny concept… When politicians and $ are involved – They are going crazy, a glacier is melting… they find stuff dating back a 1,000 years… So the glacier wasn’t there a millenium ago, and now it’s gone… shouldn’t that be a good thing? – Cricket, cricket…

  10. Found Bill Gates, as far back as 2014, began financing geoengineering with aim to block out sun (to be spewed as chem trails from airplanes). Why? To cool the earth down from global warming. Will send link to article. So we’re to use sun & wind for power but Gates wants to block sun? This is what someone with more wealth than sense is like. It will (& likely has) create worse things than we can imagine. Do we need any more evidence of the INSANITY in our world today? Delusional/reprobate minds.

  11. The atmosphere is 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen & 1 %—the remainder– all other gases-argon, neon, SO2, H2O, CO, CO2, helium & so on. Would one of you geniuses please explain how any increase in CO2 is going to condemn the world to eternal hellfire. I’m waiting. And don’t give me that crap about 97% of scientists

  12. A reading of Chapter 16. parts 1 & 2 , titled “The Communism Behind Environmentalism” will inform the the reader that the environmental movement was taken over by communist right at the beginning. This chapter is available for reading online and is part of the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling our World.” Note: the entire book is available for reading online using the Epoch Times link. Climate change is a product of the forgoing.

  13. A couple of the loony Dems said “If you keep us in power we can stop the storms?” They are in power and have caused the worst Storm, Inflation. It is consuming so many folks at the pump, in the stores and probably come TAX time with so many new agents. Amazing, a Gas Leak near Russia? Will Europe suffer a Bad Winter, yes on both accounts. Our Countries are heading down an Abyss with Civil War Looming. Crime has jumped, We are being invaded by Illegals. Stop the Insanity, Vote RED,RED, Red.

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