What’s Below The Bottom Of The Barrel?


The Greatest Victories Are Often The Most Painful . . . And Don’t Happen Over-Night.

It Took 5-Years for the North to Defeat the South During the Civil War. It Took 4-Years for the Allies to Win the First World War And 6-Years for the Allies to Defeat the Nazis During the Second World War. And 47-Years for America to Defeat the Soviet Union (Evil Empire) During the Cold War.

In His 1787 Paris To America Letter . . . Just After the American Revolution . . . Thomas Jefferson, the Architect of America’s Declaration Of Independence, Wrote in his Famous Tree Of Liberty Document . . . (To Paraphrase) – If America is Going to Remain a Free Society – In Every Century or Two One Could Expect a Form of Insurrection, where the Blood of Patriots & Traitors will be Spilled to Protect the Republic. . . “It Is It’s Natural Manure”.

The Democrat Party Has Declared War On America & America’s Constitutional Freedoms . . . And The Non-Neo-Communist Supporters Of The Democrat Party Are Too Stupid To Realize It.

When the Patriots of the American Revolution Waged War Against the British Empire, the Continental Army was Only a Small Fraction of the Total Population . . . Under-Armed, Under-Funded & Under-Supported . . .

But The Patriots Fought With Determination & A Ferocity Never Expected By A Formidable Enemy . . . By A Citizen Army.

What It Took . . . for the Small Band of Patriots to Defeat the Greatest Power on Earth of its Day . . . Had Much More to do with a Desire to be a Free People, than it Had to do with National Wealth, Equipment, Sized Army, Navy and the Unshakeable Resolve . . . Not To Be The Vassals Of Government.


Perhaps, what America Needed Most of All at this Juncture in America’s Freedom & History, was the Call for “Refreshing The Tree Of Liberty”, Before America Falls Completely into the Pit of the Horrors of Communism & National Delusion, to Enable the People who Think they are “WOKE” . . . To Actually Wake-Up To The Truth.


Canada . . . Has No Such Thing As A First Amendment & Certainly Nothing Close to The American Second Amendment.


Canada Has A “VARIABLE” Constitution, which is Nothing Akin to the Defined Rights & Freedoms Enjoyed by the Freest People on the Planet, Many of whom have Proven to be so STUPID, to the Point Where so Many Americans are Willing to Surrender the Freedoms, which some 250-Years Ago, Brave Men & Women Sacrificed Everything they Had for the Rights, which Americans Relish Today and which are the Envy of the World.

These Neo-Communist Democrat Supporters Are So Stupid, that they Don’t Even Realize that they’re Using their Constitutional Freedoms to Surrender their Constitutional Freedoms, Not Understanding that Once the Freedoms are Gone . . . Lost Freedoms Will Not Come Back Without The Extreme Loss Of Blood & Treasure.


The Flood Begins With A Trickle, Which Becomes A Wave, Which Becomes A Torrent . . . The Tsunami Can’t Be Allowed to Happen.

The Beginning Of The Control Of Free Speech (Freedom of Expression), is the End for all Freedoms. When the Government Tells the People what they Can Say . . . the Government is Also Telling all the People What the People are Allowed to Hear.

The Loss Of Freedom Of Expression – Is The Beginning Of The Loss Of All Freedoms.


Worldwide Communists have Been Planning & Scheming for Years (Centuries), On how to Achieve a Goal of Dominion over Mankind, where a Selective Elitist Few will RULE Over the Many.

If We Allow The Lunatics To Run The Asylum . . . The Asylum Will Run All Of Us.

And As Depressing As All Of This Is . . . Remember This – The Only Reason Why Tyrannies Attack Freedom of Expression First & Foremost, is Because of the Fear the Tyrants Have of the People Knowing the Truth. And the Knowledge, that there is No Human Force Greater Than the Force To Be Free.


First Comes The Loss Of Freedom Of Expression. Then Comes The Loss Of The Ability To Forcibly Resist.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Democrat tyranny in Congress & White House, backed by mega-wealthy who want to be the BOSSES are pushing laws fast & furious before most WAKE UP and realize what they’re doing and REBEL. The rapid fire appears to possibly be from fear of exactly that – rebellion. Trying to have conservative media sites removed only shows they are celebrating the social media success in fraudulent elections & are trying to shut down anything/anyone who does not agree with them. Rebellion one way or other.

  2. There was a good reason that the nazis took away the radios and telephones AND they had a Minister of Propagandas. The communists also controlled the news inside the Iron Curtain and made listening to the Voice of America and Free Europe a crime. I am still hoping that Trump will sue tweeter and facebook.

  3. Fascist libtards use fascist tactics to disarm their anti-fascist opponents. Got that?

  4. What is below the barrel is a bunch of snakes, i.e. the Democrat Party, the media and big tech. What are some others?

  5. Words of truth are the most frightening “bullets” ever fired by enemies of any government run amok. It may be difficult to keep the media outlets of any kind open to such words, bullets, but we must continue to support those who will fire such projectiles at the beasts that are with us today as they were yesterday when other patriots used their weapons to maintain our freedoms and rights.

  6. What I do not understand is why? We had a taste of the unbridled power of a free capitalist U.S.A. with Trump as President. Everyone was prospering at all levels. Why destroy that? It just makes no sense at all. Even the greedy prospered under his administration. Everyone but him it seems. Now the destroyers are taking charge and it is all falling apart. Don’t they realize that they will lose out too?

  7. WOW Howard just when I think I have heard your best editorial you hit another home run, you are so right this communist party, (democrats, media, rinos, and big tech) are destroying America right before our eyes, I keep telling everyone I run into to wake up.

  8. Last editorial you said, I can’ Puke at the People I see on the Jogging Paths who are Wearing Masks as they Run, Including People Walking on the Sidewalks with other People or by Themselves. Even People Riding Bicycles are Wearing Masks.” On the field in the Benson centre, no mask rule, however, mindless morons, except me, all walking with masks. Therein lies the answer to why the Dems are trying to destroy America, morons leading morons with head moron Biden and we have JT doing same in Canada

  9. Let’s not forget that the spark that started the American Revolution was the British attempted to confiscate our firearms. We gave them the answer they deserved on Lexington Green.

  10. Great one Howard but a bloody scary one yet. Trump going to be on T.V. tomorrow night at eight on CPASA we are so anxious to hear what he is going to say. THE GOP had best get their bottoms moving against the other bottoms and fight them to save our country or as you said it is over with. There are 34 millions I heard tonight on T.V. that have weapons they are not going to give them up, we will fight. Your all take care, Gods blessings to you Anne and doggie along with your horses. Stay safe:))

  11. Reading “Land of Hope” get the book. I keep saying to myself when do we all rise up and really start a Revolution against these communist in DC? We are not being governed like a republic that the Constitution says we are. Biden acts like a King! The colonist revolted against the king and when do we do the same?

  12. HG, you wrote–The Flood Begins With A Trickle, Which Becomes A Wave, Which Becomes A Torrent . . . The Tsunami Can’t Be Allowed to Happen. Your statement will become a POSITIVE one. At this point, WE are in the TRICKLE PHASE! TRUMP’S SPEECH @ the CPAC EVENT today will CAUSE the WAVE. The TSUNAMI WILL happen and be DETRIMENTAL to the DEMOCRATS who have UNDERESTIMATED Trump. They will suffer the REPERCUSSIONS of their ATTACKS against him! The TRUTH shall be REVEALED much SOONER than later! AMEN!

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