How Do You Spell Hero In Canada? – TRUCKER!


Trudeau Is A Dummy – PERIOD! . . . Full Stop. Only An Idiot Would Have Done What Trudeau Has Done.

Trudeau is so Intellectually Deprived, that he Needed to Emulate the Failed & Sick Policies & Narrative of the American Political LEFT, in as Much as How the American LEFT used the Canards of Racism, Sexism, Misogyny, White Supremacy, Anti-Semitism & Terrorism to Stir the American Pot . . . So Trudeau Did The SameWhat A Fool!

Trudeau Went So Far As To Copy Nancy Pelosi’s Fence Around Congress By Fencing-In Parliament Hill.


I Have Always Had a Great Deal of Respect for Canada’s & America’s Police, to the Point where a Few Years Ago, I Created Caps that Showed Crossed American/Canadian Flags with a Thin Blue Line, which Promoted Respect & Gratitude for America’s & Canada’s Police.

I Offered these on at my Own Personal Cost for American & Canadian Patriots to Buy & Wear. And Within a Day or So, all the Caps were Sold. Some of the Buyers Wanted Several Caps to Give to their Friends & Relatives, and to Hundreds of Others, I had to Apologize for Being Sold-Out, because the Cost of Producing & Distributing these Caps was Killing Me . . . That’s How Much The People (Patriots) Loved The Police & Wanted To Show-It.

Not Only Would I Not Produce Caps Like That Again – New Caps Would Read – I USED TO SUPPORT THE OTTAWA COPS.


Following WWII In 1945/1946 . . . The Allies Convened A Nazi War Trial Commission, Known as the Nuremberg Trials, which Examined & Prosecuted Nazi Soldiers for Crimes Against Humanity, Specifically the Slaughter of Europe’s Jews (6-Million).

The Defense Of The Accused Was . . . “I Was Just Following Orders”.

To the Nuremberg Prosecutors & Nuremberg Trial Judges, Just Following Orders, was Neither a Reason Nor an Excuse to Commit Crimes Against Humanity (The People). As a Result of the Nuremberg Trials, the Civilized World Accepted & Enshrined the Principle that “Not” Just Following Orders Must Become a Global Policy of the Military & Police Forces Worldwide . . . Hence – The International Criminal Court In The Hague.

To the Extent . . . that the Militaries of All Democratized Nations, Have-It in their Written Training & Service Manuals – that . . . No Soldier Is Required To Follow Or Obey An Unlawful Order.

And If You Think That Doesn’t Apply To The North American & Global Police – Think Again.

When a Recruit Finishes His or Her Training, and Takes an Oath to Join a Police Force, the Oath Virtually Always Includes the Pledge To Serve & Protect the People, and to Follow the Laws of the Land (Constitution).

By Beating-Up Peaceful Demonstrators who are Only Exercising their Constitutional RIGHTS & FREEDOMS . . . to Organize, Assemble, Associate & Express Their Opinions . . . The Ottawa Police and any Other Police Organizations who were Part & Parcel (OPP – RCMP) to this Travesty of Roughhousing Peaceful Canadian Protestors, who were Doing Nothing More than Expressing their Constitutional Rights & Freedoms, Makes the Police who Participated in this Travesty Guilty of Violating their OATH & UNLAWFULLY Abusing the People They Swore To Serve & Protect.

And By Bringing-In The Horses To Trample Non-Threatening Canadian Citizens Is Egregious Beyond Description.


Mo Brooks, Who Is A Conservative Pro-Trump Republican Member Of Congress From Alabama Recently Said . . .

To Paraphrase Brooks’ Words . . . What is Happening in Canada, Referring to the Truckers & Trudeau’s Authoritarian Governance Over-All, Meaning the Suspension of Canadian Civil Rights & Freedoms is a Travesty, and In-Line with What One Would Expect From a Totalitarian State, Is All The Excuse & Reason A Member Of That State Needs To Apply For Political Asylum.

In Brooks’ Own Paraphrased Words . . . America Is In Desperate Need Of Truckers. Canada’s Truckers are Living Under the Thumb of Tyranny . . . America Should Welcome Canadian Truckers As Pollical Prisoners Looking For Asylum.


Through the Idiot Presidency of Joe Biden – Millions of People, the Vast Majority Thereof, who Cannot Speak English, are Anathema to the American Culture, who Have No Discernible Trades or Talents, who Might be Criminals, Spies or Terrorists . . . Are Streaming ILLEGALLY Into The United States With ZERO Credentials To Feed Off The American Social System.

Why Not Canadians Who Will Contribute & Make America Proud?


Trudeau Is So Stupid & Arrogant – He Followed The Loser (Biden’s Government) To The Depth Of Political Depravity.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a novel idea…bring our-language-speaking immigrants to the USA! And actually USEFUL immigrants! But I’m sure joe-boy would not welcome truckers here…they are too much against the leftist hoards that seek to rule everyone. Nice thoughts, though, Howard.

  2. Here’s a thought for the truckers if they are forced to leave. Leave Ottawa. Give Trudope what he wants. No truckers and no trucks delivering food, gas and other essentials. Make Ottawa a No-Go Zone.

  3. Excuse me for disagreeing but The Boy Wonder isn’t an idiot at all. He isn’t following Biden nor the progressive libs here in the states either. He is following the actions of the little corporal from Austria is anything. The “idiots” herein are those Canadians who are not demanding an election to vote out this modern version of the “leader” before it becomes to late to do so. We here in the States would welcome Canadians with open arms. The question is will they be able to leave?

