Truth – The First Victim To Fall In War


And Understand This . . . The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum.

It’s Time To Stop Pretending, and Time to Start Realizing that the LEFT – America’s Lunatic Neo-Communists, will Do Everything they Can to Destroy the Exceptionalism of America by Using the Same Tactics Employed Throughout History by Political Thugs & Tyrants.

The LEFT Squirms At The Comparison Between Themselves & Nazis – TOUGH! . . . If The Swastika Fits Wear-It.


The Parallels Between Hitler’s Brownshirts . . . Targeted Suspension of the Legislature, One Party Rule, Enemies Lists, Control of the Judiciary (Courts), Hitler’s Erasure of History, Destruction of National Icons, Pursuit of Perceived Enemies of the State, Forced Compliance to Anti-Citizenry Laws, Book Burnings, Created Racism, Purged Police & Military, Rule by Decree, Suspension of Civil Rights & Liberties, Seizure of Guns, Assault on Freedom of Expression (For The Public Good) & Individuals Targeted for Special Attention . . . Do I Really Need To Go-On?


Read What The American Democrat Neo-Communists Have Written & Cringe.

Anyone who Believes a Tiger will Change its Stripes, or a Poisonous Snake Won’t Bite, Might Believe a Political Thug in Proper Dress Clothing, a Command of the Language and a Smile for the Cameras Won’t Grind the People Into the Ground when He or She Believes the Timing is Right . . . Is Holding Onto A Cobra Praying For It Not To Bite.

It’s as if We’re Living in a Dystopic Novel or in the Script of a Dystopic Movie, where Society is Crumbling from Within, because People Forgot what it Means to be Free, Where Freedom of Expression is Whatever the Government Decides Freedom of Expression should Mean . . . And To What Extent It Should Mean.


We’re Witnessing Kabuki Theater – Where It’s All About The Staging, The Costumes & A Contrived Story.

Kabuki Theater NEEDS Multiple Players to Act-Out the Contrived Scenarios . . . In this Case, the American Neo-Communists NEED Compliant Republicans to Stage their “Play”, In-Order to Give this Political Illusion the Gravity – WHICH IT DOES NOT DESERVE.


The Problem – One Of Many . . . Is that the People Have Become Brain-Washed with Reality-TV, as Somehow Being the Real-Thing, where in all Reality, Reality-TV is Nothing But Staged Entertainment Created to Give the Appearance & Impression that what is Being Portrayed is Actually True . . . Opposed To Crafted Entertainment.

People in this Day & Age have Become Absolutely Convinced that Television Theatre, much like Sit-Coms are Relevant to the Functioning of our Societies, and have Never Questioned the Transformation from Hard-Hitting News to News-Entertainment – PABLUM FOR THE MASSES . . .

. . . Which Leads Me to Believe that the Purpose of this Sham Impeachment of President Donald Trump is Nothing More than a Major Distraction from the Real Business of this Neo-Communist Government, which is to Destroy the Exceptionalism of America in Favor of the Long-Held Drive to a Communist/Elitist Controlled . . . One World Government.


In My World . . . If I Was The Republican Leader Of The Senate, There Would be No Kabuki Theater.

I Wouldn’t Play Their Game . . . I would simply State it for what it is – Denigrating Political Theater using Meaningless High-Brow Speeches Contrived to Titillate the Masses to Hide the Real Shenanigans Going-On by the LEFT.


 . . . Nor Will The Hundred Million Plus “Trump” Supporters Be Silenced, as the American Democrat Neo-Communists Rush With Wild Abandon to Succeed in their Quest to Destroy America Sufficiently, to the Point of Un-Repair, Before the People can Realize What’s Happening.

Even Though Many Tens Of Millions Of Americans . . . Just like Millions Upon millions of Canadians have Been Sufficiently Inculcated to Believe the Neo-Communist Fairytale of a One World Communist Utopia – Reality Has A Funny Way Of Reintroducing Itself.

