Winning By Cheating, Lying & Theatrics Is Not Winning


If The Biden Team Really Is Winning – As The Contrived Democrat (Never Trumper) Pollsters Indicate . . . ?

Why Change the Rules of the Debate in the Middle of the Game?

Why Rag on the President for More than Just Seemingly Beating the China Virus?

Why Come-Up with a Theatrical 25th Amendment Ruse To Show a Mental Presidential Incapacity . . . Where None Exists?

Unless of Course the Ruse is to Eliminate Biden for Harris if Biden were Supposedly to Win the Election. But even then, this Pelosi Gesture is Empty & Devoid of any Constitutional Validity.


I Was Convinced there Would Not have Been any Debates between Biden & Trump, because the LEFT & Trump Haters would Do all they Could to Keep Biden from Getting Slammed by the President. But I Was Wrong.

I Was Right Though That Biden Would Get Slammed, as he Was in the First & Likely Only Presidential Debate, Regardless of what the Media would Want Everyone to Believe. Otherwise, why Would the Election Commission – in Lockstep with Biden’s Handlers Make it Impossible for the President to Go Head to Head Once Again Against Biden?


Wouldn’t You Think The Democrats Would Be Cheering . . . that an Experimental Drug & Overall Treatment for the China Virus, as the Treatment for the President Responded so Brilliantly for the Survival & Quick Recovery for a 74-Year Old Heavy-Set Man, who is More Active at 74-Years Old than are People Half his Age . . . Even If He Is The President Of The United States Of America?


And Finally, . . . Unless the Vice-President of the United States of America, who is Leading a Significant Number of Presidential Executives – REQUESTS a Mental Evaluation of the President of the United States of America – There Can Be No Implementation Of Article 25 . . . 25th Amendment Of The Constitution Of United States Of America.

And Why Won’t Biden And/Or Harris Answer FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTIONAL Questions About Packing The Supreme Court, Adding Additional States To The Union, Giving Free Healthcare To All Illegals & Opening The Door (Border) To All Who Want To Come-In?


Everything the LEFT, Social Media, the Uber Wealthy & Purveyors of a One World Government Have Thrown at President Trump has Backfired to Bite Themselves in the Ass Big-Time.

Even the NBA, with the Worst Audiences they have ever Imagined in their Worst Nightmares have Come-Out Recently – Saying . . . that Next Season will be the Season when Professional Basketball . . .Will STOP Their Social Messaging, which to me is Akin to Closing the Door after the Horse has Gotten-Out.


56% Of All Respondents Said They Are Better Off After 4-Years Of President Trump Than They Were After 8-Years Of Obama.

NOT ONLY IS THIS A HARBINGER OF THINGS TO COME . . . This is the Highest Rating on the Question of Satisfaction of a Current Administration Versus a Previous Administration in Polling History. So What Does This Tell You?

Let Me Tell You What It Tells Me . . .

After all the Contrived Scandals, Investigations, Impeachment Hearings, Impeachment Itself, Fake News, the China Virus, the Ongoing Shutdowns, the Demonstrations, Riots & Everything Else the Enemies of Freedom & Donald Trump could Throw Into the Mix . . .


It Also Tells me that there is a Real Comeuppance on the Way for the Media in General, the Traitors in the Swamp who Attempted a Coup D’état and were Caught, and all the Sporting & Entertainment Corporations who Bet on the Wrong Horse.

This Election Isn’t Over & The President Hasn’t Won Yet, But I Would Rather Be On This Side Of The Debate Than The Other.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • This is THE game changer. The moderator has invited Trump to give his opening remarks. He declines, saying, “I yield my two minutes to my opponent so he can tell the American people what he has done for them during his 47 years in public service. Take it away, Joe.” Biden glares at Trump, frozen like a deer in the headlights. He begins to stammer and blabbers incoherently. Gasps punctuate the hush that has fallen over the audience. At this moment Trump has won the debate and the election.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Barry Jackson, your post is brilliant. If only this could happen!

