They’ll Kill Him If They Can


As The Romans Feared The Barbarians At The Gate – The Barbarians Gave The Romans Cause To Fear.


The LEFT Never Imagined Donald Trump Would Be The Voice Of Freedom & The Champion Of Real People.

Eventually – Stasi Tactics Failed In East Germany – Just As Did Hitler’s Gestapo & Stalin’s KGB.

As I Wrote In The Title Of This Editorial . . . I Truly Believe & Fear that the LEFT Would Kill Donald Trump if it Meant Keeping President Donald Trump from Re-Winning the Presidency in 2024, which was Stolen from Donald Trump and the 74-Million-Plus Legitimate Voters, who Voted Mostly In-Person for Trump, Opposed to the So-Called 81-Million Mostly Unsolicited Voters By Mail . . . who Claim to Have Voted For a Senile Buffon who Campaigned from his Basement.

The LEFT Know . . . One More Trump Term In The White House Means The Barbarians (Deplorables-Us) Will Breach The Gate.

I Tuned Into The Five On Fox News On Thursday (August 18, 2022) . . . to See What they were Talking-About, and had the Enormous Displeasure of Hearing Jessica Tarlov Rant About Liberals being Called Socialists & Communists by Conservatives.


Fox News Stopped Being A Friend To The Constitutional Republic A Generation Ago, When Fox News Decided to Suck-Up to Both Sides in their Fair & Balanced Hypocrisy, Even Though One Side is Willing to Fight for Freedom & Decency, while the Other Side is Fighting Ruthlessly to Destroy American Freedom & Decency.

I Don’t Like Jessica Tarlov . . . I Never Liked Tarlov – Tarlov Represents The Problem – Not The Solution.

Jessica Tarlov Is An Inconsequential Human Being, who’s Only Significance, is that she is the Poster Girl for the Insidiousness of the LEFT, who are Working Overtime to Destroy the Very Fabric of Everything, that Hard Working People Have Done & Sacrificed to Give this Treacherous Piece of Work and her Ilk the Opportunity to Destroy America from the Inside.

Tarlov Can Cry All She Wants-To About Being Called Bad Names By Conservatives . . . But A Pig With Lipstick Is Still A Pig.


Let Me Put This As Succinctly As I Can . . . Murderers in the Name of Allah (Islamists) Quote the Koran, Where It Says It Is OK To Lie & Deceive Non-Moslems For The Purpose Of Reaching Their End Goal, which to Me is No Different than the LEFT’S (Democrat) Philosophy, Which Dictates That The End Justifies Their Means.

In Good Conscience & Respect To You Who Read What I Write . . . I Couldn’t Possibly Write the Expletives I Hurled at the Television Before I Closed the Channel & Went to Newsmax, which Doesn’t Seem to Play Fast & Loose with the News & Facts, Pretending to be Fair & Balanced, Which Is Everything Fox News Is Not.

If You Listen to What the American Socialists/Communists Have Been Saying & Writing Publicly for Years, They Are Far Too Many Comments For Me To Write About, because it’s a Never Ending Verbal Flow of Lies, Insults & Accusations Against Good People who Only Want to Make a Decent Life for Themselves & Families . . . One Can Puke.

The Following Is Just A Scant Number Of Examples Stated By Liberal (LEFTIST) People Of Influence Against You & Me.

(Paraphrased) – “They Cling To Their Guns & Religion” . . . Barack Obama.

“Republicans Are A Cult In Need To Be Deprogrammed”.

“Basket Of Deplorables” . . . Hillary Clinton.

“GOP More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda & Isis” . . . Former CIA Director General Hayden.

“Republicans Are The Most Nihilistic, Dangerous & Contemptible . . . Nothing (Else Comes) Close” . . . Also Former CIA Director General Hayden.

Attorney General Merrick Garland . . . Defines Concerned Parents As Domestic Terrorists, Because these Parents Don’t Want their Children to be Propagandized, Inculcated & Driven to Sexual Dysphoria in the Name of Communistic WOKENESS.


They Look Down At You & Me . . . But It’s You & Me Who Are The Life-Blood On Which They Survive.

The Preceding Doesn’t Even Begin To Scratch The Surface, Let Alone the Nihilistic Anti-Conservative Propaganda that is Openly Pronounced 24/7 as Facts . . . By Virtually All The Democrats & Their Partnered Legacy & Social-Media.


Let Us Say It Louder & Longer Until they Get The Message.

I’m A Conservative . . . I Have Always Paid My Way & Then Some . . . And I Don’t Want Anyone to Take from Me What I Worked so Hard to Earn for them to Spend as if it was Somehow Theirs.


Boys Are Boys . . . Girls Are Girls & The Rest Can Be Whatever They Want To Be . . . As Long as it is in their Own Mentally Perverted World. I Don’t Want Anyone to Force their Depravity Upon Me or Mine.

I’m White & I’m A Man . . . I am Neither Proud Nor Ashamed of my Skin Color or Gender, Because that’s the Way I was Born. If I was a Woman who was Black, Brown or Yellow . . . I Would Feel No Different – So The LEFT Can Shove Their Racist CRT Up Their Ass.

Don’t Call Me Privileged Because I’m White . . . And I Won’t Call Black People Reprehensible Street-Thugs Because They’re Black.

Anne (My Wife) Is More Worried Than Me, which is Not to Say that I Too Am Not Somewhat Worried that the LEFT will Find (CREATE) Cause to Declare Conservatives Domestic Terrorists and/or Insurrectionists, for the Purpose of Invalidating the November 2022 Midterm Elections, if the LEFT are Convinced they Can’t Win the House and/or the Senate By Hook Or Crook.

