Don’t Worry About The Dufus-In-Chief


Biden Is No More In Control Of His Druggie Son Hunter & Ill Tempered Dogs – Than Biden Is In Control Of The USA.

From All Appearances . . . the Only thing Biden Might be in Control of is Biden’s Visits to the Bathroom. The Fact that any Americans VOTED for Such an Empty Vessel, who After Almost 50-Years in Federal Politics has ZERO Significant Achievements To Point-To . . . Is In Itself Terrifying.

That Joe Biden’s Mind Is No Better Than Pablum, to the Point that he Had to be Hidden Away in his Basement, Literally Throughout 99% of the Presidential Campaign, was Almost as Much a Travesty as were the Number of Real People who Voted for this Demented Person, Opposed to the Votes Cast Amongst the Rigged Ballots.

That Joe Biden . . . Can’t Read a Teleprompter Coherently, even if it is the Size of a Drive-In Movie Screen & Can’t even Read from Prepared Speaking Notes & Needs Predetermined Selective Media Questions to Respond to, where Biden Can’t & Couldn’t even do that . . . SCREAMS FAR MORE about the Stupid People who Voted for this Walking-Talking-Disaster of a Human Being . . . Than The Walking-Talking Disaster Himself.


As We Watched The Few Instances Of Biden Press Conferences During The Presidential Election, and the Few Press Statements Biden Read from his Basement, or from the Studios of Friendly Mainstream Medias, I have to Assume that it Wasn’t Lost on you How Jill Biden, who is a Phony Piece of Excrement with Her Dumbass Inconsequential Doctor-Title (To Give Herself An Elitist Air Of Accomplishment), was Far More Joe Biden’s Healthcare Attendant . . . Than “Jill-The-Phony” Was A Loving Wife.

“Jill-The-Phony” Sat By Her Husband With An Expression One Can Only Attribute To Someone Full Of Pity-Trepidation.

If “Jill-The-Phony” Really Cared for her Husband, She would Not Have Agreed to Put Such a Feeble Minded Old Man Out-There for Ridicule in his Waning Days of Lucidity, Who I have to Assume Knew that in all Ernest, “Jill-The-Phony’s” Husband would Never Be a Real President, Other than for the Use of the Socio/Financial/Political Thugs who Found in Joe Biden, the Perfectly Most Pliable Dufus . . . With “Jill-The-Phony” As A Complicit Co-Conspirator.


All of the Hideous Policies that are Threatening Everything we Grew-Up Loving & Building-Upon Started with the Brainwashing (Inculcation) of our Children . . . Going Back More Than 70-Years.


Our Children & Their Children (Our Grandchildren) Are Killing-Us INTENTIONALLY, Just Like the Children in Nazi Germany, when the Nazis Focused on the Sonnenkinder to Express their Loyalty to the State-Government’s Ideals Opposed to the Family & Religious Values.

The East German’s Did The Same Thing . . . As Stalin Did in the Soviet Union & the Chinese are Doing Today. And Now, through the American Neo-Communist Democrats and their Blind Followers . . . America Is Just As Guilty Of Cultural Genocide As Were All The Other Thugocracies.


The Real President Of The United States Of America, Commander-In-Chief & World Leader Are The Puppeteers.

I Makes No Difference if the President of the United States is a Demented Failed Old Man or a Woman who Screwed & Lied her Way through the Political Morass. The President of the United States of America will be the Men and/or Women who are at the Very Top of the Human Predator Chain, who Pull the Strings which Moves The Pretender-In-Chief . . .

Which Is Why President Trump Was Such A Threat To The People Who Are The Masters Of Us – Their Vassals.

Even Though . . . The Puppet Masters Are In Control Now – That’s Temporary, since the Men & Women Calling the Shots will be Devoured by their Own Avarice & Sense of Invincibility, Because Their World Is Not Our World . . . And our World has None to Little Place for People Like them, Who Believe They Are The Captains Of our Universe.

If They Feared President Trump Yesterday . . . For These Nefarious Social/Corporate & Political Bullies, Tomorrow Will Harken Reasons For Far More Fear, as the Torrent of their Making is the Catalyst of the Social Revolution, which is Already Well Underway, as Trump is in the Process of Draining the Swamp & Republican Party of RINOS . . . While at the Same Time, Conservative States & Governors are Enacting the 10th Amendment . . . in Direct Constitutional Dissent to Do What is Needed for the Neo-Communists to Succeed in the LEFT’S Unholy Quest for their One World Government.


