Where’s The Heterosexual Pride Parade?


I’m Not A Particular Fan Of Serbia . . . But I Applaud The Serbs For Forcing The Closure Of Their Gay Pride Parades.

I See No Reason for the State, any State (Government) to Become Embroiled in Public Displays of Sexuality, As If, How One Chooses to be Sexual is of Any Consequence to Society as a Whole.


Whether This Is Covert Or Overt . . . Gay Pride Parades Are Nothing Short Of Being Culturally Divisive & Destructive.


I Am Not Homophobic – Full Stop . . . Period . . . End Of Discussion!

I Have ZERO Problems with the Sexual Lifestyles Chosen by Adults (18-Years Plus). But I Have a Serious Problem with People who Flaunt their Sexual Life Choices in my Face, as if their Sexual Proclivities are Something I Should Embrace.

And I’m Even More Pissed-Off If My Tax Dollars Are Relegated To Pay For It.

WORSE . . . I am Furious at the Prospect of Adults Inculcating Children to their Sexual Preferences in any Venue . . . Including Religious, Secular, Clubs (Boy Scouts – Girl Guides), Entertainment . . . AND SPECIFICALLY IN ACADEMIA.

I’ve Never Heard an Argument that Answers the Question – Is Homosexuality Or Heterosexuality A Product Of Nature Or Nurture . . . Or Perhaps Both? But To Me – It Really Doesn’t Matter, since One’s Inevitable Choice to be a Heterosexual, Homosexual or Bisexual Person is Meaningless, Because it Is What it Is, and there Have Been & Are Great Men & Women who were and are Gays, Lesbians & Heterosexuals, all of Whom Have Made all Manner of Tremendous Contributions to the Human Condition in Spite of their Sexual Appetite.


Why Should I Be Proud To Be A Heterosexual Any More Than A Man Or A Woman Should Be Proud To Be A Gay Or Lesbian?

There Are No Longer Any Laws As There Used To Be, that Prohibit Non-Heterosexual Relationships in Civilized Countries Worldwide, with the Exception of Some Islamic States . . . So Why Flaunt a Lifestyle that Openly Separates a Small Portion of the Population (Gays & Lesbians) in Places like North America, from the Much Larger Population of Straight North Americans?

And Why Is It So Important For Gays & Lesbians To Promote Their Sexuality To Children, who in Themselves will Discover their Sexual Preference or Preferences as they Explore & Discover the World as they Mature?

Children Do Not Need To Be Brainwashed To Believe Something They Are Not Equipped To Deal With. It is Both Unfair & Morally Wrong . . . to the Point of it Being Child Abuse to Force the Views of an Alternate (Minority) Lifestyle in Violation of the Whims & Wills of the Children’s Parents or Nature Itself.

It Is Also Reprehensible For Children To Be Subjected To Overt Vulgar Sexual Displays By Gays, Lesbians Or Straights.

I Am Not A Prude . . . Nor Am I at all Judgmental of Adults Personal & Private Sexual Preferences on any Side of this Debate . . . Just Saying, for me to Make it Clear from Where I Sit in this Conversation . . .

. . . Years Ago – Anne & I were Invited by a Couple we Really Liked to a Back Yard BBQ/Pool Party at their Home, which we were Really Pleased to Attend. When we Arrived at their Home, they had Already Been Swimming in their Pool, with the BBQ about to be Prepared.

The First Thing Anne & I Noticed . . . was that the Female Host of the Party, who is Really Pretty, Very Well Built, Extremely Welcoming, Sweet & Generous . . . was Dressed in a Bikini that was Literally a G-String, with Not Much Else Left to the Imagination on her Top Either.

You Know What It Feels Like, When you Drive Past a Car Wreck and the Fire Department is Using the Jaws-Of-Life on an Automobile, with a Covered Body on the Road and the Ambulance Medics are Standing-By Waiting for What the Firemen can Pull out of the Car?

You Don’t Want To Look, But Human Nature Is A Pretty Strong Incentive, So You Rubberneck Because You Can’t Help Yourself.


That’s How Anne & I Felt At This Poolside BBQ. Like We Were Rubberneckers. We (I) Didn’t Want to Look at a Friend’s Wife as if she was a Stripper. We were so Uncomfortable being there Under this Circumstance, that I Created a Reason for Anne & I to Leave Before Dessert was Served.

And As Much As Anne & I Liked This Couple . . . We Met Only One More Time After That At A Restaurant.

So . . . Anyone Thinking That I’m Offended At The Thought Of Gays & Lesbians . . . Think Again, Because It has Nothing to Do with Ones Sexual Preference . . . And Everything to Do with One’s Personal & Private Modesty.


The LEFT Are Assaulting All Of Our Cultural Norms (Mores & Moral Values). And If We Don’t End It – They Will Consume Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You hit right. I, like you resent having this meaningless crap being thrown in my face as though it is something holy and special.

  2. Few governments have the balls to prohibit these parades etc. Most should be banned as exhibitionist! To do so would cost them votes you see! The faster we give an enema to our current, antiquated system of gov and selection of members therein, the faster we will end this BS!

  3. The worst part is the distorted messages given to children. It mixes with a child’s natural tendencies and plays with their impressionable minds. The messages today tell youth its cool to be gay, sexually different and so on. It messes with their thoughts and emotions while they are still developing. The whole deal is nothing but emotional, mental and physical child abuse to appease the egos of screwed-up adults. It does not matter how it is painted for public consumption, is a sick agenda.

  4. I wish I had your ability to get so many points across in only a few paragraphs so eloquently. Everything you stated is exactly how I and many others feel. Thanks Howard

  5. You just got to love Howard when he writes headlines such as this one. He always knows how to hit the nail right on its head. And this one is a zinger for which he is well-known how to write!

