Nothing Is More Brazen Than Buying-Off The Media


Adolf Hitler Outlawed Guns, So Did Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro . . . And Now – So Did Justin Trudeau.

I Should Be Beyond Perplexed, But I’m Not . . . Knowing How Ignorant the People of Canada Have Become, for an Entire Nation of Fairly Educated People to Passively Accept an Act in a Liberal Dominated Parliament, to Pass Legislation for the Government of the Day to Finance the Media of their Choice to the Tune of $600-Million Dollars, which is a Sizeable Amount of Money for the Relatively Small Population of Canada (37-Million People), Using the Lame Excuse that the Billion Dollar Legacy Media Can’t Possibly Compete & Survive Against the New Social-Media.

Truth Of The Matter . . . Justin Trudeau’s Liberals Created Canada’s Pravda.


Without Rhyme, Nor Reason, Nor Facts, Nor Media Intervention . . . Trudeau Just Banned Guns In Canada.

ACCORDING TO ALL MAJOR CANADIAN POLICE AGENCIES, Federally (RCMP), Provincially (OPP-Ontario . . . Sûreté-Quebec) and Municipally in all Major Cities such as Toronto . . . Legal Gun Ownership Across Canada Is Neither A Threat Nor A Problem.

So Why Now . . . And All Of A Sudden?

It Took A Pandemic . . . Real or Contrived for the Governments of the World to See How Far the Governments Could Suspend Civil Rights & Liberties through Unconstitutional Mandates, Before the People Would Rise-Up & Resist . . . And Now They Know.


Like All Tyrants . . . Trudeau is Terrified of a Real Constitutional Democracy, Where Freedoms such as Speech (Expression), Assembly & Association are a Direct Threat to the Tyrant’s Political Longevity, which Means he is Terrified of the Will of the People.

A People With No Means To Physically Defend Themselves From A Dictatorial Government Are Slaves.

The Trucker Freedom Convoys of Canada were a Peaceful Display of Freedom of Expression . . . Until Justin Trudeau Called It An Insurrection. Until Justin Trudeau’s Bought & Paid-For Media Created a False Narrative About the Truckers being White Supremacists, Neo Nazis and a Threat to Canada’s Democracy.

Trudeau’s Narrative Included Untrue Reports of Armed Canadian Insurrectionists, Untrue Stories of Foreign Money through Fundraising Internet Sites to the Truckers for the Purpose of Overthrowing the Trudeau Government. And Untrue Stories of a National Right-Wing Conspiracy . . . All Of Which Were Propaganda.

Trudeau Tried to Tie his Elected Political Opposition Members of Parliament to the Truckers, for Being Aligned with Nazis & White Supremacists, Including a Sitting Member of the Conservative Opposition – Melissa Lanstman, who Supported the Truckers’ RIGHT to Protest, by Aligning Her with what was Probably a Planted Nazi Flag in the Background from where She Spoke on the Street.

Problem With Trudeau’s Incredible Smear Of Lanstman, is that Lanstman is a Proud Female Jew who Also Happens to be a Descendent of Holocaust Survivors.


Both My Canadian-Born Parents Served Proudly For Canada During WWII. My Father & Three of my Father’s Brothers Didn’t Have to Wait be Drafted to Serve their Country . . . But This Isn’t The Country My Parents & Uncles Were Prepared To Die For.

While My Father Served from the Very Beginning of WWII, Stationed in England During the Phony War, and then in the Crucial Invasion of Sicily and the Trudge through Europe (Italy, The Netherlands, France, Belgium & Germany) with Millions of Other Canadians & Brave Allies (Americans, Brits, Aussies, Jewish Brigade – Etc) . . . There Was One “Privileged” Canadian Who Chose NOT To Serve, but Rather, to Ride his Motorcycle in the Countryside of Quebec while Wearing Nazi Regalia.

My Father Also Rode A Motorcycle During The War, But As A “Runner” Between Allied & Enemy Lines Dodging Nazi Bullets.