Whatever The Neo-Communists Are Doing Today, Will Be Undone Tomorrow – Not To Be Redone For A Generation Or More.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In my opinion, what they (Democrats & his Mrs.) can only be described as “elder abuse”. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Thank you, for all you do and so very sorry about Stryker. Anne NJ

  2. “All of the Hideous Policies that are Threatening Everything we Grew-Up Loving & Building-Upon Started with the Brainwashing (Inculcation) of our Children . . . Going Back More Than 70-Years.” Exactly what I’ve tried telling everyone, I know, when this big push for Socialism started in earnest. I agree with you on everything I see you write. Ignorance breeds sheep, to be controlled, protected then slaughtered. God will not be mocked by these Demons!

  3. You have to wonder if Joe knows his own state of mind , and how frail he is ? If he does , what a serious injustice he is doing to his country and the free world. I believe he does know , and is a “ taker “ , not a “ maker “.

  4. You are 100% on target! Even those who did vote for him need to be asking themselves why!! Why are 3 dozen Democrats asking Biden to give up the nuclear codes? I think the invoking of the 25th Amendment is on the way, then watch out as Legs-Up Harris takes over, which was the plan all along anyway!!

  5. Howard, it can’t be brainwashing going back 70 years which would mean that the brainwashing started when you were in school. I say that the brainwashing started in 1980 which would make more sense because I graduated high school in 1979 and there wasn’t talk of socialism back then. Maybe in American universities or Canadian ones. The real damage started in the 90’s when political correctness was born and it has come to the point of cancel culture and censoring history just like G. Orwell’s 1984!

  6. I certainly hope you are correct. Meanwhile in Canada, according to “I heart” radio, our own liberal oppressive news media, Trudeau will certainly be re-elected once again to continue his destruction of this once great country. I am still very worried about the Country I am leaving to my Grand and great Grand kids.

  7. So now, the media is full of state legislators, enacting legislation that will secure our voting rights for the future. My question is, how can you fix something that you have ignored in the beginning? Shouldn’t you admit that the 2020 election was a complete fraud, determine what caused it, denounce& punish the conspirators, and reward those who voted legally? IMHO, you can’t fix the future until you correct the past.

  8. There’s too much emphasis in how stupid Biden is and was. He certainly is brain dead now and a useful idiot for the EVIL that is trying to take over the world and by necessity us as well. This evil is of Biblical proportions – think also about the holocaust – and is more of my concern, the concern for my children and grand children. Sorry but I distinctly remember the holocaust. I think!

  9. How long will the Whitehouse continue this “Presidential” charade! It is no wonder they have barricaded DC. When the idiots find out a coup has taken place, all hell could break loose!

  10. I’m not so sure that Jill Biden actually had any choice in whether old Joe ran for President. The party is running the show, I think she was forced to just go along with the plan so the Democrats could get back into office. I fear for our country!

  11. According to a recent poll, 79% of Canadians believe the world is safer with Biden occupying the White House. What does that say about Canada’s future?

  12. Obiden, and BLM poster Ho Harris are controlled by the same America Hating Cartel as was/is Obama. The Puppets were carefully chosen by the Global Elites to Divide, Conquer and Destroy OUR Freedom, and Liberty. Much of WWII history is Repeating itself Because it is not Taught nor Remembered. Freedom loving people everywhere will Pay the consequences for this Betrayal.

  13. I hope and PRAY for a good outcome of this mess. I’m still shocked and so very disappointed in SCOTUS for dismissing allowing a single case of election fraud to be considered. THEY are just as much at fault now as those who defrauded We The People of an honest, fair election. Political correctness did nothing but bring Emotions to rule rather than common sense or history. There is more hate, people operating from emotion now than anytime in my 79 years.

  14. The tyrants who rule China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea are giddy with delight. Their dream of spreading the tyranny of authoritarianism around the world are being expedited by the Commander-in-Chief of the once great US of A. If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you, nothing will.

  15. Howard I am beginning to see and hear that people I deal with are becoming far more willing to express their dissatisfaction with government than they were 6 months ago. Even had a person I know is a life long Democrat say we went from a nut to a disaster. That is a mouthful

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