Covid (China Virus) – Today’s Gulf Of Tonkin


On August 2, 1964 & Also On August 4, 1964 . . . There were Two ALLEGED Torpedo Attacks on Powerful US War Ships (Destroyers USS Maddox & USS Turner Joy) by the North Vietnamese Navy, where to the Best of my Research, I could Find No Reports of Damage to Either War Ship, which Nonetheless Gave the Casus-Belli (Excuse) for Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) to Get the Green-Light to Go To War Against the Communist North Vietnamese Government.

And Even though LBJ Got his Pass from the US Congress to Eventually Conscript & Send More than 2.7-Million American Men & Women . . . to Fight, Kill, Become Physically & Mentally Wounded, Become Prisoners of War & Die (More than 58,000 Dead Americans) . . . In A War That Was Never Declared By Congress.


This Editorial Is Not About The Virtue Of The Vietnam War . . . But About The Probable Propaganda . . . that Caused the Killing & Absolute Destruction of Millions (Collectively) of Americans, North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, Soldiers, Non-Combatants (Women & Children) and the Absolute Destruction of Vietnamese Wildlife, Flora & Agriculture.

This Undeclared War Also Unleashed Genocidal Weapons Like Agent Orange & Napalm.


By Using A Casus-Belli As An Excuse To Go To War Where Millions Died & Vast Fortunes Spent . . . Asks This Simple Question:


You Have To Wonder . . . Who in North America, Especially in the United States of America ever Contemplated in His or Her Wildest Dreams (Nightmares), that the Government Would Mandate Against The First Amendment – Vis a Vis the Right to Peacefully Assemble and the Right to Gather in Prayer?

Who in a Million Years in North America Would have Ever Believed that the Government Could or Would Suspend the Rights of a Free People to Conduct Legal Commerce . . . and Worse – to Create an Electoral Environment that would Encourage Election Cheating?

Who Would Have Thought That The Denial Of Free Speech Would Become Accepted North American Policy?


When We Use The Term Casus-Belli – We Always Think Of The Excuse To Go To War . . . But It’s More Than That.

In This Modern Context . . . The Globalist (Neo-Communist) Casus-Belli is the China Virus, which in the Words of the Excremental Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s First Chief of Staff & Failed Mayor of Chicago who once Famously Stated . . . “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste” . . . Has Special Meaning Today.


“You Never Want A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste. And What I Mean By That, Is An Opportunity To Do Things That You Think You Could Not Do Before”.

I Am All But Convinced . . . As I’ve Written Multiple Times – I Don’t Know if the China Virus was Intentionally or Accidentally Released upon the World, But What I Am 100% Certain-Of, is that the China Virus is a Crisis, whether it’s as Real a Crisis as the Government Wants to Convince us that it is – Or Not . . .

But Either Way – What Is Real, is How the Government is Using the China Virus as a Casus-Belli to Remove all the Guarantees of Freedom, which have been Nurtured in North America for over a Period of Several Centuries . . . And We’re Letting Them.


Under These Rueful Times . . . What Meaning Do These Iconic Words Portend For Us As A Free People?


It’s The Gulf Of Tonkin All Over Again . . . But This Time It’s Global.

We Have Become so Inculcated (Brainwashed) by our Media, Hollywood, Decrepit Educational (Academic) System & Corrupt World of Politics, that Most of us Can’t Even Wrap our Brains Around the Reality . . . That We Have Become 21st Century Serfs.

If We As A Once Free People Are Not Prepared To Stand-Up & TAKE Our Freedoms Back Now – When & Ever Will We?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. …and then there was the April Glaspie memo which was duly ignored by George H.W. Bush and which brought us the Gulf Wars, 9/11, ISIS, and a whole slew of problems.

  2. I am praying that red state governors will stand up and stop this tyranny. Thank God for Governor Ron DeSantis, yesterday, who put an end to the idea of a vaccine passport to do business within the state of Florida. Now more of the other red state governors need to do the same. Enough of this government overreach …and when they can’t enforce it themselves, they encourage the private sector to become the tyrants! Enough!

  3. I was about to be drafted into the Nam mayhem as it idled down. But did not escape the horrors. Ottawa, Ohio was visited by Nam during a ghastly Christmas evening. i was not harmed physically but one of my great hopes was destroyed. The Chinese distributed the Corona virus. Did they create that monster? i do not expect the WHO to tell the truth. Nam was very bad in every respect. The virus is terrible just as much. still… We have to keep our hope alive.