Our Job Is Simple . . . Stand-Up, Speak-Up & Don’t Give An Inch – Our Day Is Around The Corner.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Boy, oh boy, do I look forward to your editorials. When done reading them I actually breath a sy of relief, that I indeed am not alone in my anger and conviction of doing what ever I can to stop the Left. Keep ’em going, Thanks

  2. Back in the day Hitler started out just like the left is doing now. Little by little Hitler eased himself into the dictator of Germany as there was no one to stop him as he had already got the German people’s guns. Does this remind you of what the left wants. This is what is on the left’s minds to do (take over America). But the left has some big problems against getting this done, we still have our guns, we have Trump and we have 74 million people who voted for Trump.

  3. I look forward to your editorials each day, thanks for all you do.

  4. Sol Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is their playbook. What you said pretty much proves it.

  5. Not sure who first penned it…. In the war of words True was the early casualty… and is this case it is going to remain wounded

  6. as a jew of 81 years I being a serious person understanding history back more than 2000 years, if this continues for a little longer we may see brown coats, I always told friends and family who are not left just no knowledge of our past,before hating Trump think of your grandchildren look at them,use your brain its their future,6 years ago I told a bunch you should Trumps rear and one day you could start understand our history..its scary just the thought

  7. I have read “Atlas Shrugged” every decade since the sixties and we get closer every year to what was written in the late forties.

  8. Amen, Howard. Well-said! You were saying the right thing at the right time – something we all needed to hear. Thank you!

  9. Sticks and stones may break your bones But…………………………….. I can’t remember the rest of it but it was prophetic.

  10. Truth may be under assault; but it will only die if We The People cease spreading it. The Dems think they have us on the run or hiding so are going all out in frenzied pitch to complete their agenda. BUT when they start trying to apply it to the people, it won’t take long before we rise up in massive numbers. Their KEY is MSM. But with so many honest and/or conservative media springing up, the truth will still come out.

  11. Your b/Day is Friday wishing you a Happy one. Mine is July 4th of 1941so I am a bit older than you. 1st one to say yes the Jewish people were horribly treated in Europe. Did U know that 2 thousand tribes of Indians owned this country before we took and did away with almost all of them. With out looking it up how many can you name today of tribes are left of the 2 thousand? What we did to them is disgusting & heart breaking. Blacks have no reason to say black matters. I can only name 8 of them.

  12. I asked a hard core Democrat neighbor if she was having voter remorse. She wanted to know what I meant. I didn’t get into the impeachment scam, but I asked her if she enjoyed the $.45 rise in gas prices, increased food prices, the hoards about to enter this country for free health care and everything else the Dems offer them at our expense. I could have gone on but she turned on her heals and headed back inside. I think I made my point and gave her something to think about.

  13. Thanks Howard. Your editorials are being forwarded to many of my friends. Keep it up. We need the inspiration and truth that you print. I heard someone say on a radio program this morning that the reason that people in government didn’t like Trump is because he was getting too close to exposing all the corruption in Congress and the Justice Dept. He should have cleaned house before he even started his term, especially the FBI. If he is even thinking of running again, I hope he does that.

  14. If you see “reality TV” and there is a camera involved it ain’t real at all! Those camera men ain’t gonna’ eat no snales and moss! They have steaks grillin’ just off camera.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD Have a wonderful day and a perfect long weekend of fun ! Joy

  16. I have read enough History to know it does repeat itself ,that is why they are trying to destroy it. All Dictators did the same thing, get medicorcy to be the norm and mandate every thing. Gas is up and will continue to climb, unemployment is up and will continue to climb, gun ownership is up and will continue to climb. Shooting ranges are busy with new people, they are instructed not to use up all their ammo. Ammo has become hard to find, along with reload supplies. Something is brewing, Hum.

  17. Happy Birthday To Our Alpha Guy ….. GALGANOV! We wish you the BEST and many more! You are a special soul! Many thanks for taking such great care of your flock! And the rest of the world..Cheers to your Mom & Dad for your creation! Boss & Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA. xxoo to you, Ann & Stryker

  18. Have a wonderful celebration of the day you were born HOWARD, even though you do not remember the event (FORTUNATELY)! I am an old man but our current situation saddens me to the point of tears. …Thank you for voicing what I would say if I had an audience.

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