Desperate People & Political Parties Do Desperate Things


People & Political Campaigns Are Just About Always True To Type . . . When They’re Desperate It Shows.


We Keep Seeing Images Of Our Enemies On Television, by the Thousands . . . Marching their Troops . . . Men & Women, all Perfectly Turned-Out in Pressed Unforms, Marching in Highly Coordinated Lockstep; Generally Sandwiched Between Towed Artillery, Tanks & Missile Carriers . . . It’s All Very Much Impressive.

So Who Are They Trying To Impress?

These Displays of Military Might are Always Presented by Nations where Real Freedom Isn’t Even a Suggestion, by the Likes of Russia, China, Iran & North Korea.

We Saw The Same Thing Before & During The Second World War In Germany . . . And How Did That Work-Out For The Germans?

I Want To Remind Everyone . . . Some 250-Years Ago, the World Power at that Time was England, which Had the Coolest Looking Red Coat Uniforms, Funkiest Marching Choreography & Best Pipe, Drum & Bugle Music with Which to Lead their Troops into Battle.

And With Their Battle Flags Flowing In The Wind – They Appeared Invincible.

All Of That Said With No Disrespect To The British . . . the Royal Military got their Asses Kicked by an Outnumbered, Out-Gunned, Under Financed & Under Organized Rag-Tag Army of American Patriots, which with the Exception of their Small “Organized” Army Under George Washington . . . Had No Uniforms To Wear – Fancy Or Otherwise. They were Lucky to Have Shoes or Boots to Cover their Blistered Feet in the Summer & Frozen Feet in the Winter.

Yet . . . Some 250 Years Later – Old Glory Flies & It’s Still By The Dawn’s Early Light.


Israel Is A Tiny Nation With A Relatively Small Army . . . with Lots of Citizen Soldiers & No Great Military Parades, which Fought Multiple Existential Wars Against Far Superior Forces in Terms of Numbers, Military Equipment, Wealth & Propaganda, Which Also Featured No Shortage Of Swank Military Parades.

And in Spite of all the Bluster from Israel’s Enemies . . . Look Who’s Turning To Whom In The Middle-East For Peace, Trade, Technology & Regional Protection.

As For Ukraine With 41-Million Citizens & A Relatively Small Military, Compared to Russia with 145-Million Citizens and the Fourth Largest Military in the World, which Encompasses More than 1-Million Warriors (Active Duty & Reserves), which also has its Lavish Annual Military Parades, Is Taking A Beating – As The Best It Seems Russia Can Do, Is To Savagely Pound The Citizens Of Ukraine.


I’m Writing This . . . Because We’re Being Bombarded Daily By Our Propagandized Media With The Feeling Of Defeat.

WE’RE NOT LOSING! . . . In Spite of all the Crapola Being Fed to us by the Bought & Paid-For North American Media, which is Hell-Bent to Destroy the North American Middle Class and all the Vestiges of Judeo/Christian Values, which Impede their Disgustingly Sick March Towards their Centuries-Old Dream of the Very Non-Existent Shangri-la . . . Through Their Elitist/Communist Dream Of A One World Government – Isn’t Doing Too Well.

We Are Indeed Taking A Beating . . . There’s No Question About It – But We Are Not Losing.

History is Replete with Underdog Victories, where the Tyrants Appeared Invincible. Where Defeat of Good by Evil was Virtually Predetermined Until it was Not.

No Great Battles & No Great Wars Of Virtue Are Fought & Won Without Cost To The Virtuous Victors.

Do Not Be Deceived By The Rhetoric . . . The Phony Polls, the Much Ado-About-Nothing, Racism, Sexism, Gender Identityism and all the Other Ism’s, which the LEFT Can & Will Throw at us Because they’re Desperate.

They will Do & Say all they Can to Disparage & Dishearten us in their Attempt to Take Away the Fire in our Bellies to Resist & Fight Back. But It Is An Empty Gesture.

The North American LEFT, but Especially in the United States of America, is Very Much like the Marching Thugs Parading their Omnipotence in Failed Societies Before an Adoring Audience, which is Ignorant of the Truth & Facts Bedeviled by the Fancy Uniforms, the Inspiring Music . . . And The Empty Pomposity.

SPECIAL NOTE . . . Anne, Tavor & I Will Be Taking A Few Days-Off Starting Tomorrow . . . Therefore, it is Probable that I will Not be Writing Much over the Next Few Days, which is Always Subject to Evolving News, Especially Since Tomorrow (August 2, 2022) will be a Huge Primary-Day.

Remember – A Substandard Restaurant Will Always Sell The Sizzle & Not The Steak.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Looks not always deceive. Looking at Dad Biden, son Biden and Kamala we see today’s USA. Obama’s setting. Can it be reversed? Depends on the “media”, China, money bags, and the voters. President Trump is the best option and Gov D’Santis as VP.

  2. Have an enjoyable few days off, and do rest & enjoy your personal life with Anne and Tavor. We’ll be here waiting when you get back with a new editorial. The Epoch Times is doing a great job of uncovering the TRUTH about the Jan 6 incident, and it doesn’t look good for the Jan 6 Committee’s remake of the truth. Everyone should watch it; but they’re uncovering more truth all the time, for future release.

  3. Still awaiting the meet and greet at the Lancaster Timmies. Great editorial like usual. Enjoy your few days of rest.

  4. Having spent a bit of time in the military the ones with the most bluster are the weakest. It is the quiet ones that have proven to be the bravest.

  5. Y’all take a much needed rest have a beer and don’t read any papers. I liked your use “rag tag band” that is what we had in our small CT town. big battle on Main street and today there is a British cannon ball still in the side of a house on main street. The British were in their way to what now is called Long Island sound. The British lost!!!! REST !!!

  6. You folks do get some rest You work very hard for the people andI for one sure appreciate it The truth is hard to find now a days but know where we can always find the truth at your site Thank you so very much

  7. Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand Putin. He’s evil beyond question BUT some things about what’s going on in Ukraine kinda make me wonder. Trump himself has let out some eye openers about Zelenskyy. Not to mention that he basically wants the US to fund, arm, and even send troops. The openly Nazi factions within his army. Worse, I can’t imagine Canada or the US a fighting a war on our own soil but still holding Gay Pride parades and having our First Lady sit for a Vogue mag glamour shoot. Can

  8. Enjoy your time away with family, Howard! Thanks for all that you do…it is much appreciated and you are making a difference.

  9. Foreign Countries do not want to fight on our soil, they realize the 2nd has kept a well armed Civilian Army. Note: Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower were Strong Presidents as they each during their terms Ordered Millions of Illegals sent back to their countries to open up Jobs for Soldiers returning from Wars. Our current sitting idiot is allowing in millions to take Jobs that he is paying lazy folks to stay away from, thus trying to buy Votes. Also, Student Loan Debt buyout is an Illegal Vote Buy.

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