  4. Dubya is a war criminal for having fabricated a pretext – WMD’S – to justify the invasion of Iraq and causing the deaths of thousands of American and allied soldiers. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were sacrificed to the insatiable greed of the military-industrial complex. Seven trillion dollars were squandered, only to achieve the destabilization of the Middle East and ensure a permanent state of war. The military brass need war to get extra medals pinned to their uniforms. Sick.

  5. Here in BC our idiot medical bureaucrat, Bonnie Henry, has just closed our province once again. I wonder, as she collects her fat salary and accumulates an egregiously bloated pension, if she gives a damn about all the people who have just seen their livelihood evaporate. Has she accepted a pay cut? And where are our hopeless politicians. A plague on all their houses.

  6. As a Vietnam Veteran, I wanted to thank you Howard, for today’s report – especially one day after National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It was a learning day for me as I didn’t know how that mess started almost fifteen years before I deployed to Vietnam in July 1969. And I am reminded of my service there because of my almost daily reaction due to PTSD. Thanks again, Howard.

  7. Think! USA-China trade agreemnt favours USA, need revenge. Germ war ideal. Sacrifice Wuhan, rest of China 1.4Billion, no virus?????. Infect USA, sod the world. China economy great, Biden wins USA loses. Understand how virus & mRNA vaccines will destroy population, google video Geert Vanden Bossche. CFRA today, young people spiking infections, deaths feared, catastrophic concerns, go Grey Zone. All happening as predicted by Geert, a thirty year expert in vaccines and virology. Happy Easter

  8. What ever happened to the system of checks and balances in the USA? It seems that Congress has totally abdicated its responsibility to legislate and is playing opossum by allowing the president to legislate by the stroke of his pen without any challenge whatever. Where, when, and how did this avenue open? I am unable to find any unbiased analysis.

  9. As we use to say in Vietnam, “This war is nothing more than, the incompetent, leading the unwilling, to do the unnecessary, for the ungrateful.”

  10. Yes LBJ was the one who put us in Vietnam many men & women died there for a place such as that. My brother went four times there to fight, and many of my friends went there and never came home but in their coffins with our flags over them. And who owns all the shops to do your nails & toenails? You know as well as I do. What we did to our people was shameful and to this day and many others days in the future it will be a shame.. RIP dear ones who did not make it home.

  11. The great “Reset” is upon us. Get off your butt and rebel. This is not what we want nor desire. We have to confront our Politicians with real questions. Rebel or regress! If you regress you are definitely part of the problem.

  12. Stand your ground against these tyrant’s that are taking their cues from Satan himself! Who else would destroy happiness and prosperity of humans for their own self centered hatred of God, their Creator! Satan and his cohort’s only have the power we ALLOW them to have. What we see today is not the real problem, they are just the symptoms of the problem. Turning our backs on God is reason we are reaping what we’ve sown.

  13. Just as the November election was a fraud, this is bigger and far more dangerous to our freedom. I am afraid we are on a slippery slope that cannot be be reversed.

  14. My wife and I have not taken the vaccine, koolaide. I don’t wear a mask and do not shop a businesses that “Require’ them. How many migrants with God knows what viruses, ailments, ill will, will they allow into this country to gain political control? Everyone has a dog in this fight, like or not. Higher fuel costs, higher food costs, more taxes to be wasted by a hapless government. We are going to be fighting some country sooner or later, need to control the population by destroying the young.

  15. And now we have COVID, Bill Gates, AND the vaxes, that can ? do more harm to your cause they modify your DNA fore Ever, and just might leave you vulnerable to mutations, and a host of other things. All so big PHARMA, and Gates can get there wants to reduce the world population, and WE can become a “ Third World Country “ with no weapons or enough people to defend our selves.

  16. How you feel about Biden getting us back into wars after Trump was trying to get us out? Several intelligence agencies claimed that the Iraqis had WMDs. You may waffle on the definition (a friend thinks only a nuclear bomb is a WMD, but not chemical & biological weapons). One has to wonder what was in those truck convoys heading to Syria from Iraq. There was certainly plenty of time to remove weapons from Iraq. Eisenhauer was right when he said “Beware the military industrial complex.”

  17. My husband was in Vietnam during two Tet offenses but made it home in one piece; had rough time sleeping for months. Those anti-war protesters were mostly college students, a lot of CA. They are now teachers & tenured professors, or working in gov’t jobs. So what can we expect but what we now deal with. Communism set a plan 70+ years ago to destroy US from within by inculcating our children. Obama’s grandparents were communist advocates. We did away with card-carrying requirement so #s grew.

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