I Personally Believe . . . The LEFT (Democrats) will Do Whatever they Can to Steal these Coming Midterm Elections, just as they Stole the 2020 Presidential Election. But this Time, the Republicans who Aren’t RINOS are Far More Prepared.

Even Now . . . We are Hearing & Seeing the Social & Legacy Media Juice-Up the Polls, Showing a Great Rise in Democrat Favor, Where just a Week Ago they were Being Slaughtered, just like the Democrats Juiced-Up the Polls in Favor of Crooked Hillary in 2016 . . . And How Did That Work Out?


Don’t Be Conned . . . The LEFT Is On The Down-Side & Conservatives Are On The Rise.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I want to know if the cost of hiring 85,000 IRS workers will balance with what they collect from us poor citizens. I took bookkeeping in high school, and I can still add 2 x 2. Who the h—- is figuring this out to be a great plan? We are falling deeper and deeper into the biggest hole ever dug by politicians.

  2. You’re right! That has been my biggest fear ever since he (Trump) came down the escalator. Everybody knows what they’re capable of and are willing to do. Evil has no bounds!

  3. I agree with most of your comments except about Fox News. The Five is comprised of 4 Republican/Conservative supporting cohosts and one Democrat supporting guest. Tarlov is a Democrat talking head, and usually gets slaughtered by the other 4. I like this format, as we need to know the “other side” claim and not be kept in the dark. Fox is the Number One cable news channel in the country, and is very much Republican…..Hannity, Ingraham, Waters, Carlson and more….

  4. O’Biden’s Incompetent Administration is trying to kill Trump via their Lies, Attacks, etc… They also act like Little Children & call him names when truly Frustrated! They’ve created a New Vocabulary for their WOKE views to Suit their own Purpose, and forget that Equity begins in the Womb! Payback is a “bit*h”, however, and they will soon “reap what they have sown”! The Grownups [Conservatives] must soon take over in order to Make America Great Again! Go Trump Go! Amen!

  5. Another slam bang to the point!! I have always wondered just what process the Dems went thru be it child or adult brought them into the hate of us conservatives? I can only hope that many if not all of us get off our asses and do what we can to shove what we believe in down the Dems throughts. I’m 88 and can only hope that before God punches my ticket I will see America as it was when I was younger.

  6. Spot on! I agree with everything you said, Howard. Love this article!!!!!!

  7. Spot on Howard. There are not enough colorful metaphors to call the left what they are. RC&SunA

  8. Bad news: 85,000 non experienced new IRS workers under pressure to justify their existence. This will be a disaster for the Dems but unfortunately will not have tangible negative results until way after the midterms. Good News: Driving through rural (woke)Vermont saw a large sign on a barn “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump” How will Trump return when McConnel is dead set against it? He must be exposed for being married to a woman whose father is one of the wealthiest in China and member of

  9. I think the Republicans should be very afraid that the Dem. will steal the election. With the FBI and the Justice Dept. on board, the Dems can do pretty much anything they want and I believe that they will. The raid in Florida was intended to find something, anything to disqualify Trump in 2024 and if they didn’t find what they can use, they will manufacture something, Not allowing any supervision or oversight of what went on there should be confirmation of their intent.

  10. They do not need to steal the election, They are going to cause a Civil War and just declare Martial Law, no election. The Left is pushing all the buttons to get Us Conservatives to Fight Back against the IRA Brown Shirts that will be arriving at our doors soon, untrained except to attack. They will be like poorly trained guard dogs, start barking in a threating manor, showing the weapons and pushing. Old guys like me will fight back, the blood will flow, even though I paid my taxes. FIGHT ON.

  11. Usually I watch The Five and often want to throw something hard at the dems who are on that program & other programs as well. Biden shouldn’t be given credit for anything, I am sure he is truly not in charge. I must admit to being worried about what the dems/libs will do, if this fbi raid does not produce the outcome they want.To be honest, I think the positivity of the latest polls mean the poll-takers & givers are members of the dem party. Hopefully the Repubs will find courage when needed.

  12. The only way they can STOP Trump, is IF he decides to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head 3 or 4 times. I hope if he does run and win, he will be more humble and get right down to REAL business by working to get at least half of the dems in the orange suits. They have to answer to all the crimes they committed and seem to be getting away with. Bill Whittle had a great rant on the dems “That’s who they are.” Very close to what i believe.

  13. Keep in mind that Ronald Reagan was almost assassinated. Maybe there is no one willing to jump in front to defend Mr. Trump, GOD Forgive. Pray to God for strength. The left is evil, guided by the super rich elite. Black Rock is on the move. Thanks Mr. G, GOD bless.

  14. I have the privilege… of having been there during the Evita & Peron and Military Junta era. Hussein Soetoro Obama and his are following the same script. Only and for now only we are not aware of “desaparecidos”. In fact, Evita promoted to be the BA Province Governor one Aloe, a mental case who wished to have his horse… as vice Governor. The US is nosediving into the swamp.

  15. Fox is making obvious changes. Tarlov is a veritable PITA. Shannon Breem, not the sweet innocent looking person you might think she is; she too is anti Trump. Not sure what Greg G is except he’s alleged to have been responsible for removing the s**thead Juan Williams. Too many others, like Baire, to mention who belie the fair & balanced logo. Hannity is a regurgitator of all the news reported before his hour; hosts a talk show and does all the talking. Tucker runs with the sheep and wolves.

  16. If an attempt on Trump’s life occurs, EVERYONE will know it’s the Dem cabal; but they will blame him somehow. I find it telling that your Canadian commenters seem more cognizant of the US mess than US citizens do. Does the blame lie at public education’s door? A large part does. None of us know what lies ahead though we can see signs pointing in a direction. Only God knows what is & will come. I must admit it cannot be good; look at what we’ve become as a nation. Sad & maddening.

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