The Two-Sided Sword Cuts Both Ways


Thank You To Everyone . . . Who Were So Concerned About My Health & The Advice So Many Of You Offered.

I’M FEELING MUCH-MUCH BETTER – I Had Several Issues . . . all of which have been Resolved. First – As A Diabetic I Wasn’t Eating Well. Second – I Gained Too Much Weight. Third – I Wasn’t Sleeping Well. Fourth – I Was Negatively Overwhelmed By The Cyber Attacks On This BLOG & The Subsequent Costs To Repair & Repel Them On Fifth – I Was Too Stressed Over The Politics Of Our Two Countries & Where Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Would Be Spending This Winter.

That’s All Behind Me – I’m Taking Much Better Care of my Health. My Sugar Levels Have Fallen to the Normal Range. I’ve Thus-Far Dealt with the Cyber Attacks. I’m Somewhat Less Stressed about the American Election & Politics, Because as Always, Cheating or Not, I am Utterly Convinced that President Trump will Win Four More Years. And where Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Wind-Up Spending this Winter Will be Wherever it Will be – Considering we are Reserved at Two Locations – One on the Canadian West Coast, the Other on the American East Coast.

If The Canada/US Border Opens-Up, We’ll Be On Our Way To North Central Florida. If Not – We’ll Be In British Columbia.


The Only Thing You & Me Are – All In This Together . . . Is Them Against Us. And if We Don’t Fight Back – NOW . . . There Will No-We (Us), Because Everything our Previous Generations – Parents, Grandparents & the First Visitors to our Great Lands Suffered, Sacrificed & Struggled to Build all that We Have & Have Become, will be Torn Asunder by the Most Ignorant & Disrespectful Generation(s) None of us Could Have Ever Imagined.


You Want to Disrespect the Flag? You Want to Disrespect the Anthem? You Want to Promote Racist Hatred (BLM-BDS-ANTIFA)? You Want to Tear-Down Statues, Stain your Graffiti-Filth on Public & Private Property. Burn Buildings, Loot, Destroy Property, Incite & Create Violence, Spread Fear, Defund Cops – Etc . . . And You As A Business Are Too Timid To Say Anything About All Of This For Fear Of Losing Business . . . ?

Knock Yourself-Out . . . Because We Have The Real Power Of The Purse.

We Have Goodyear Tires On Our 41-Foot Fifth Wheel (RV), because I Insisted that the Manufacturer of the RV – Supply American Made Tires Opposed to Tires Manufactured Off-Shore (China). Soon I’ll Need New Tires on our Smaller Travel Trailer. And by the Time we get Back from Vancouver (Fort Langley) or Ocala Area (Florida), We’ll Probably Also Need New Tires on our Ford 250.


I Don’t Believe Goodyear About their BS – Non-Apology for Disrespecting America’s Police and the 60-Plus Million Conservative Adult Americans, who in 2016 Voted for Donald Trump.

Even As A Canadian Conservative – Along With Anne & Our Friends . . . I Take Goodyear’s Initial Policy Personally.

ALSO – BLM . . . Is Nothing Short of A Jew (Israel-BDS) Hatred, Constitutional America Hating . . . Racist, Socialist Organization Trying to Destroy Capitalism (Freedom) which Goodyear Supports. So Why Should I Want to Give Goodyear my Business and my Money?

In Short, I’ll Find Other Quality Tires for our RV’s, Truck, Anne’s Miata & my Motorcycle – Either Made in North America or Europe . . . Which Are NOT Goodyear.


Black & White Athletes . . . With their Managers, Coaches & Team Owners who Take a Knee to the Flag & Promote the Racist BLM (Black Lives Matter), Which Includes the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, Olympian Stars – Etc . . . CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT OUR MONEY! 

HOLLYWOOD . . . Can’t Survive WITHOUT Our Money. And the Companies that Sponsor these Aforementioned Anti-Freedom Groups . . . Also Can’t Survive & Prosper WITHOUT Our Money.

It Is Unfathomable . . . As To How Much Power We The People Hold In Our Purse. It’s Time To Use It.

