Maricopa County – What Are They Hiding?


Still On The Road For Another Three Days . . . So I’ll Make This Short & Sweet . . . Well Maybe Not All That Sweet.

By the Time Anne, Tavor & I Get Back Home (This Wednesday), I will Probably Need a Week Just to Sleep. . . And God Only Knows How Much Effort & Expense it will Take to Clean the Truck (F-250) – Clean & Make Repairs to the 41-Foot RV which Both Traveled 6,000-Miles (3,000-Miles Each Way) Over Some God-Awful Roads, Especially in North Western & Central Ontario, which is No Gift & a Condemnation on the Ontario Government, which Pisses Away our Tax Dollars on Garbage, while Ignoring the People’s Infrastructure.

But That’s Not What This Editorial Is All About.

The Democrats in Maricopa County, which Includes Phoenix Arizona, are Doing Everything they Possibly Can to Put the Kibosh on the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election, to the Point . . . that the Democrats are Refusing to Hand over Vital Election Voting Machine Data Points, using Every Lame Excuse Imaginable Not to Cooperate.

If They have Nothing To Hide . . . What Are The Democrats Hiding & Why?


This Is Neither Conjecture Nor Hyperbole – Joe Biden Is A Known Liar . . . PERIOD! And has been Called-Out for Lying More than Just Several Times in his Much Less than Illustrious Career.

So . . . When Joe Biden Says That he is Responsible for the Vaccines and the Vaccine Rollouts & Distributions, we all Know the Truth, Unless you Happen to be a Delusional Ignorant LEFTIST.

Same Can Be Said About The Debacle At The American Southern Border . . . But It Gets Much Worse Than That.

Because Of The Stooge (Biden) . . . Freedom’s Most Dire Enemies are Feeling Emboldened, to the Point, that Not Only are they Really Pushing the Envelope between Regional Wars & Peace, but Perhaps a Global War in the Image of WWIII.

Biden Says the Russians are Pulling Troops Away from the Border of Russia & Ukraine . . . Tell That To The Ukrainians – I’m Sure They Can Use A Good Laugh.

Biden Says Diddly-Squat about the Chinese Communist Created Islands in the South China Sea, where the Communist Chinese have Constructed Massive Military Bases (Ports & Airfields) and are Claiming Sovereignty.

Biden’s Terse Response To This . . . Was that Biden Wasn’t Worried About the South or the North China Seas . . . . Except There Is No North China Sea.

And Even Though Biden Isn’t Worried . . . The British, Australians, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thailanders, Vietnamese, Filipinos – Etc . . . Are All Plenty Worried.

And then there’s Biden’s Declared Troop Withdrawal on the Exact Date (Anniversary) Of 9/11 2001, from Afghanistan, Giving the Taliban and all the Many other Bad Afghan Actors a Head Start in their Genocidal Campaign, to Throw Afghanistan Back into the Dark Ages, Giving China & Russia an Opportunity to Mine Afghanistan Rare Earth Elements, Without the Americans to Get in the Way.

As For The Middle East . . . It’s The Daily Double.

Suck-Up to Iran. Bully Saudi Arabia. And Destroy the Abraham Accords Between Israel & Other Prominent Arab/Moslem States, which are all Looking to Cement a Middle East Economy Zone through Peace & Cooperation.

However, In The Case Of Israel . . . It’s Far Worse Than That.

Biden’s Lack of Clarity & Decisions to Ignore Terrorism & Critical Threats to Freedom Around the World, but Specifically with Iran & the Palestinians (Different Types Of Stooges) has Swung the Gates Wide Open to the Old Canard of Equivalence Between Acts of Murder through Terrorism on the Behalf of Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews who Fight to Survive. The Palestinians Fight To Murder . . . The Jews Fight To Survive. To Bastards Like Biden . . . That Is Somehow Equivalence.

MARK MY WORDS . . . Because of Biden, the EU, the UN and the ICC (International Criminal Court), Israel will be at an Existential War Much Sooner Rather than Later for its Very Survival . . . But Mostly Because Of The American Stooge President.

And If Not In A Military Conflict, Then Certainly Through International Political Warfare, Because That’s What These Thugs Do.

