The Lunatics Have Taken-Over The Asylum


Better News . . . Is that PARLER is Making a Comeback and should be Back On-Line Before the Month of January is Done, Not that I’m a User of any of the Social Media, but as a FREEDOM of Expression Advocate – This Resilience of PARLER is an Enormous Victory for our Side.

It Turns Out . . . that Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohls . . . have Decided to KICK-OUT the My Pillow Guy from all their Stores because Mike Lindell (My Pillow Guy) Supports “Trump”. OK – I just Decided to Kick-Out Bed, Bath & Beyond & Kohls . . . Off My Shopping Go-To Stores.


Some Other Good News . . . Liz Cheney has Been Officially Rebuked by the Republican Party of Wyoming, and in the Long Run, she Should Kiss her Egregious Political Aspirations with Conservatives . . . Goodbye.


Not To Stop With Liz Cheney . . . I Suspect President Trump is Not Nearly as Bothered with the Lunatic LEFT, as President Trump is with the Republican Swamp Creatures, who from Day One . . . Starting Mostly with Paul Ryan as House Speaker, who Did all Ryan Could to Push the Swamp Agenda to the Detriment of President Trump’s . . . Make America Great Agenda.

So It’s Quite Understandable . . . Why the Republicans in Name Only (RINOS) are Desperate to See Trump Tarred, Feathered & Run-Out of Politics on a Rail . . . For Life.

What They Forget . . . “What Doesn’t Kill – Me Makes Me Stronger” & “Trump” Is Not About To Go Quietly Into That Dear Night.


There Will Be A Permanent Stain On The November 3, 2020 American Presidential Election . . . And No Amount of Whitewashing of History will ever be Able to Change that. And When things Go from Bad to Worse, it’s Usually at the Speed of Light with the Fury of a Runaway Locomotive, Unstoppable Until it Either Smashes Into Something or Gets Flung Off the Tracks.

Perhaps America & The World Needs This Mayhem For A Real Reset, Unlike The Reset Propagated By The Scurrilous LEFT.

Almost Always – Or At The Very Least – More Often Than Not . . . We all Need a Reminder that Life Isn’t Easy & What we Have is a Heartbeat Away from Being Gone, which Includes Everything from our Health to our Wealth . . . Including Our Freedoms.

And Unless We’re Prepared To FIGHT To Preserve What We Have . . . It Will Disappear Faster Than It Came.

Sometimes The Reminder Is Gentle . . . Sometimes the Reminder is Brutal – But Without the Reminder – The Consequence is Very Often Worse than the Initial Loss. It’s like Having that Growth on your Skin you Choose to Ignore, Until What you Ignored Becomes Irreparable.

In Spite Of Everything We Might Believe (You & I) . . . This Choice Is Ours & Ours Alone.

The Socio/Political Reminder Is Upon Us . . . And How we Choose to Deal With it Will Determine . . . Either a Life of Tyranny or a Life of Freedom for Us and our Progeny.

History Tells Me . . . Truth Will Vanquish Lies & Freedom Will Conquer Tyranny.


On January 27, 2021 . . . The World Will Remember The Slaughter Of 6-Million Jews, For Committing The Crime Of Being Jewish.

Conservative Jews Like Me . . . And Christians of Faith, Including Many Moslems of Great Conscience & Other Faiths Also Pay Homage to the Memory of 6-Million Jews who were Slaughtered by Means Worse than how a Civilized Society Slaughters Animals for Food, Because . . . What Happened To The Six-Million Jews Can Happen To Anyone.

And Just With The Knowledge . . . that One of the Most Civilized Societies in the Entire World (Germany) at that Time, in One of the Most Enlightened Periods of Humanity Throughout Europe . . . Could Be So Evil – Must Never Be Forgotten, Less Humanity Repeats Itself Once Again.

But It Will Happen Again . . . Because History Happens Again & Again & Again – But To What Scope?

There Are Things We Cannot Stop . . . But there are Things we Can Control, such as Who will Dictate the Extent People will Have to Enjoy & Express their Freedoms.

Remember . . . Despotism Always Starts With Tyranny, which Always Starts with a Benign Agenda of What is Important for the Common Good – Erasing What Is Important For Individual Rights & Freedoms.

Remember This Too . . . More Than A Year Ago – We Were Told We Had To Be Locked-Down For Just Several Weeks.

