Fool Me Once Shame-On-You . . . Fool Me Twice Shame On Me


4-Years Ago . . . We all Believed the Polls, the Media and the Media Pundits, which Showed a Blow-Out Against Donald Trump in Favor of a Slam-Dunk for Crooked Hillary Clinton.

The Polls were so Bad for Donald Trump, that Even the Supposedly Pro-Trump Supporters and Equally “Supposedly” Pro-Republican Pollsters like “Professor” Frank Luntz (A Real Phony) – Wrote Donald Trump-Off . . . Which Led Most Americans & People Worldwide To Dismiss Any Chance That “Trump” Had To Win.

I Didn’t Buy Their Garbage . . . Because I Trusted My Eyes & Ears Far More Than The Media’s Empty Rhetoric & Polls.

In The Closing Month(s) Of The 2016 Election Campaign, I saw the Huge “Trump” Rallies in Comparison to the Anemic Clinton Gatherings. And I Said to all who would Listen, even to . . . and Especially to the People who Read, that Big-Mo (Big Momentum) is the Most Powerful Force in any Contest, and Donald Trump Had the Biggest Momentum I had Ever Seen in Any Political Campaign, That Is – Until This 2020 Presidential Election.

And In Comparison Between Crooked Hillary & Sleepy Joe – There’s No Comparison Between Bad & Worse, Since They’re Both Equally Reprehensible In Their Own Right.


It’s The Same Despicable Media, whether on Cable News, Mainstream Broadcasting, Social Media – Etc, but this Time, even More Openly Hostile to President Donald J Trump, than they were to Candidate Donald J Trump . . . From 2016 To Date.

There’s No Pretense Amongst Almost All the Media . . . for their Vitriol Against President Trump & their Abandonment of Real Journalism, for the Purpose of Destroying the Man who Stands Like a Wall Between the Rush of Socialist Tyranny & the Freedoms Fought & Won by Generation after Generation of Americans Since 1776.

I’m Not Deterred . . . I Believe In Big-Mo & I Believe Trump Will Win On Tuesday.


For Those Few Of You Who Might Not Know . . . Pandora Held all the World’s Evil in Check in Her Vase, Which if Opened Would Unleash Hell & Damnation Upon The Entire World.


And Once Pandora’s Box Is Opened . . . and all the Evils Escape, All that will be Left in the Box will be Hope, which Over Time, Hope will Defeat Evil, but at an Enormous Cost . . . And Until Such Time – Evil Will Scar The World.

What Academia & the Media have Together Unleashed Upon the Planet, Specifically with its Last Assault on Freedom through the Destruction of the American Dream, will Permeate about the Globe, Causing Conflict the Likes of Which None of us has Ever Seen, with the Exception Perhaps of the Very Few Holocaust Survivors  and WWII Veterans.


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PlanetHoster is a Security Apparatus which is Part of the Overall Security Service Employed by, to Protect Malfeasance Against, by Nefarious Internet Criminals (Hackers & The Such).


I Have No Idea . . . Exactly how PlanetHoster Works, Other than, when PlanetHoster Detects a Question of Security, Perhaps because of an Email you Received or a Website you Visited, it Blocks Access to, in Order to Protect this BLOG from a Hacker Attack.


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As For What’s Going To Happen Tomorrow – It’s Going To Happen One Way Or The Other . . . It’s What Happens Next That Really Bothers Me. Long Term & Short Term.

Get Out & Vote!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am over 80 years young… Seen and participated in 28 elections in three countries. Never seen a more violent setting than the one devised by the Obama “legacy”. Peron/Evita had about the same media.. support as Hussein set up for HB. We voted…

  2. This dilemma in the US all started when “the people “ elected Obama. He is a Moslem sympathizer, and a Globalist. I don’t understand how the press hid his past associations with Bill Ayers, Weather Underground, Soros, etc. And he is out there promoting his anti American vitriol again. Trump needs to win, and take back the House, and add to the Senate. This is the only sane decision. Please vote. Your future depends on it.

  3. I can’t wait for your next article congratulating our amazing President. Do you have any suggestions on how we can boycott Twitter Facebook Amazon and the TV stations that we don’t even watch?

