We Need Civility & Human Contact


I Told You Yesterday . . . Don’t Believe The Noose Story Without Proof.

HERE IT IS . . . Bottom Line – No BS – Bubba Wallace and all the NASCAR Drivers, Mechanics, Support Staff & NASCAR Itself, who Participated in this Jussie Smollett 2.0 are Reverse Racist Bastards, Willing to Throw-Out a Grand Southern Tradition to Prove They’re Not Racist . . . Where Indeed – They’re The Biggest Racist Anti-American Bastards In The United States Of America.

Just Another Reason To Smear White People.

BRETT FAVRE . . . Said that Kaepernick, who is the Failed, Has-Been Anti-White Racist NFL Quarterback, whose Claim to Fame & Unbelievable Riches (Nike) for Disparaging the American Flag & Anthem by Taking A Knee when the Anthem is Played & the Flag is Held High Just Before Each Game Starts . . . Is Comparable To Ex-NFL Star Tillman, Because They Both More Or Less Surrendered Their Careers For What They Believed In.


One Died – Who Left A Successful Mega-Million Dollar Football Career Fighting For His Country, While The Other Who Is A Has-Been . . . Became Famous & Rich For His Anti-American Anti-White Racism.


If You Think . . . Being So Ardently Pro-Black, Whether you Take Part in the Violence, Demonstrations for Black Lives Matter, Support of Black Lives Matter, Looting, Beatings, Arson, or Stand in Silence Against Black Lives Matter . . .

Isn’t That Anti-White Racism? If Not – You’re Not Thinking . . . And You’re Part Of The Problem.


Today’s Headline . . . We Need Civility & Human Contact – is Somehow Counterintuitive to the Purpose of this Editorial, since Civility is a Two-Way Street. And what we are Bearing Witness to on the Streets of the United States of America, Including within Countries like Canada, but on a much Lesser Scale, is Anything but Civil.

For The Record . . . All Black People who buy The Narrative of Black Lives Matter More than any other Lives – Are Racists, Because Black Lives DON’T Matter to any Greater Degree than White Lives, Asian Lives Or Any Combination Thereof.

And I’ll Be Damned If I Will Ever Bend A Knee To Anyone Because Of Their Color.


When I and my Sisters were very Young, our Parents Took us Everywhere. And we Knew, that if we Acted-Up anywhere with them, the Best we could Hope For, would be the Back of my Mother’s Hand or the Belt of my Dad. We Never Acted-Up.

My Parents Never Struck My Sisters . . . Me on the Other-Hand, Asked for it Several Times. But even at that, I was Never Beaten, but I Certainly Felt the Sting of my Father’s Belt. And Here’s A Fact . . .

One Ass Whooping Was More Than Enough Per Incident To Set Me Straight.

When I Was A Kid In School . . . If you Acted-Out, It was a Visit to the Principal’s Office & the Strap, of Which I was a Recipient – But Only Once.

In Some Schools it was a Twitch Against your Ass or a Whack Against your Knuckles with a Ruler. In All Schools, It Was Either Publicly “Executed”, or the Corporal Punishment was Made Very Public to the Student Body.

I Wasn’t A Bad Kid . . . Even Though I Got the Strap in School Once, which I Really Didn’t Deserve, was Almost Irrelevant for Two Reasons. Whatever I Did to Deserve the Strap (Running In The Basement Of Grade School – I Was Actually Fast-Walking), Guaranteed That I Would Never Do It Again.

And Because I Wasn’t A Bad Kid . . . and that my Offense Wasn’t so Egregious to Necessarily Deserve such a Punishment (The Strap) – The Fact That I Was Strapped Put The Fear Of God Into The Rest Of The Student Body.

If Bad Kids In School Got Strapped . . . the Bad Kids didn’t Care, They Laughed it Off and Saw it as a Badge of Honor. And the Good Kids didn’t Care, because the Bad Kids Generally Got what they Deserved.

And If The Bad Kids Got Out Of Line Too Often – They Got Expelled.

Also – When I Was A Kid In High School . . . A Bully Picked-On-Me One Day, and as Frightened as I was of this Tough Kid, I Sought Him-Out after School & Literally & Mercilessly Beat the Crap out of Him in Front of his “Punky” Friends. No One Ever Bothered Me Again In School.

It’s Time To Go Back To What Works.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No Discipline, NO DISCIPLINE! My Father was a WW-2 Veteran, a Strong and Disciplined man, working pouring Concrete and Terrazzo, Courteous, Respectful, Respected, Polite and Gruff when needed! He taught and Expected the same from my Older Brother and Me! If not, well…… We have better learned Fast!

  2. While my parents were fine with spanking us, I never got a spanking I didn’t ever get one I didn’t deserve, and they passed on a lot of them I should have gotten in favor of a stern lecture which was even worse!!

  3. Right on Howard you are right once more. I think that many if not most drivers that huged Bubba didn’t want to not do that fearing being called “anti black” just my opinion…………

  4. Well, though I agree Millions would not . The question becomes how to re-educate that crew of misguided fools . There is no Reset Button which is what is really needed .

  5. Is there a worry that human contact and civility in large groups will lead to people working to remove the facsist leftist governments at the municipal, provincial and federal level?