    Emma Reardon, Alta Loma, California, USA
  • I am just thrilled reading what Barry J.wrote and you Howard. Emma R hope you are not near any of the fires going on in Cal. Take care. We all should know that Trump in a debate with Biden is going to take Biden down to the gutter along with all the others who are down there. Don’t think I have to mention their names they all ride with the Devil himself.HG hope you Anne and furrie loved ones are all settled in for the winter and loving it. Take care have fun. Be safe and well. God bless to you .

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Howard, another brilliant editorial. No one could have stated it better!!! Thank you for always taking your personal time to share with us. God Bless You & your family.. God Bless President, Melania, & God Bless America/Canada.

    Gerry Quinlan, St. Peters, Missouri, United States
  • Excellent Editorial!! According to the LEFT ‘everything’ is Trump’s fault. The Biden Campaign Ads are Lies, Lies, Lies. And the Fake News Media are continuing those lies. And Last Evening, watching Tucker Carlson & Hannity on my cable carrier WOW, there was constant obliteration of the programs. However; the commercials were clear as a bell with NO disruptions. I would think they wouldn’t be so OBVIOUS. I support President Trump & will Vote for him AGAIN. God Bless

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • Hope you’re all well and enjoying your trip–where are you–and how long will you stay….

    William Meeks, Negaunee, Michigan, United States
  • I don’t know why Trump would do any more debates. During the first debate, and then the VP debate, Biden and Harris told lie after lie. And this will continue since the Lamestream Media go along with these liars. At the same time, the take many of Trumps facts, and call them lies. So he is in a no win situation. And their main point is, Trump caused 200,000 plus deaths. The highest # of deaths, per 100,000 are in states run by Democrats. But again, you won’t here this from the Media.

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • so very true. good discussion

    George Smith, Liberty Hill, Texas, United States
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will continue to lie and to mislead the American people, because it is their goal to win the November 3rd election. Yes, and CNN will continue to discredit President Trump in each and every way they can. But I have more faith in the American people and more faith in our terrific neighbours to the south, The United States of America. The greatest democracy in the world. Donald Trump will win on November 3rd because the truth will prevail. It always does.

    Bruce Sutton, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Not sure if anyone caught the comments from Biden’s campaign visit to Arizona this week. He stated that if elected he had a plan to eliminate Covid and save lives. If he has “The Plan”,, don’t you think he should be sharing that now to save lives immediately? And on the flip side, if Biden wins, we have to wait until he becomes President so he can save us? How very Patriotic and true American is this poor excuse for a human???

    Sharron Hetheriton, Dewey, AZ, United States
  • I guess I am a doubting Thomas. We have so much corruption on both sides in Washington it is unreal. Our President has been fighting since the day he announced he would run. Why, with all the Known Data, emails, notes and such, have none of these Politicians been put in jail? They all have skeletons in their closets and are protecting each other, both sides. We need a major flushing in Washington, Term Limits for all positions then only True Patriots like Donald Trump and Mike Pence will remain

    Donald Azevedo, Star, Idaho, United States
  • “Even the NBA, with the Worst Audiences they have ever Imagined in their Worst Nightmares have Come-Out Recently – Saying . . . that Next Season will be the Season when Professional Basketball . . .Will STOP Their Social Messaging, which to me is Akin to Closing the Door after the Horse has Gotten-Out.” Just like the NFL, I don’t think this is ever going to happen. When the cat is out of the bag, it’s out of the bag. You can’t put it back in place.

    Yan Provencher, Drummondville, Québec,
  • I was reading an interesting article on the corruption of the Presidential Debate Commission and how it was backed by Never Trumpers, Democrats and George Soros. Senator McCain, the louse was on board for 25 years. It is no wonder we get lousy debate moderators who softball the DemonKratts with questions, but, ask stupid questions when it comes to Republican candidates. I am done watching debates until they come up with some honest moderators.

    Charles Zittin, Fleming Island, Florida,
  • Great Editorial, HG! No more debates are NEEDED to PROVE that Biden and his cohorts are LIARS! The PROOF was very OBVIOUS at the VP Debate! Yes, the DEMS are running SCARED! The SILENT MAJORITY will be ROARING on November 3rd. SHOULD there be another debate, I love Barry Jackson’s idea of how Pres. Trump should proceed! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,

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