We Don’t Have To Organize . . . We Can – But We Don’t Have To. I Won’t Buy Goodyear Tires. I Won’t Go to any Sporting Events or Watch any Professional Sports on Television. I Won’t go to LEFTIST Coffee Shops or Buy their Products. I Won’t Go to Outdoor Stores like Dick’s that Banned Guns & Ammunition. I Won’t go to See Movies Unless They’re Conservative Themed. And I Won’t Support any Companies or Products that Don’t Share my Values or are Too Timid to Stand-Up for What is Right & Against What is Wrong.

And No Matter Who We Are . . . Rich or Poor, Young or Old, Male or Female, Black, White or Yellow . . . Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Atheist or Whatever – We Can All Stick It To The Creeps, Simply by using the Discretion of our Purse.

And In That Way . . . We Will Truly – All Be In This Together For Real – To The Chagrin Of The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. President Trump has used the power of the purse to negotiate and sanction America out of bad deals and bad situations, and we can do the same.

  2. Why not boycott any and all product advertised on CNN, MSNBS, the like etc.??? I do. This is the power of what little money I have – I think.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better! As I said yesterday, Type 2 Diabetes is a game changer. To make the change, Decide that you want to LIVE!!! That does help to make the change. Also, NO EATING AFTER 7 PM! Okay, there ma be an exception if you are dining out with friends or family. I agree, NO GOODYEAR TIRES. Companies think they can just spout out their political views. Well go ahead. And we can vote with our pockets! Stay well & Healthy! – Ron

  4. You have my cooperation in the buying from companies that we can support, as they support the fight against the left. I need new tires and the are going to be European made. The rest I do not buy much in my age. As they say many small streams make a flood. Keep up the good work. I have not participated much in the discussions, but I am all behind you. Too buy taking care of my sick wife.I will continue to support you .

  5. Glad you’re feeling and doing better. “Stick it to the creeps!” sounds like a good campaign slogan to me. Conservatism is the benchmark by which everything else is measured…and good, bad, right/wrong, however it happened – we need to get back to the standards of decency politically and otherwise.

  6. boychick…get off your tookis…now ..and make aliyah (for a bit) in BRITISH COLUMBIA. IF concerns re the virus subside . Borders open…Forest fires subside south of the Canadian border you could always tramp around California…schlock… Vancouver is small town.. but so is Canada.

  7. HG, you have many people PRAYING for you and yours, including me! You’ll feel a lot better after Pres. Trump WINS in November, plus, everything will OPEN UP thereafter! Don’t be surprised if you VACATION in the U.S. Recently, I read the following, “Meddlers always try to CURB FREEDOM…that’s their CRUSADE in life…their TRICK is starting out with something GENUINE—and then TWISTING it into an ARTIFICIAL shape…and IMPOSING it on the mind.” Isn’t THAT the TRUTH? KEEP THE FAITH! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  8. Howard, welcome to the crowd. There are a number of products that I will not purchase. Heinz for one after they abandoned leamington and the farmers that grow tomatoes. I have switched to Frenches. I wrote to Heinz to say good bye. All their products not just ketchup. Kellogs is another brand. As for any sports team that supp orts blm, I have not watched one of their games. I have posted that I will not watch their games nor purchase any products.

  9. Last I looked, BF Goodrich tires are made in America. I buy them when I need tires, and they serve me well. Glad to see you have the old “piss and vinegar” back and are continuing the fight.

  10. President Trump has touted to buy American, Buy Conservative. Companies like P&G, Goodyear, Dicks, Starbucks,, support the lib agenda with their money. I will not. We no longer go to the movies, most suck anyway, cant make a movie without gays language and such. I dont watch pro sports except golf and I will never go to a pro game of any kind. just doing my part.

  11. Some time ago (3-4years, maybe) TARGET decided they would convert their male/female restrooms anyone who wanted to use them, regardless of gender. That is when I stopped shopping at TARGET and have yet to set foot in there again. Too many other stores who don’t drink the kool aid slop. I’ll shop with those stores. It’s called boycotting. Do it!