The Government Promise . . . Was that the Lockdown was Just Temporary and for the Infamous Common Good. And as Soon as we Flatten The Curve, Life will be Back to Normal.

I’m Getting Such A Positive Feedback On My Podcasts – I’m Think Of Doing One Almost On A Daily Basis.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One of the lessons that should be learned from all the Trump Derangement Syndrome is that people can so easily be conditioned to extreme hatred of a man who perhaps accomplished more than any President in American history in less than his first term, which should give us a better understanding of how the Germans were so easily conditioned to hatred of the Jews. History will exonerate Trump.

  2. Thanks HG for all you do. I need to send you some money for support and plan on doing so. I just read where CNN is being criticized on Twatter for their desire to have Newsmax, OAN and even Fox banned for inciting violence……go figure. I plan on watching the 2016 melt down on CNN where they finally had to admit Trump won. I will do this while Biden takes the oath of office. Can’t bring myself to watch the take over. Sorry. I’m a little biased.

  3. “I just Decided to Kick-Out Bed, Bath & Beyond & Kohls Off My Shopping Go-To Stores.” Exactly. 2 can play the “cancel culture” game. Yes; “Trump” Is Not About To Go Quietly Into That Dear Night. I think they fail to understand Trump being in politics NOT as a candidate, but as the $ behind a candidate is far more dangerous to their positions than Trump AS candidate. Yes, Howard, Truth Will Vanquish Lies & Freedom Will Conquer Tyranny, but it’ll be a painful process getting there, I’m afraid.

  4. The loony left get their jollies from book burnings, show trials, Stalinist purges, kangaroo courts, secret police, stormtroopers, entrenched one-party rule, brownshirts, blackshirts, the ministry of truth, the SS, the KGB and state censorship. From Free Will to U VILL! They rejoice over the election of a fascist Joke (Papa Doc) Biden and his slap-happy sidekick Camel Horse. What’s next? Salem witch trials? God save the USA. No one else will.

  5. Our local Bed, Bath & Beyond is closing! So like Twitter, perhaps their political choices are costing them too. GOOD!!! Excellent editorial Howard. Just listened to Trump’s farewell speech which ended with “I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning,” I hope we see/hear him continuing the FIGHT; his patriotism & love of country makes him the ideal leader of the fight,

  6. I hope these idiots that say “No” to Trump supporters go broke, lose their total investment. It is time to fight with our spending first, what ever is needed second. Have noticed gas prices have increased .23 in two days locally, plan on $4 by Jun. When Biden gets done we will be in rubble, poor getting less, hard working people not able to afford a home. How about kids taking the Bus to school as we did, just saw at least 40 cars picking up their kids at a local middle school, hum…

  7. For anyone who missed Presidents Trumps farewell speech, google it, there are links already. Patriots, have some tissues ready it is a very touching emotional goodbye to a great President. God Bless President Trump and all who supported him and America.

  8. Part of the irony and revenge is that Paul Ryan is on the board of Fox which has taken a beating at the ratings.

  9. HG listened to your Pod’s last night & tonight. U said only a 1000 character’s but U do not have it like U do for the 500 so we know when to stop. Anyway U can fix it so we know when we get to a 1000?? Loved listening to your voice and U seem closer to all of us. The 1st time I heard U I did not know U had many more to hear. So I did listen to a couple. I wrote to U in the line U said we could write but then saw the amount. Getting close to the end now so have a great Wed. My best to U & Anne

  10. Another Great Insightful article HG Thanks. I too Highly recommend President Trump’s Farewell Address. I can only Imagine how much More Greatness he could have Achieved had the global elitist Not been pulling the strings. Our President fought the Good Fight, may God continue and Bless this Republic.

  11. Thank you Howard. I just finised watching our dear President & beautiful wife leave the white house. Sad day. I look forward to reading your encouraging words each day & hearing your pod cast. I will not watch the inauguration. At 78 yrs old, I am leaving it in God’s hands. There is a lesson in all of this. He has a plan. Thanks for keeping us grounded. Mary Bemis

  12. This is no longer “the social media”, but the SOCIALIST MEDIA, The times ahead are going to be rough for real American Patriots. This is the last day of ” General Bull moose ” and the first day of Joseph Stalin JR. Don’t be fooled by the church bit, this guy is not what he pretends to be, he is a baby murderer and a liar, a power hungry communist w/out scruples. He destroys , not build, he is a part of the great corrupt swamp and now he is the leader of that s–t hole.

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