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Last Night . . . I Caught The Final Minutes Of The Sean Hannity Show & Came Away Shaking My Head.

The Following Bolded & Italicized Blackburn Comments are Paraphrased by me . . .  But Are 100% Accurate in Terms of Content & Intent.

Senator Marsha Blackburn Of Tennessee . . . Told Sean Hannity at The End of Hannity’s Show on Tuesday (July 15, 2021), that She (Blackburn) Had a Lovely Get-Together (Just Recently) at the House of Vice President Kamala Harris, Who Was A Wonderful & Gracious Host.

Hannity Asked Blackburn . . . What Was The Vice President’s Response When She Was Asked About The Southern Border?

Oh No . . . We Didn’t Discuss Things Like That . . . The Get-Together Was a Meeting of Female Members of the US Senate . . . Where According to Blackburn – Nothing Of Substance Was Discussed, because the Gathering was Designed to be . . . A Getting To-Know-You & Meet & Greet Occasion For Female US Senators.

Do You See Why I Detest These People . . . And Why You Should Too?


1 – If America is Supposed to Be such a Gender-Neutral Country, where there are No Longer any Differences Between Men & Women & Everyone is Supposed to be Equal and the Same . . . Why Was There A Gaggle – Of Just Women Senators?

2 – These Political Women (Hypocrites) who Define Themselves as WOMEN . . . Just by Being at this WOMEN ONLY Social Gathering . . . Why Would They Need A Tax Payer Funded Meet & Greet . . . Who Work Together Every Day?

3 – If Substantial Issues like the Southern Border-Wall Weren’t Discussed at this Get-Together . . . It Was Therefore Nothing More, Than Just A Hen-Party At The Public’s Expense.

And For The Plus-1 . . .


Marsha Blackburn, Who I Used To Really Like & Respect . . . Can Now Shove Her Opinions Up Her Ass.

On (Circa January 1, 2008) RINO Elitist Editorialist George Will Held a Private Media-Supper at his House for the Not Yet Sworn-In President (Barack Hussain Obama) of the United States of America, with the Following Elitist “Not-So Conservative” Luminary Journalist Guests . . . Including Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Larry Kudlow, David Brooks, Rich Lowry, Peggy Noonan, Michael Barone & Paul Gigot.

The Rule Of The Supper Was Simple . . . Nothing Said At The Meeting Could Ever Be Reported – NEVER!

Not Long After This Meeting . . . I Personally Remember Hearing Charles Krauthammer Say How Embarrassed & How Wrong as a Journalist it was for Him to be at a Meeting Like That. That It Was One Of Krauthammer’s More Shameful Professional Decisions To Be There.

Politicians Like Marsha Blackburn, Lindsey Graham & Others . . . Should Take Note. Sleep With Dogs Wake With Fleas.


The Media Have Certain Rights, Assumed & Constitutionalized Which Normal People Don’t Have . . . Which to me, in my Perfect World Should Translate . . . That with Special Rights & Unique Privileges Comes Certain Responsibilities, which if Not Met Must Bear Consequences . . . Where Are The Consequences?

What The Not So Much Doctor Jill Biden . . . Is Doing and is Allowing to be Done to her Sick-Minded Husband, the President-In-Name Only of the United States of America, is Nothing Short . . . Of Elderly-Spousal-Abuse.

And If That’s Not Bad Enough . . . The Media Are Not Just Complicit But Worse, Because Jill Biden is Only Abusing her Husband, While The Media Is Abusing All Of America, as its Massive Corporate Ownership Conspires with the Democrats to Withhold Critical Information from the American Public, That Their President Is Nothing But A Pathetic Stooge For The Real Power Behind The “Curtain”.

It Is Both Unconscionable & Unbelievable How Dumbed-Down The North American People Have Been Become.


Through Ignorance . . . We As A People Are Weakened & Ill-Prepared.

The Russians & Chinese Governments Are Exactly Who & What They Appear To Be . . . These are Focused Tyrannical Thug Governments which Tolerate ZERO Opposition, who have Globalist Designs on all the Countries which Pretend they (We) are Something they (We) are Not – FREE – Run by Confused Committees Void of any Singular Direction.

While our Politicians are Nothing More than Members in a Debating Club (Congress & Parliament) . . . Where Our Politicians Become Rich & Comfortable Through Graft & Corruption . . . The Chinese & Russians Are Marshalling Their Forces Against Our Freedoms.

In Canada & The USA . . . We Pretend To Be “Democracies” – Bastions Of Freedoms – But It’s Only Pretend.

If We Were Really Bastions Of Freedom & Purveyors Of The Rule Of Law . . . Blind Justice & All – Most Of Our Senior Politicians Would Be In Jail.

If We Were – Who We Pretend To Be . . . Many of our Educators Would be Behind Bars for Treason. Our Public Unions Would Be Shut Down . . . and our Bureaucracy would be a Fraction of the Size that it is.

