“When You Strike At A King, You Must Kill Him”


In The Early 1800’s, American Essayist/Writer/Philosopher – Ralph Waldo Emerson Coined the Understanding . . . that – if You’re Going to Take a Shot at the King, You Better Not Miss, ‘Cause If You DoPayback Is A Bitch.

That’s Not Exactly What Emerson Said . . . But That’s The Gist Of The Meaning.


I Won’t List all the Nefarious Arrows & Slings the Enemies of the American Constitutional Republic Tried, with Which to Take-Down the “King”, other than to Say, President Trump Not Only Weathered the Assaults from Within his Own Party to Without . . . from the Democrats and their Uber Wealthy Allies within the USA and from Abroad . . . But President Trump Did So Like Mohamed Ali, Taking The Blows On The Ropes Waiting For His Turn To Respond In Kind.

In Normal Political Times . . . Both Parties (Democrats & Republicans) Play their Kabuki Theater to the American Audience, Pretending that Things of Great Importance & Debate are Happening with Huge Changes to Come, when in all Reality, What’s Really Happening, is how the Politicians, Bureaucrats, Wealthy Industrialists, Academia, Mainstream & Social Media & Unions do Everything in their World to Maintain their Status Quo.


And Then Comes A Disrupter . . . Who Says Enough Is Enough, While Raising The Curtain On The Pretentious Theater.

With Less Than 3-Weeks To Go . . . The Disrupter, President Donald J Trump, who has Taken all the Blows the LEFT could Throw at Him, is Finally Coming-Off the Ropes Throwing Haymakers of his Own at Select Targets, while Showing everyone Worldwide Why the People of the United States of America Voted for Trump, Almost 4-Years To The Day Ago . . . in an Election that Everyone thought Trump Could Never Win.


Please Remember What I’ve Been Writing About The Pundits – They’re No Less Denizens Of The Swamp Than Are The Bureaucrats.

Because the Media and the Bureaucrats of almost all Stripe, Share an Incestuous Relationship, they are as Socio/Politically Far Removed from the Rank & File Population of the United States of America, as are the Politicians Dwelling in their thus Far Protected Ivory Towers . . . Meaning the Pundits Really Don’t Have a Clue as to What the Average Person is Really Thinking.

The Bureaucrats, Politicians & Media Say We’re All In This Together – What An Insult To The People.

The People who have Been Locked-Down & Lectured to by Insidious Politicians for Longer than a Half Year, who Watch & Listen to the Likes of Pelosi as she and Others of her Privileged Ilk Play Fast & Loose with the People’s Money & Lives, Pretending to be Caring & Generous, which is BS Not Lost On the People who are Living Under Excruciating Circumstances, because of Bad Political Decisions Made in Violation of the People’s Constitutional & Human Rights.


When President Trump Looked Biden, The Moderator & the American People In The Eye Last Night (October 22, 2020) and Said . . . America Cannot Survive Another Lockdown. That America Needs to Open-Up & Get Back to Normal. That all People Have to go Back to Work. That Children Have to Get Back to School . . . and as the President of the United States of America also Said, as President of America, I Do Not Have the Privilege of Locking-Himself in my Basement Until this China Virus Goes Away . . . The People Really Related To That.

What Also Isn’t Lost On The People . . . Is in Spite of What the Media are trying to Portray as a Fissure Between President Trump and that Little Prick Fauci, Isn’t/Wasn’t Something “Trump” Would Bite-On, but is Something the People Relish in the Knowledge that even Though the President Won’t Take the Media Bait, President Trump also Most Probably Thinks of Fauci as that Little Prick who was and Continues to be Far More of a Problem than he ever was or is a Part of the Solution.


Like Most People Who Watched The Debate Last Night . . . I Immediately Came Away with the Idea that Welker Did A Fabulous Job, But After A Good Night’s Sleep, I Came Away with a Far More Cogent Conclusion . . . That NBC’s Kristen Welker Wasn’t All That Impartial . . . It Was Just That Kristen Welker Wasn’t As Overtly HORRIBLE To The President As Were The Previous Moderators.

Kristen Welker . . . Interrupted President Trump Numerable Times, while Always Allowing Biden to “Respond” – but Never Really Holding Biden’s Feet to the Fire, which was Irrelevant to what President Trump Had to Do Last Night at the Debate, Which President Trump Did Handedly.

It Didn’t Matter That Welker Jimmied The Questions To Favor Biden, Avoiding Foreign Affairs & Hunter Biden – Because President Trump Showed-Up with his Own Debate Agenda, Which President Trump Played To Perfection.

It Was Amazing that on the Fox News Roundup After the Debate, which I watched, one of the Pundits Congratulated Biden for his Succinctness in Explaining how he (Biden) would Deal with the China Virus in Comparison to how President Trump had Dealt with the Virus, Which Was A Compilation Of What President Trump Had Already Done, and that Biden’s Big Initiative, which NONE of the Pundits Mentioned, was to Compel all Americans to Wear Masks & Keep America Locked-Down.