  6. Your Canadian Tax Dollars, google it: Canada invests $100M in ‘historic’ action plan for 2SLGBT communities. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled the strategy, dubbed “Canada’s first Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan,” at a news conference on Sunday ahead of the Pride parade in Ottawa — the first in-person march after a two-year hiatus due to covid. I guess he doesn’t care about investment in Canada, much needed Health Care, or Farmers & food production & Freeland should respect FREE SPEEC

  7. Agree 100%. All this “in your face” nonsense is getting sickening. If I may correct you, what they fly is NOT a FLAG, it IS a BANNER and should not fly at any occasion but at their activities. They deface public space by painting their rainbows on sidewalks, street crossings and sometimes on buildings. I am not against gays but no Government participation, sponsoring or financial should be happening. 100 million would help our health system a little better Ken.

  8. Flaunting a sexual lifestyle is done by those who feel INSECURE about their sexual preferences. I DID take a Biology course and was taught that there are two main sexes—Male & Female. Of course, a baby is, at times, born with 2 sexual organs where the Doc determines which one is most prevalent & is identified as such. Sexual preferences are PRIVATE and should remain as such! The Problem is that having a Moral Sense no longer exists in America, thus causing its Decline. Pray for America! Amen!

  9. This is a hard subjext, I do not believe children shoudl be told ablout them NOR do I feel they should go into girls bathroons

  10. the more alternative sexuality is shoved down our throats….the more we understand why so many countries and societies suppress it! It does not make for a strong culture and it contributes nothing to the overall society except a motivation to protect the children from it.

  11. Im with you, I do not care what they do in the privacy of their homes, Immorality is here in this country and Hollywood is playing up to it. Many do not believe the “CASTING Couch” stories. Many of the folks who control the actors are Bi Sexual and insist that if you want a job to play their game. It is being shoved in our faces daily in Soaps, Movies, Commercials like it is just normal life, BS. My wife and I turn off the Boob Tube when we see this, just our way of protest. Leave me out of th

  12. Grand Slam! Howard you have the mind and words to not only illuminate…but define and terminate the point and debate. As I read the other comments I am ENCOURAGED that so many (although your followers, LOL) feel that open display and forced sexuality is just wrong ALWAYS. WE have lost SO MUCH in the QUALITY of society and public discourse by focusing on the “inclusion” of the cray cray 1-5% of any issue. As the Founders tried, will of the masses while not being lead by the few.

  13. You are 100% correct, Howard. The communists (Known as liberal democrats in America) will do anything to divide and conquer. Promoting homosexual life styles knowing it will alienate people against each other is just another means to their nefarious objective. Reducing stupidity in the population would be the key, but that is a tall order to fill! We can only hope Darwin was right and natural attrition will set things straight! (OK, pun intended) Nothing against Gays.

  14. You are spot on, Howard. The promotion of Alphabet sexuality is societal suicide. By definition Gays, Lesbians and transgenders do not reproduce (thank heaven). Therefore with fertility rates at less than 2.1 and with most western countries at 1.8 or less cultural suicide is happening. Governments at all levels should not be promoting this calamity. Unfortunately, most of our leadership is composed of people who hate the people and nations (Canada and USA) that they lead

  15. I totally agree with your comments. And I don’t blame you for staring. At the beginning of the Mini Skirt fad I was at a Club. Sitting opposite me was a Woman with practically nothing on from the waist down. She stomped across the room and accused me of staring at her.. I suggested she go home and finish dressing as it would make us all more comfortable. Keep on keeping on!.

  16. What people do in their bedrooms is their business. Bedroom stuff should stay in the bedroom; nobody wants to see that! What is there to be proud of anyway? Put your bedroom fixations away and go watch a regular parade. They’re pretty great especially when there are mistakes made. (I say this as a past member of a high school marching band and veteran of a few rodeo parades.)

  17. Promiscuous buttwranglers and fudgepackers generally get their way because authoritarianism is in their DNA. Like all radical leftists, they’re loud-mouthed, self-rghteous, intolerant and nasty. Soldiers keep it simple: “I want my foxhole buddy to cover, not covet, my ass.” Biological science is clear: Homosexuals obviously cannot multiply. If we want our society to survive, we have to encourage queers to shut up and get back into the closet.

  18. You put into words what I’ve been thinking for years. If the LGBTQ+ want that kind of life, that’s their decision. That does not give them the right to flaunt it or push it on others, especially young children. All the various divisions within this country have been created/pushed for a reason, or multiple reasons – likely all toward a single ultimate goal. We just need to FIGHT it because it’s destroying what we stand for & our countries. We have no clue what a OWO will be, but it ain’t goo

  19. These people talk out of both sides of their mouths. They say on one hand they were born this way so it’s not their fault. Then they march in pride parades to celebrate it. If they were born that way why do they take pride in it as if they accomplished it? It’s one or the other. You can’t have it both ways!

  20. Howard, it looks like you have hit a nerve that many of us are concerned about. I feel that the best way for me to deal with this is to cover it in prayer. Remember what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah? Do we want to end up that way? We need to stop catering to this way of living, not Condon it.

  21. Being in your age group Howard, I am of the same mind. I have a few gay friends who I cherish for who they are to me…caring and kind people. I don’t believe that everything you do and feel needs to turn into a 15 act play! Be who you are and let me be who I am without feeling like I am discriminated against for being hetero female. My niece in Calgary took her 4 kids out of school a few years ago and home schools because she wont subject them to the new nonsense suggested in class. Sad!

  22. Back in the day most people would not be caught having anything to do with these gays, queers, fagots and the like. So now these fagots are trying to convince everyone that they are better than normal people.

  23. As usual Howard you have done a great job of expressing my feelings, on this subject.. I have always wondered what it was they wanted us to be proud of them for.

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