  4. Been reading some Federalist articles. One in particular the other day was about a group called ShutDownDC is calling for all “affinity groups” to plan to disrupt lame duck session, keep Congress from returning, etc. They don’t publish advocacy for riots; nonetheless specifically chosen words point to that anyway, calling anything other than a Biden win a coup attempt by Trump. Deflection (accuse enemies of what you do). So we’re in for rough times for quite a while it seems.

  5. Howard, I’m now fairly certain that President Trump will win a second term. My major concern now revolves around our at least retaining the majority in the Senate. Critically important. There are some very tight Senatorial races. Estimstes that at least 2 will go democrat. Hopeful we can gain enough seats in the house to make that body a majority of Republicans. Don’t want Trump to be a lame duck!

  6. Fingers crossed. Desperately praying the crooked Biden, Obama, Clinton cabal is blown away again and the House and Senate get clear Republican majorities so America can build back up again.

  7. Faith in GOD- plus an awakened giant called the people can and hopefully WILL drain the swamp and restore sanity in America!

  8. I hope those how live in an area where BLM and Antifa flex their muscles are prepared. I think the only stopping it will be the locals rising up to protect theirs and there neighbors property. There has to be many Democrats that still have some sanity also.

  9. If General George Patton were alive today, he’d say the following: “Wade into them! Make THEM lose EVERY election! We’re going to rip out their living GUTS and USE them to grease the wheels of our Trump Train! We have the best candidates and the most determined voters in the world! America has NEVER submitted to socialism and it never will! Make THEM taste the fear of our votes! We’ll drive them ALL out of the swamp! “. Go get ’em – VOTE! Send ’em ALL out of DC running and screaming! DO IT!

  10. Not only tomorrow but the next couple of weeks will be very interesting. We will be in PRAYER that when Trump is elected he will be able to get down to the business of cleaning up that swamp! So glad we live a bit north of the 49th but all of North America will be affected.

  11. Yep, I was blocked for a month or so. I am praying for a TRUMP Victory. Just hope there is enough common sense left in America for him to win. If not, it would be hard for the Country to ever recover. As for Canada, is there any hope at all?

  12. There are 3 votes for Trump from my home sent around the 13th of Oct. I have been praying every night that the Republicans win and placed it in God’s hands. God has helped me many times & I put my trust in Him as we all should. Pray, it works.

  13. The left has so messed up, maligned, obfuscating all the reporting, rationality, honesty and polling in this never before seen desire to self destruct in an election – I am waiting to see if Trump wins BOTH the Electoral College and the POPULAR VOTE along with majorities in both houses! Why not – miracles do happen.

  14. Tomorrow my wife and I will vote for President Trump and hope and pray that as many other Republican candidates are elected as possible. God Bless America.

  15. I too predict a landslide….I feel like I felt before Reagan’s big win. Nervous. But confident also! The people are really really fed up with the elites.

  16. I am praying our President still wins over Biden there are a lot of nuts out there who have no idea who was Winston Churchill was so many of them did not know who was ouir 1st President. This wa not just teens going to college.But they were voting for the left. God help us. My best to you and Anne my heart still goes out to April. Each of you take care of one antother. Hope your enjoying your vacation there instead of Tx. Our best to you and family. God be with you always/:))

  17. The left basically is already saying Trump will be claiming a victory where there is none. They are setting the stage for a new round of rage, of course saying any violence is Trump’s fault. Are they really betting that the Silent (and VERY heavily armed) Majority is going to let them run over us without a serious fight? The left hasn’t taught real history in so long they don’t remember how we finally came alive to the threats of WWI and WWII. I believe they think their cadre of Antifa will win!

  18. I am going to sound like a broken record, I believe Our President will win. It will be contested, the garbage we placed in Washington for so many years are going to cause major legal claims. Riots will be rampant, destruction of property at a huge scale. “Walk softly and carry a big stick” a president once said. Be Prepared no matter where you live, Liberalism is an affliction that has ruined the brain to think rational. Be read to battle with both friend and foe, lock and load, vigilance.

  19. No doubt, America is in great danger —– GREAT DANGER! I am praying that President Trump will be reelected today. But that will NOT stop the rioting and violence. It is going to get worse —– probably far worse. Hopefully, President Trump will declare martial law and slap hell out of a bunch of these ignorant, treasonous bastards.. Brace for impact.

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