This Debate Was More Then Fabulous For President Trump. . . Than Most People Realize.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Quote: “Kristen Welker Wasn’t All That Impartial . . . It Was Just That Kristen Welker Wasn’t As Overtly HORRIBLE To The President As Were The Previous Moderators. Kristen Welker was coming across as an Old Style Democrat with a grip on reality. She questioned Biden to clarify remarks on the Oil Industry and was clearly alarmed that Biden said he was going to end the American oil industry. That’s is what you get when the Candidate speaks like an inarticulate & emotional grade 7 Global warmist.

  2. I have a prediction Howard,I believe the Biden camp the MSN and enemy nations are in cahoots claiming Biden is the Messiah,IF he is elected within two weeks they will pretend to be STUNNED to find out he REALLY is corrupt ,hand the mike to MADAM president,which was their plan all along.

  3. My wife and I watched about 15min of the debate. I heard and saw that Kristen was going to add her comments each time she asked our President a question, kind of a jab. I shut it off as I say it as another LIB driven event not a true debate. Biden is a lifetime Politian, liar, cheat, and down right piece of work. Should he win we are screwed, and the war will begin. Socialism will destroy this country like so many others have been, it works until they run out of other peoples money.

  4. Kristen Welker just couldn’t handle Trump. She’s just as stupid as the others and afraid to tangle with the Tangler. There’s no merit in criticizing her either way, just a waste of the obvious. I think I’ve overstated the case against her – I think.

  5. My brother-in law used to say, “I’m smiling but I ain’t happy!” I know President Trump must’ve been seething to have to be listening to this crap and being forced to stay calm and respectful. I thought, any minute now he’s going to explode, but he kept his calm as instructed. He may have been smiling, but he sure wasn’t happy! If Biden wIns, Kamela will be president within a year! (As planned!) And guess who she will name as VP, God help us!

  6. I saw it last night,I prayed for our President all the way through it. Don’t let them get you to the point you want to yell at them & say to them go shuf it up your you know what. I am so Proud of our President. He is not perfect nor is anyone else but he does love our country.As for somone to sit and ask the question it should be no one who is on the left or the right side.The lady did come down on our President many times. All in all I believe President Trump is one heck of a human. Thank you

  7. I disliked the moderator just a few minutes into the debate. The LEFT leaned to the LEFT. Trump was NOT treated as Our President & I re’sented it enormously. I was so angry that I looked up where my ‘Local Early Voting Place’ was located and I was THERE at 9:00 a.m. this morning. And cast my vote for Trump as well as those Republicans I felt worthy of my vote. I pray for the re-election of Trump 11/3/2020. God Bless

  8. Two things literally took my breath away. 1. Welker waving and shouting to stop Trumps rebuttals and total silent when Biden butted in, actually telling him to continue. 2. Biden denying any discussion with Hunter and family when only minutes before Tony Bulinski on Fox blew that right out of the water. Who won? An immediate result after the debate, Trump 75/25. We can only hope that will remain and carry through to Nov 3rd. Trump is the only one who can carry America through this very bad time

  9. The bottom line is what I have predicted from the start: TRUMP WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE. I can’t believe Americans are so stupid as to elect the absolutely detestable alternative, who is aiming to destroy the America we love.

  10. Your use of the phrase ” American Constitutional Republic” is refreshing because too many mis-use the word democracy, most as “our democracy”. Too many Americans don’t know there is no “our democracy” because, as a republic, we practice democracy. Perhaps leftists intentional use the word because they hate our republic.Years ago I even tweeted Tucker Carlson twice about his use of democracy and he still mis-uses it. Still way too many conservatives are the same. And that’s a shame.

  11. John Marshall, in light of the fact that so many get their “news” from MSM, there are vast numbers who are too ignorant, and, perforce, too stupid. The question is: how many of them are there, and how many of them will vote. God help us, if their numbers are great.

  12. Most of the “commentators” on Fox either lean left or are overtly left (J. Williams, D. Brazille, et al.). I really wish I could find a good center outlet. Now I just mostly listen to music.

  13. President Trump redeemed himself from the 1st debate. He did so much better, kept his cool & got the jabs in about Hunter & how Joe benefited from his illegal enterprises. Bobulinski coming on the scene prior to the debate was a real bombshell against Biden & his dealings. Loved how DJT mentioned several times about Joe’s 47 years in ‘public service’ & done nothing significant; & all Joe says he’ll do wasn’t a thot in his & Obama’s 8 yrs. Love to know what Joe’s on to prevent mindless jabber.

  14. Howard, after the debate a couple of nights ago, I was sure President Trump won. Reading the so-called “POLLS” in our Montreal Gazette, it showed Biden winning. I don’t get it. Anyhow, forget about the polls, what is worth remembering is what’s written on the “New Hampshire” licence plates => LIVE FREE OR DIE <= losing our basic rights is WORSE than any China virus. Trust me. Predictions are for Gypsies – but I believe Donald Trump will win on November 3rd. – Brucester

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