And for All the People, Especially Jewish Americans who Voted for the Democrats, who Don’t Believe this Could Actually Happen . . . WHO JUST 6-MONTHS AGOWould Have Believed The American Government In 2021 Could Be Pro-Communism?

Who Could Have Imagined A Presidential Election Would Be Won By A Candidate Who Didn’t Campaign?

I COULD GO-ON AD INFINITUM . . . But what Seemed Impossible just a Few Months Ago, such as Having all of our Freedoms DENIED to us by our Own Elected Governments at all Levels, Because of a Virus that Kills Less than Three Tenths Of One Percent (.03%) of all its Possible Hosts, Puts the Breaks on any Precept that Anything is Impossible in this Dreadful World of the New-Possible.

George Orwell Would Be Proud & Dispirited To Know That His 1984 Fiction Has Become Our 2021 Reality. Except in Orwell’s “1984” there Was No Opposition. In 2021 There Is Plenty.

In The Final Analysis . . . They Will Lose – We Will Win & There Will Be A Comeuppance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Biden isn’t alone in not giving a rats ass about people. Trudeau hasn’t done anything to get the two Michaels back from China, and we haven’t heard a word about the outcome of their trials. People are dying all across North America from the pandemic restrictions, children are almost two years behind in education, Gov handouts and few want to go back to work, and the country is going bankrupt. Orwell would indeed be flattered to know his story became reality. Welcome home to Ontario with Tavor.

  2. The election in the U.S.was obviously stolen from the people. Surely Americans are not so stupid as to replace a president who accomplished more than any president in American history with a senile, unaccomplished, corrupt, child molesting moron yet the majority meekly accepts what was obviously a coup and now a radical neo-communist ideology is being rammed down the throats of the public. American’s freedom is hanging by a thread with little time to turn the tide.

  3. Businesses cannot find employees huh Kick them off the govt dole. I Will assure you they will get a job. I worked most of my life, many dirty jobs no one else would do. I never made 100k in a single year yet I own my home and have no bills. I came from a very poor family. I’m not college educated but have been tolded I have Common Sense. God is not going to save the US it is going to talk people with a back bone to fight the joke we call a government

  4. Pray for our countries. We need DeSantis in the WH & GOP to retake Congress with more conservatives than ever. Canada needs to FIND a true Conservative for PM. Folks in other countries (Europe) are coming to same conclusions. It will most definitely be a fight. But it’s one well worth it.

  5. If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it, is there noise? Of course not: Absent ears to translate sound waves into sound in the brain, there cannot be any “noise.” Just like the mainstream media, acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, will not allow the truth to be told about the Fascist Obiden administration. The Tree of Liberty is falling, and no one can hear it.

  6. Well HG I rarely disagree BUT Ontario Gov. is NOT pissing away our tax dollars on Garbage . They are using the funds for subways in TO , Gender Clarification , the Covid-19 Gong Show, services for Temp Workers and Immigrants to our Fair Land . Those of us who live in small towns now have to pay with curbside stickers to have our Garbage hauled away : apparently our property tax $ are just not enough to get the job done . Keep the shiny side up, that’s a long, boring ride ahead of you.

  7. A century ago a comedy team came on the scene called “The Three Stooges”, Larry, Moe and Curly. Their comedy was based on doing and saying things that were so stupid that they were funny. Today we have three stooges, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi, the trouble is they are not funny.

  8. I so enjoy your perspective on our terrible political position in the US, Canada and Israel. I pray for all of us but especially for Israel. While I am it total agreement that so many of the steps taken to battle the CCP virus were totally unnecessary, I do not in any way discount the seriousness of the disease. By my math, in the US, the death rate among all people is about 0.2% and among those who have caught it, the death rate is just under 2%. That is a rather deadly disease.

  9. It takes a special kind of stupid to be a Liberal or a Democrat

  10. sounds like you need a vacation when you all get home with the work you will need to do on cleaning up your vehicles. Take a day of rest and just be with your Anne & new baby so he gets use to being in new surroundings Tavor will need time to adjust to his new home as well. I am sure you know what is all going on with the gas lines thanks to who ever made it all happen, It will cost many a lot of money for gas now, Take care be happy to be home that is what counts safe journey.

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