  4. The vast majority of Canadians respect and support our police, so it is beyond sad to see them so quickly evolve into “tools of tyranny”, who are now quite willing to crack open the skulls of innocent protesters, their fellow citizens, and as well, chance blinding them with rubber bullets. I am sure this unwarranted police violence will do nothing to have Canadians comply with police continuously pleading for understanding and respect.

  5. Could anyone expect anything less from Justin, the son of his Marxist father PM Pierre who started off as a fascist starting a political party that wanted Quebec to leave Canada and be ruled by French Quebecers and the Catholic church, then led youth delegations to Stalinist Russia, visited Mao in China, returning home to write a book about what a great humanitarian history’s greatest masss murderer was, idolized all the world’s Communist dictators including Justin’s real father Fidel.

  6. While you are correct about Canada’s Tin Horn Dictator being influenced by Biden, I think his background and training by his father, Pierre Trudeau, are directing & leading him as he “dictates” more towards Communism. He has talked about his admiration of China & Cuba many times. Add Kalus Schwab & the World Economic Forum to his mental imbalance and you have one very, very sick puppy —– not unlike America. We have a very similar problem.

  7. Bravo!! I can buttress the claim there are now inexperienced truckers on US roads. On I-15 in Utah I encountered a total fwy blockage caused by some of those inexperienced truckers. One had engine trouble but didn’t pull off the road, the 2nd one could not avoid him & crashed into no.1, and a 3rd stopped to help but blocked the only passage to get by the 1st 2. I had to hit the rocks on the roadside to avoid them, causing major damage. Bring on those experienced Canadian truckers!!

  8. TRUDEAU THE DOLT. When trying to become a drama teacher at a school in the Lower Mainland he was a substitute. By the end of the term he was not offered a permanent placement, meaning he failed. He then went to a private school which was probably impressed with his name. He was soon fired. I know this because I am close to a person who was in the school board. And he is now our dictator. Scary.

  9. The only thing Trudope has accomplished is to really p__s off 80% of the world. He will rue his decision, disgraced, and beaten. YAHOO FOR THE TRUCKERS AND HONORABLE CANADIANS. This isn’t over, and yes, Honorable Canadians are welcome in the USA. Our idiot will be pay for his sins, too!! Thank goodness, I live in FLORIDA!! Home of Dr Joseph Mercola, Jeff Childers, Esq. Covid and Coffee, and our Governor DeSantis. Look up the first 2 and sign up for free info. TY to the Galganovs!!

  10. I am so sad to see what has happened to the Canadian peaceful truckers (patriotic citizens), who merely wanted to be heard by their government leaders. I hope that the same fate does not befall them, like our January 6, 2021 ‘protesters’ (aka rioters, insurrectionists) here in the U.S., many of whom are still sitting in jail, in solitary confinement, without due process.

  11. All I can say about Trudeau is that he is only TRU to himself & to WEF – Klaus Schwab’s agenda of the great reset. The great reset amounts to one world order with one leader/head over all. But they have lots of freedom-loving people standing in their way. It will come to a head before much longer.

  12. In WW2 the big, bad, mighty Nazis couldn’t defeat the scraggly, beaten down Jews fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto, so they cowardly burned the ghetto to the ground in order to win. This is the same strategy used by Trudeau govt here. They cannot win by playing proper or fair, so they cowardly changed the rules and attacked the peaceful propesters using every unfair and brutal practice to win, because they have nothing else.

  13. With the 3 main banks in Canada STOPPING all CYBER transactions This SMELLS of Australia, Venezuela. IF North America can by SHUT DOWN, One World Order has WON. When the Mounties act as Tyrannical Hitler SS some other items are also at work. I am sure all License Plates of TRUCKS have been run, personal info given to BANKS etc. Who in the hell gave all this power to these folks. This is an incursion by tax paid gov’t tax paid personnel on to the public. Treason/Tyranny

  14. Hey Howard. They are using police from across Canada. The mounted cops may be from Toronto. Saw them run over two protestors yesterday on Fox. CBC was covering from their aerie and close up on an arrest it looked like about six cops were using the boots. No more close ups from there. Officially there were few injuries yesterday with no elaboration, Remember Blair’s thugs from the G8 in Toronto and Blair is one of today’s masterminds. So far pepper spray on peaceful protestors today. Oh Canada.

  15. I , too watched the dreadful happenings today in Ottowa .. I am so disturbed from this , I feel quite I’ll. I later watched some Rebel news story, which had obtained some messages from the RCMP , all of which were horrifying .. I don’t know how to process any of this …

  16. It is time for folks to read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. This book is about Gun Control History, with many true facts about gun control laws and cases. It is all included in a Fictional story about one mans life, great read. It is also an eye opener to where we are now in history and has the Warsaw history in there. Your Idiot and Ours are making us the Mockery of the World. I met many Canadians while living in AZ one winter, good folks with big hearts but have trusted gov’t to lo

  17. I read it somewhere that the RCMP was having a hard time doing the Goose-Step, especially on horseback. But seriously, I wish I was able to be up there with those Patriots. May God watch over all those protesting, and may God convince the undecided to come over to the Right Side….

  18. Thanks Howard for alerting me of my unsubscribed, accident (?) and allowing me to resubscribe. Have received and forwarded your EXCELLENT Editorials for MANY years. Many PRAISES due You & Ann.

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