  6. My parents guided me with tough love. When going out on a Saturday night with my delinquent friends my Dad would say, Remember, son, not to bring dishonour on the Jackson name. Mom would add, Make us proud, son. That advice was like a ton of bricks on my shoulders. They would be aghast at the incivility reigning in America today. When I say to the rioting lunatics, If you loot, we shoot, they would have said, Right on son.

  7. Generational spoonfeeding of hooligans produced hateful barbarians. The militias must be given the mega belt and cut them out from taxpayers funds. NASCAR’s runt is done . He can join the Obama militias full time.

  8. Thank you Dems. EPA eliminated factory jobs, men out of work. Welfare eliminated need for fathers. Discipline in schools eliminated. Religion in schools eliminated. Apology history taught. Social platforms used to further damage society. No wonder we have spiraled down to this.

  9. The FB and DOJ rersolved the noose situation with Bubba. THe knot was used to raise and lower the garage door that he was assigned to for that race. There is evidence both photo and video of that knot being in that cord since October 2019. Thereofre, the “NOOSE” was not placed in the garage for the purpose of harrassing Bubba. End of story. Yet, the problem with it pcontinues as the MSM has not admitted to the error of their ways. NOr have many others.

  10. People do NOT suffer the CONSEQUENCES of their ACTIONS anymore. Parents CHOOSE to act as FRIENDS to their kids where the kids now RULE THE ROOST! Also, CRIMINALS do not suffer the REPERCUSSIONS of their particular crimes as they used to. There is a LACK of RESPECT in ALL areas! We now live in an ANYTHING-GOES society. SEX has also been debauched and unrecognizable. CHRISTIANITY is being attacked like never before. Satan is truly living among us! BEWARE! Jesus Christ is getting ANGRY! AMEN!

  11. Howard, right again! There is no retribution for Rioting, Looting and Pillaging for fear of law enforcement being accused of racism,(just look at the perpetrators). Yes there are a few non-blacks involved but most of them are black regardless of the cause. It is considered racist to even mention the facts. There is no fear of punishment for lawbreakers if they are in a large mob. Pitiful… I am at risk of being labeled a racist for this post.

  12. I believe in corporal punishment as per the supreme court decision. Kids 2 to 12 bare hands can hit a bare hand and a bare butt nowhere else is permitted. Using an object is child abuse. When using a bare hand, when you start feeling pain yourself, you can control the pain administered to the child. With an object, you can’t. If it’s outside the home, a gloved hand on a child wearing gloves or pants, that’s O.K. For kids 13 to 19, too old for a spanking so grounding preferred punishment.

  13. The opposite of how we grew up, knowing discipline/consequences for bad behavior, is where most families are today, for the last 2 generations anyway. I remember when my kids were in school was when those disciplines in schools were removed for fear of lawsuits. Wasn’t long before kids who were physically spanked by parents turned their parents into police (to get back at them). I think parents didn’t discipline as they were either too lazy or didn’t want their kids to ‘hate’ them–weak people.

  14. I am of the old school.A good crack on the behind does wonders. Keep telling it as it is.

  15. I grew up with 7 brothers and a sister, we new never to get out of line or suffer. No real beating but strong discipline. My son and daughter learned at an early age “NO” meant just that and a mild smack on the butt was an attention getter. Now they both are upstanding Christians with strong values. Non of my siblings were ever arrested, while a few times they could have been but Always my folks knew what went on and punishment happened. there is no consequences now days for anything.

  16. In England, when I was age 18 there was conscription, mandatory enrolment in Army, Navy or Air force. Turned boys, of all stripes into men & provided them with a useful education & work experience. Conscription was terminated in the late fifties & thereafter trouble with youths, gangs etc began. Conscription works & might be a good idea for USA and Canada. Regarding the occupation in Seattle, set up a military siege around the area, no one gets in/out, starve the B’s into submission.

  17. I fully agree with Ken Davies of Ontario bring back the the enlistment to all 18 year olds. They don’t have to go to war just post them all over the country school, the wall, make sure you filter out the ones who are not going off on the deep end and shoot others. If they did not finish school then have them do so in the military. Parents don’t like it? Tuff dirt they do it in Israel make a man out of them. Would not hurt the girls as well. Kids are to pamopered today. Take care sir and Anne

  18. Amen to all you said, Howard. Our generation-I am 72-grew up in a much different world than today. We were mentored by those who had old school values. Who had been through the Great Depression and fought in WWII. A friend of mine, who became an Eagle Scout and whose father was Head of Thoracic Surgery at our local hospital in upstste NY was given detention in high school for not covering his mouth when he yawned in class. The teacher told him she did not want to look at the cavern in his mouth.

  19. My teacher daughter would not let her kids ride the school bus due to the fights and horrible language. I think we need cameras on these buses (paid for by tax payers) and any kid out of line will not ride for a week. Any further infractions add another week. Let these failed parents get their kids to school – also paid for by tax payers.

  20. The children raised without guidance or never correct kids preached by school system have trouble raising their kids. When talking to my granddaughter on the phone, I heard the inmates (my great grand kids, 3 & 5 Year) running the asylum. Stop telling kids no and screaming it. Take action. Are adults smarter then kids? The book ‘Children the Challenge’ can be most helpful. She took advice & the parents & kids are happy. It’s got so bad 5 yr old started telling his piers at school how to behave.

  21. One da y in school I got a paddling from the basketball coach. When I got home I complained about it to my mother. I can still hear the belt coming out of my fathers belt loops for the second round.

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