When There’s No More Money – What Do You Spend?


Yesterday’s Zoom Get-Together Went Better Than I Thought. But It Gave Me Pause To Rethink The Next.

As Much as I Wanted to Focus on the Issues of the Day, I Found Myself Somewhat All Over-The-Board, Opposed to How I Write Editorials, which By & Large Takes a Great Deal of Time, Research & Patience, Compared to just Speaking Off The Cuff.

So What I’ve Decided To Do . . . Is to Think About How I Might Do the Next Zoom Get-Together, and at the Behest of Some of my Friends & People who Participated in Yesterday’s Zoom Get Together, I’m Giving Serious Thought of Doing Round Two this Coming Sunday at 7:PM Eastern TimeSame Format With Some Experience Under My Belt.


I Was All Set To Publish A Different Editorial, which I was Working-On for a Couple of Days, When all of a Sudden . . . Here Comes Merrick Garland At The US Senate Hearing (October 27, 2021), where Garland Went-Out of His Way (Not Purposefully) to Exemplify why Garland Might be the Very Best Example of Why the People of the United States of America Should Absolutely DESPISE, RESENT & FEAR the Biden White House with all Passion Possible.


America Must Survive The Likes Of Merrick Garland . . . Who is the Poster Boy for all that’s Wrong with the Elitists & Uber Wealthy, who Own & Control the Media, and the Media’s Expression of Propaganda.

But First . . . The Republican Party MUST Jettison all the Republicans who are Republicans in Name Only (RINOS), which is a Misnomer of an Acronym, since in all Actuality – They Really Are Republicans . . . But What They’re Not – Are Conservatives, which is the Stealth they Use to Pretend to be Separate & Different from the Democrats, who are Nonetheless No Less Guilty of the Debacle that has Become Modern-Day America.

I Spoke Yesterday During The Zoom Get-Together About The Use Of Words . . . and How Words are Perhaps the Most Formidable Weapon a Free Society Faces, Which was Epitomized Today by Merrick Garland and the Democrat Senators who Did all they Could to Shield Garland from his Obfuscations, Concerning Straight-Up Yes Or No Questions Asked by Conservative Republicans.

To Hear & Watch Garland Obfuscate . . . Was all the Demonstration One Needed to Understand the Extraordinary Dishonesty & Disrespect the RULING-CLASS has for the American People.

And then to Realize, that there is Nothing the Senators or House Members Can Do in Any Way to Punish Employees of the People for a Complete Dereliction of Oath & Responsibility, to the People they are Sworn to Serve, Is Psychologically Maddening.

In A Court Of Law. In Judge Garland’s Court Of Law, A Witness Like Garland Would Be Justifiably Held In Contempt.


It Does No Good For The Nation . . . To Witness the Country’s Chief Law Enforcer (Attorney General) Act like a Guilty Witness, Bobbing & Weaving to Simple Questions, when Simple Yes Or No Answers would Assuage the Trust & Reputation in Law and in Government, which I Believe, because of Congress and this President (Biden), Public Trust has Become so Damaged Amongst All-Thinking People, That Its Repair Is Nearly IRREPARABLE.


If The Nation’s Politicians, Police, Judges & White House Are Devoid Of The People’s Trust, Where’s The Future For The Nation?


Donald Trump Is Not The President . . . Yet, to the Politicians of the LEFT and the RINOS, Donald Trump is in their Public Utterances the Greatest Threat to the “Democracy” of the United States of America, where America is NOT a Democracy, but Rather is a Constitutional Republic, Created to Protect the People’s Freedom from the Very People who are Represented by People like Merrick Garland.

What Terrifies The LEFT & RINOS Most About Donald Trump. . . Is that Donald Trump is the Single Greatest Threat Amongst the American People who has the Wherewithal . . . Courage, Smarts, Attitude & Money to Undo their Communist dream of a One World Government, while Undoing all they’re Trying to Do . . . Before the Final Curtain Closes On Them.

Has Anyone Of These Trump Haters Ever Explained Why & How Trump Is Such A Threat To The Freedoms Of America?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • How scared of Trump are they? Well looking a little closer to home here in Canadian politics – Trudeau is still slamming Harper. Harper left the building five years ago.

  • I just listened to your podcast and I liked it thank you

    Robert Utley, Arvada, Colorado, United States
  • Regrettably we are going to be inundated with an onslaught of anti Trump rhetoric over the next twelve months by the Democrats who have no successes to boast about and have resort to mudslinging.

    Bill Michaels, Amboy, Washington, United States
  • I say that Trump should get his chance for a second term and should take Candace Owens as a vice-president with her becoming the next president for the next 2 terms. She is what the left wants, a young black woman. The only thing she is not is being a demon rat and exposing what they do every day as you do in your editorials. Another person who is a young black woman should be Kim Klacik that ran in Baltimore. Super conservative. I will post her commercial by email to you.

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Great zoom meeting, looking forward to the next one.

    Roch Lalande, Ottawa, On, Canada
  • My thoughts of you and your Editorials are always the same sir. You tell us all the truth and that is more than we have been given over the years. God bless you and your family along with your new buddy Tavor.

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Garland is what the WH has become, a Lying Lawyer, who can say a lot and mean nothing. Our country is heading in a direction that leads us to Civil War. The Libs talk more of Gun Confiscation, as did Hitler, before they start locking up folks for their views. As more gun violence happens, even gun stupidity as with happened on the movie set, gives them more excuses to try to get guns out of our hands. They will get mine after I quit breathing unless another fighter does not get them first, War.

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • You become a welfare nation, one who would be dependent on The United Nations (the one world Government) that is already past the initial stages of forming World court, world Health, ect. The interference of the U.N. into internal affairs of individual nations such as the scenic walkway along the Hudson, where hunting would be banned for a mile or so from both sides of the river. This would tend to cause a very large and loud uproar. UN. Get out of my Country, and mind your own dam business.

    Paul E Costello, Hannacroix, NY, United States
  • Thank you for setting the record straight on the USA being a Constitutional Republic. Progressives began referring to the US as a democracy a long time ago to eventually make it so. Looking it up in dictionary shows only some change in definition between the two, but it’s game-changing. I know of no politician, much less media or anyone else who refers to the US as a republic; always call us a democracy. Nor can we count on Congress to abide by the Constitution or academia to teach its truth.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • All the GOOD that Trump had done for America has been DESTROYED by O’Biden and his cohorts! The LEFT has NO LEGITIMATE Agenda, EXCEPT to ATTACK TRUMP–as proven by O’Biden’s MULTIPLE attacks on him when recently promoting McAuliffe in VA. One would have thought that TRUMP was McAuliffe’s OPPONENT! They FEAR Trump for MANY REASONS, one of which is that he was a SUCCESSFUL President. O’Biden is being viewed as the WORST president thus far. ELDER abuse is a very good reason for this identity! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • I don’t know just why I stayed watching Garland lie and avoided the answers he sure fits in with the rest. God help us…………..

    Roger Valligny, Spring Hill, Florida, US
  • Howard, Excellent!

    William, Tinley Park, Illinois, United States

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