That Canadian I Write-Of Was Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Father to Justin Trudeau, who Like his Son Loved the Communists Far More than the Capitalists . . . And Was As Arrogant & Authoritarian As He Could Get Away With.

Once A Population Is Totally Disarmed . . . What’s To Stop The Despot?

On Thursday . . . June 2, 2022 – We in Ontario Have the Power to Send a Mighty Message to Canada’s Despots, by Voting in the Ontario Election for Anyone BUT the LEFT and Anyone BUT the Fake Conservative Doug Ford.


Once We Are Totally Across The Socio/Political Rubicon . . . There Is No Coming Back.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wishing you all the best on Thursday and hoping you won’t have the cheating we do here in the states. Please know that you, Anne & Trevor are always welcome here in Texas.

  2. I was not proud when attending one of the advanced Ontario ballots and spoiling my vote but after conducting myself in said fashion I felt proud of having done so. I wrote: “Never in the history of provincial politics has voting been more important than now and never has my vote meant less. You have all lost the faith of the people for whom you are entrusted to represent. None of you deserve my vote.”

  3. Canada is using the Dominion Counting machines, they have office in Toronto. The same machines that were accessed to change results in the 2020 USA election. Is anyone watching? It’s all quiet on the border-front where no Covid Passport, no going anywhere allowed outside of Canada. The Truckers fought for Freedom, what happened, nothing changed. Trudeau & Biden still control OUR border while the latter has open door to the south and we have Roxham Rd. Exceptions and benefits only for illegals.

  4. Because evil ones have been at this for so long, until the world stands in mass and says NO, it looks like a long fight. Besides 2000 Mules, watch the 1 hour documentary by Stop World Control called, Monopoly: Who Owns the World. I know we readers are aware of most of the first half, but it gets deeper. Imagine if the masses in China all stood together and said, NO! The whole world has to want freedom and stand at the same time. I laud all the recent fighters but we need much bigger.

  5. I wish both of the new true conservative parties in Ontario could have worked out their differences and thus have united. The way it stands, they will split votes which might give in some close ridings, victories for the Liberals and NDP. I’d rather hold my nose and see Ford re elected than live under a true leftist government. What to do Howard?

  6. There is much rumble here in the US about more or total gun control. As with history, as you pointed out, all civilizations that had major civilian deaths began with some level of Gun Control and confiscation. Our world is about to explode due to the ignorance of Political “Leaders”, most are nothing but lying lawyers, with their hands out for Lobby Money and bribes. Civil War is coming to a city near you, hope you have a plan, as an unarmed civilian death is almost assured.

  7. The problem here Howard is the so-called educated sheeples of Canada and the U.S.A. and all politicians don’t know the simple truth of what is a criminal. A criminal’s main job is to break the law so no matter how many laws you enact will only hurt and impede legal gun owners and that goes for any other laws in the books. A criminal doesn’t give a hoot about laws. His main job is to break them. Until the majority of sheeples & politicians in both countries realize this, then this cause is los

  8. Trudeau a true communist who is controlled by Soros girl Freeland, also Obama group. Canada Communist Republic CCP

  9. Yes Trudope is a Climate Change Cult Leader, and a Commie. Yes, his Dad was a Commie. But he was elected as Prime Minister of Canada, twice! So what does that tell us about the sheer ignorance of the voters who support him? Had a discussion with a colleague recently, who loves Trudope and the Liberally. How do we Fix The Stupid that is going on in both Canada and the US?

  10. Bingo…the 2 biggest “wimps” (insert much worse names here) Canada has ever known are PET and son JT. Both have done and is doing irreparable damage to Canada! We can’t get rid of JT soon enough!

  11. Hey Howard. We know the CBC sucks up $1.2 Billion a year. The other $600 million paid out is not available for scrutiny. No one is allowed to know who got it because Trudeau has declared it to be privileged information. Yup. Public money paid in secret. Stinks eh.

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