The LEFT’S Sin Of Hubris


For Those Few Who Might Not Know . . . The Sin of Hubris Dates Back to Biblical Times, when Great Kings, Generals & Rulers Saw Themselves as Undefeatable & Infallible, to the Point of Extreme Narcissism, which Blinded them to the Reality, that like all Others, Their Sin Of Hubris . . . will be the Catalyst to their Complete Destruction.


The Cost Of The Arrogance Of Hubris (Personal Destruction) Is Displayed Daily . . .

Why Are So Many Entertainers . . . Singers, Musicians, Actors, Comedians & Others – Especially those who Seemingly Have-It-All (Fame & Fortune) . . . Nut-Jobs, Alcoholics & Drug Abusers – Who Destroy Their Own Personal Relationships?

Simple Answer . . . They Don’t Know When To Stop – When Enough Is Enough, They Feel Invincible & Are Insatiable.

We See The Sin Of Hubris In Government Every Day, even with Low Level Bureaucrats & Pissant Politicians, who Overnight, Seemingly Morph from a Politician Begging for Support (Votes) . . . Or Bureaucrats Begging for a Job, who Once they Find themselves in a Position of Authority (Power), No Matter How Unimportant, All of a Sudden Feel Empowered to Sit in Judgement of Others.

Two Perfect Examples.

Give Some People A Crossing Guard Stop Sign . . . and that Person will all of a Sudden Become the Most Important Symbol of Security in the World.

Give The Crossing Guard Stop Sign To A Different Person . . . And the Different Person with the Stop Sign will do the Job and be Grateful for the Work.

Give A Man Like Andrew Cuomo The Job Of An Elected Governor . . . and From an Elected Position to Serve the People, Cuomo Becomes a Dictator, Knowing Better than all People he Dictates to.

Give The Elected Position Of Governor To Ron DeSantis . . . And Ron DeSantis will Make Decisions on Behalf of the People – Opposed To Upon The People.

Ron DeSantis Might one Day Run for the White House and be Successful in Winning It. Where Someone like Andrew Cuomo would be Lucky Not to be Run-Out of his Own State of New York by the Same People this Narcissist thought Adored Him.

Donald Trump Was (Is) A Narcissist, but Does Not Suffer the Disease of Hubris, and even if President Trump Did (Does), he Hides & Controls it Very Well, To The Point Where FAR MORE Than 74-Million People Adore & Trust The Man . . .

Can This Be Said . . . for People Like DeBlasio, Schumer, Pelosi, Newsome, Whitmore and so Many Others of their Creed . . . Who Are Allowing The Sounds Of Their Own Wheels To Drive Them Crazy?  Who need to be Surrounded By Armed Security 24/7, to be Protected from the People they Fear the Most – The People They’ve Sworn To Serve?

All Of That Said . . . The Democrats Have Committed The Sin Of Hubris For Which The Penalty Will Be Politically Severe.


I Know Nothing About This Man . . . Other than Wayne Allyn Root Wrote a Book Called “Trump Rules”, which is Purportedly a Best Seller, One of Many Best Sellers Written about Donald Trump by Many Authors . . .

But Root Wrote Something That Intrigued Me.

He Wrote That President Donald Trump Should Run For Congress In 2022, a Suggestion or Idea which I Dismissed Out-Of-Hand at First Blush.

But Then I Thought About It.

President Donald Trump Could Easily Win A Safe Seat From A RINO (Republican In Name Only) . . . Anywhere in the State of Florida. There is Literally No Question in my Mind, that the Republicans are Going to Swamp The House In 2022, Especially if the Prime Candidate Throughout America is President Donald Trump.


The Republicans Take Back The House In 2022. Donald Trump at 76-Years Old Becomes the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi Is Already 80-Years Old) in Control of All the Federal Purse Strings of the United States of America.

It Is Also More Likely Than Not . . . That The Republicans Will Take Back The Senate In 2022.


I Doubt If Anyone Save A Few People . . . (Real Trump Insiders), Would have a Clue About what President Donald Trump is Planning to Do to Win Back the Government for the People. But I Assume, it will Not be Conventional, and By the Time the LEFT (Neo-Communists) Figures-It-Out, it will be Too Late and the Deed Will be Done.

They’re Politicians, Which Doesn’t Make Them Smart – “Trump” Is A Strategist, Which Make Him Scary-Smart.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What we need to realize is that Dems only care about their constituents when it’s time for re-election. Otherwise, they only care about what profits themselves. That’s true for RINOs as well. As for Trump in politics, he has 3 possibilities: House, Senate or WH. The problem in any case is somehow removing the Dems’ cheat methods (mail-in ballots, Dominion machines, & governors/legislature take-over of as many states as possible). GOP sweep; have lots to undo from Biden administration & Congress.

  2. HG, that’s the most exciting idea I’ve heard in decades!!! Thanks for giving me hope!

  3. In my humble opinion, President Trump will be back as the true President of the United States of America LONG before 2022……but I truly admire the way you think, stand, speak, and write for our freedom. Thank you and bless you!!!!!

  4. Great article Howard. I have always said that there is not much worse people than one with little education and some authority. Ever noticed how many of these have government jobs?

  5. Trump’s district (where Mar-a-Lago is) is held by Lois Frankel, Dem, former West Palm Beach mayor. Laura Loomer challenged her for the seat in 2020 and lost, but President Trump would easily defeat her.

  6. It is hard to imagine that anyone on his or her’s san mind would believe that the Biden’s will have the morals, depth, imagination and grit to operate the US and in fact the World. This is by now self evident. We, in turn, must organize solidly to support a true alternative to that. President Trump, after carefully considering some adjustments… has the profile we need. In 2022 that will be determined.

  7. What a brilliant idea for Rep. D.J.Trump (R, FL)! You are correct, Howard, he could easily win!

  8. U have done it again HG. I will pray harder & harder this next few yrs for President Trump to win back the W/House. Nancy P egads that woman should go home. It will be more than 74 million next time to vote for Trump. The roads ahead & curves are going to be ruff but We the People can handle it. Hang in there as well HG and Anne

  9. Once I was without hope, now I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks, HG for giving us HOPE!

  10. Stacy Abrams nominated for a Peace Prize? Should be in strips and in cuffs. This country has gone nuts, Biden signing orders so fast I think most are Blank Pages for the Libs to fill out later, “You Know, we have to pass it so you will know what is in it” Obama Care. Folks were slammed with hidden costs. This Climate Change agenda is a “PIG IN A POKE” gong to hit so many people in many ways. The Low Income folks are going to mess their pants when Gas & Electric is unaffordable, nice Huh.

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