Groups Like Black Lives Matter, Antifa & The Such, would be Recognized as Domestic Terrorist Organizations & Treated Appropriately. Someone who would Attack a Police Officer would be Met with the Harshest Penalty they Wouldn’t Want to Face.


Rioters, Arsonists, Defilers Of Public & Private Property Would Be Imprisoned If Not Shot First While In The Act.

There is No Reason for People to Live on the Streets, Especially Considering the Amount of Money our Countries Piss-Away for Nonsense & Supposed Foreign Aid.

For Druggies, Mentally Ill Sickos & Alcoholics – Institutionalize them Until they can Become Clean, or Simply Keep them Off the Streets, Sidewalks, Parks, Under-Bridges & Overpasses Forever . . . A Decent Society Doesn’t Have To Live With This Filth & Fear.

For The Smugglers, Dealers, Pimps, Slavers – Etc . . . Shoot Them!

For People & Families Who Are Down On Their Luck . . . We have More than Enough Money & Resources to Show these People Compassion . . .

For The Others – Build More Institutions & Prisons.


For Violent Criminals . . . Kill Them (Death Penalty) Or Incarcerate Them For Life.


The Rush On The Southern Border Isn’t By Accident. For Illegal Immigrants – Round Them Up & Throw Them Out.

America Has The Greatest Freedom-Life-Blue-Prints Ever Created . . . The American Bill Of Rights, the US Constitution Based Upon Judeo/Christian Values and the Ten Commandments.

There Is No Reason For This Disease On The Assault Of America To Continue – The Cure Is Simple.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If elections could ever really change anything, they would be illegal. How can you tell when a politician is lying? – when his lips move. What is the definition of “corrupt?” Any politician who is not constantly railing against the size and cost of government is corrupt. Fire the whole wretched lot of them. Kudos to you Howard, for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  2. I was appalled at the Bidens during the summit meetings…Barbie Biden with trying to keep sleepy Biden from wandering. Her outfits did not seem to fit right and she is no match fashionwise for Melania. At least Barbie did not wear her fishnet stockings to visit the Queen!! What an embarrassment they were to the rest of the world. I hope that the Democrats are truly ashamed of them and Kamala…well nothing more can be said about that cackling airhead. Sorry to vent but it was needed.

  3. How could any Republican stand to be in the presence of these anti American liberal hacks,while we have Jan 6 people in solitary confinement who have not been charged with anything.Don’t get me started on Sean Hannity,its the same crap 4hrs.a day.He is making a boatload of money and you waste your time listening.I keep bugging my worthless pols from SD about Ashly Babbit and those in jail.The truth is especially the senate is just a club with a few exceptions.

  4. THANKS HG I Agree 100% with Every point made – Keep em coming.

  5. Your blog should be mandatory reading for all Americans and Canadians……in MY perfect world, that is the way it would be. Another great job HG.

  6. awesome blog!!! Agree with absolutely everything you said.

  7. As usual, you hit the nail on the head! The problem that I see with the lifestyle enjoyed by most North Americans is that we are spoiled and naive. The majority of people have never had to defend themselves in their own homes. Slowly the western culture is eroding from within, very much like past cultures. It is so sad but so many of us are blind to the issue. Very much like the analogy of the frog in the pot of water. Keep on challenging us and don’t give up!

  8. The surge at the border is a drug op. The Dems get their money from the scum that sells the crap. Didn’t Clinton let the leader of the largest Cartel in Mexico off the hook, I wonder how much kick-back the low life got from that deal? There was a question as to whether Obama was a drug mule at one time. They were the Woodstock crew. Looked like bums ,smelled like crap, and went home on Monday’s in thousand dollar suits and 100,000.00 sports cars , that Daddy and Mommy bought for them.

  9. I shouldn’t say this, as a Christian, but I agree with your solutions with minor exceptions. If we continue this politically-correct, namby-pamby reaction/action, we will soon be doomed. I was very happy to hear about the Sheriff’s organization (CSPOA) & the effects it’s having on counties & states; at least the FIGHT-BACK has started and I HOPE & PRAY it grows quickly. They are independently elected so don’t answer to anyone/party but the people who voted them in. God bless & empower them.

  10. I agree. We get to vote but the unelected in government that are getting the most kick backs and causing the most damage to Canada!

  11. Oh, I so agree, just look at the crime in Atlanta. No one is safe to go out anywhere…not to gas up the car or ride a bike or shop at the Mall stores. Time to take our cities back with real laws that are enforced by police who can arrest criminals and put them in jails where they don’t bail out. I do so hope Buckhead can become a city unto itself !

  12. Everything you said is correct. As a Veteran, I am seeing the New VA Health at its worst. President Trump put out a mandate to VA, If the doctors and nurses were not doing a good job, Fire them. Harris’s comment of , Why do Vets get so many benefits, they voluntered to serve, but she is backing giving benefits to Illegals. She is Vice Pres. in a Free Country because of Vets. She is going to be the cause of a Civil War. We need to flush Washington down the sewer where it belongs, with all thecrap

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