  12. Don’t think for one second that the delusional Marxists creating havoc in the streets for “black lives matter & antifa” won’t be voting Biden/Harris.

  13. I hope all the Alpha Hotel Democrats will be thrown out with the swamp water they created. I think the Trump landslide I have been predicting all along will be just the start of the process. Give ’em hell, Howard!

  14. I don’t go to movies I fall asleep before they even begin so I stay home. I do not buy anything from Goodyear have no reason to. I don’t drink coffee so that is out. I have no use to shop at Dick’s at all. I do not watch anything but baseball if the Cardnails are playing. If not I do not watch sports. I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. You and Anne please take good care of one another and Kitty also. Where ever you spend winter it will be great for you have each other. God bless.

  15. Glad you are feeling much better. If it is NOT made in America I do NOT buy it. If the American Company chooses BLM,etc I do NOT buy them. I buy only what I need, NOT what I want. Bed Bath & Beyond is an example of where I refuse to shop. WHY? Most of their items are from anywhere but the USA. They are going to H–l on skiis! I also do NOT shop Wal-Mart..same reason. Grocery stores I READ labels or ASK where this item originated. During summer and fall I buy from local farms.

  16. Trump will hopefully get in. But the US demographics of young brainwashed socialists, plus immigration, will ensure Democratic governments in the future. Republicans will be history. The same thing had already happened in Canada. Trudeau, now being advised by Butts and Carney, will now totally destroy the oil and gas industry, and shackle Canadians with high energy costs, and higher taxes. Canada is doomed. I would move to the US, but I think they will be another socialist country in 5 – 10 .

  17. You’re right, Howard, we can control everything with our purse. I buy Canadian all the time and if it’s not available will then buy American.

  18. I am waiting for Trudeau recent vacation to be over so we can see his green plan and an attempt to establish his tax sucking miserable minimum basic personal income plan. I boycot all products from China

  19. I am happy you are feeling better Howard. I hear you about weight gain during these times….my COVID 15 doubled. Keep up the brilliant writing, and here is hoping to 4 more years of DJT!

  20. Glad you are feeling better. We fly both the Thin Blue Line and regular American Flag on our front porch and try to buy only American made products. No more Goodyear tires. Refuse to watch any sports events that have kneeling. We have Stand Up for your Country bumper stickers on our vehicles. No sane patriotic American could vote for Biden. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  21. I am still banned from Facebook because I used to put your blog on it. I am so glad you are doing better, and I just wish we would all stop buying from anyone but America or Canada. I agree that we could have an enormous effect if most of us followed your advice. Keep healthy.

  22. THE POWER OF THE PURSE, that’s the short term answer. Hit them where it hurts. Cut their revenue by 25 to 35% and we could that them to their needs. Let’s do it. We just need to know who to boycott.

  23. I’m with you, Howard. I just bought two sets of Cooper Tires made in Findlay, Ohio USA. They’re great. No movies, no NBA, no MLB, no NFL for me and I have never watched or been interested in the WNBA. Glad you’re feeling better.

  24. If you are looking for a sports venue where no one takes a knee or disrespects our flag, go to RFDtv & watch the rodeos! They begin every rodeo with a prayer, then the National Anthem & the flag! The interviews are all friendly, win or lose, & no foul language is used! The cowboys are all very polite win or lose! There are a number of Canadians that rodeo in the states, as well as America’s who rodeo in Canada! The Calgary Stampede was on this past weekend. We did go to the Cody, WY rodeo.

  25. Many have Type 2 diabetes, and have learned to get along with it; & not eating late meals is better. A friend in Sierra Vista, AZ, sent me a photo of graffiti on a lower wall “BLACK LIVES MATTER was spaced out, & another artist added an “O” in front of the LIVES, so it read BLACK OLIVES MATTEER – sorry, but it made my day. Black people are NOT the only ones who were ever enslaved; there were, and still are, many people enslaved who are not black. Color has really never many any difference.

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