The Difference Between Communism & Socialized Capitalism


Since The Iron Curtain Fell & The Soviet Union Disbanded, Communism In Russia Seems To Have Disappeared.

However, we Must all Understand that the Real Foundation of Communism Isn’t and has Never Been Shared Wealth Between the People, but Rather, the Control of the People & Control of the Nation’s Wealth by the State.

It Is . . . And Has Always Been About Power & Control.

There has Never Been a Time in Russia, When there Wasn’t a Distinction Between Classes . . .  Those Decided by the State . . . Those Who Had Privilege & Those Who Didn’t Have Privilege. The Russian Revolution Only Traded Control by the Czarist Monarchy to the Politically Run Politburo

Russia Was Never Government Of The People, By The People & For The People – No Matter Who Ruled.


Bernie Sanders For Example, Who is Without Question an American Communist, Owns How Many Homes? And is Worth How Many Millions of Dollars Between Himself & His Wife? How’d That Happen For A Communist Man Of The People?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who Defines herself as a Democratic Socialist, which is a Play on Words for Communist, who Before Becoming a Member of Congress, Virtually Didn’t Have a Pot to Piss-In as a Bar Maid, but all of a Sudden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Taking-In $175,000 Per Year Plus Perks, From The People . . . Who Complains that she’s Not Getting Enough Money from the Taxpayers to Satisfy her New Lifestyle.

No Matter How You Define-It  . . . A Communist & A Democratic Socialist Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

And To Further Define-It . . . A Communist Wants to CONTROL How Society Makes Money Within the State, while A Fascist just Wants to CONTROL who in Society Makes Money from the State.

In Essence . . . Communists & Democratic Socialists Are Both Fascists With The Common Theme . . . CONTROL.


The Difference Between Adolf Hitler’s Nazis & Joseph Stalin’s Bolsheviks Was To A Great Effect Indiscernible.

Both of these Despicable Men and the Legions of Acolytes which Followed them Each . . . Used Fear, Intimidation, Propaganda & Murder to Further their Control on Power.

Want To Know Where America & Canada Are Heading? – Read George Orwell’s Animal Farm Published In 1945.

So Let Me Square This Circle . . . People Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama, Justin Trudeau, Karl Schwab, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & Wretched Leaders like all of them Throughout the World are Fascists . . . Plain & Simple.


They Bristle When Called Fascists, Because It Defines Who They Really Are . . . So Let’s Define Them.

What’s Happening Now in North America, More-So in Canada than in the United States of America, because Canada Doesn’t Really Have a Constitution Akin to the Written American Constitution, which is the Guardian at the Gate for the Consequential Freedoms of the American People.

Canada has a Constitution Called The National Charter Of Rights & Freedoms, which in Itself is an Oxymoron, Since Our Freedoms are Not Embedded in Stone, but Rather are Decided at the Whim of Justices at all Levels.

Pierre Trudeau – Father Of Justin Trudeau, Purposefully Created A Constitution That Was Open To Judicial Interpretation.

What Kind of Constitutional Freedoms Does a Country Have When the Freedoms of Expression, Association, Assembly – Etc . . . Depend On The Approval Of Government?

Because Canada Doesn’t Have an Inviolable Constitution of Rights Due to Government & Judicial Constitutional Interpretations, Canada Has Become a Totalitarian State, Where the Veil has Finally Been Lifted, as the People Willingly or Not, Serve the Government, Opposed to the Government Serving the People, as was Witnessed by What Should Have Been the “Illegal” Application of the Emergencies Act Against the Truckers and all the Supporters of the Truckers, by Justin Trudeau.

Proud To Say I Was (Still Am) One Of Them.


Instead Of Always Being On The Defense . . . Because we Conservatives Believe in Social Decency, Honesty & Responsibility, Opposed to the LEFTIST Freak-Show, which the LEFT is Shoving Down our Throats as they Redefine the Real Natural Order of Things, Such as Gender & Morality . . . Let’s Call Them-Out For Who & What They Are.

The LEFT – Regardless Of How They Define Themselves As Liberals & Democratic Socialists – They’re All Fascists!


Freedom Rallies Are Breaking-Out Across North America . . . It’s Time For All Of Us To Break-Out With Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Watch “Winter On Fire”, available on Netflix. This is a true documentary of the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine in 2013, 2014. These citizen led protests led to the ouster of the sitting prime minister, who was a puppet to Putin. This shows how to conduct a protest. The Truckers Convoy had the right idea, but needed more support. Time for an uprising here in Canada to throw out the Fascist Union of Trudeau and Singh. We need to save Canada starting now!

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • Absolutely and unequivocably true. We are literally surrounded by fascists, from the Supreme Dork Trudeau to the drooling sycophants in his bloated bureaucracy to the envirowackos who preach climate doomsday to justify throttling the free enterprise system and imposing their warped ideology of “green” fascism. If the good guys don’t RISE UP the fascists will ulltimately enslave us to their dystopian lunacy. Who are these idiots? Look around you – they are everywhere: neighbors, family…

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Amen, Howard!! Good article.

    Martha J Bellizzi, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina,
  • Wow, Howard, this is one outstanding article that I have urged the subscribers of my newsletter to read. And, IMHO, it is your best this entire year. Thank you for your in-depth description of these terms!

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • Get off your couch, chair or hammock and start raising your voice. Be Vocal about your views, and support. Wear clothes that make a statement and be ready to react when some LIB decides to question your view. I am an avid outdoorsman, my wife and I shoot, hunt, fish and play golf. We are very well known in our area as strong 2nd Amendment supporters and conservatives. I am clear on my views of morality, drugs and crime. I support our law enforcement. We must stop the “World Order Change” now.

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • Howard, another EXCELLENT history lesson. Americans and Canadians had better wake up.

    William, Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
  • Another very good editorial. The govts. of Canada and America just keep the material for your comments coming. Please make this sharable on facebook. I don’t know how to get it there otherwise.

    Mike, Morristown, AZ, USA
  • Terrific piece, Howard…as usual…but I found one major name/’influencer’ missing from your squared circle… The hideous, loaded and despicable George Soros!!!

    Greg Marsh, Clayton, North Carolina, United States
  • Even though mask restrictions have now been lifted for the majority of ontarians , there are still way to many brainwashed dummies walking around with useless masks , because the government has them scared sh….ss. Worrisome.

    Bob Pytel, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada
  • From overreaching totalitarian mandates to state of emergency declaration clampdowns, it seems that the USA and Canada have a shared interest in taking our countries back. Peg Connor, Idaho USA

    Peg McCown, Nampa, Idaho, United States
  • As always —– excellent. Thank you.

    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA, Small Retailers/Resellers, USA
  • When a changeover happens, and it will, the biggest necessity is downsizing gov’t starting with early retirement of upper echelon in all depts. This is necessary to begin to eliminate the deep state. It’s not so much Congress or the WH. It’s the entrenched gov’t employees at the top in all the departments of any Administration who do what they do regardless of who is in Congress or White House. When Congress gave power to dept heads in the administration, the Deep State came to life–think E

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • To know where we are and heading even further, read George Orwells 1984. To know what we can do read Azevedo above. Trudeau and despicable Singh are refusing to lift all mandates and ignore the science they keep telling us to observe. It’s over Lemmings, no more Covid19 (always was just a bad flu anyway) take of the silly masks that only keep your nose warm. Think like Christine Anderson (Nato) Canada is a joke on the world stage. It’s time to live again, don’t be intimidated.

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario,

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