What’s Your Constitution Worth?


Yesterday . . . April (29, 2020) . . . was a Relatively Warm Day in South Eastern Ontario where Anne & I Live During the Summer. The Temperature was just under 70 Degrees Fahrenheit, with a Somewhat Strong Wind with even Stronger Gusts, which Believe it or Not, was one of the Nicer of the Days we thus far had this Spring Back-Home on the Horse-Farm.

So I Decided To Mount My Bike, which I was Going to Do a Few Days Earlier, but Didn’t Really, Except to Ride Around in Front of the Property, More to see how Well the Bike Wintered while Anne and I were in Texas & Florida, than to Actually go for a Ride.

BUT YESTERDAY WAS THE DAY . . .  So I Dressed Appropriately for the Weather, Put on my Riding Cowboy Boots, and Headed for the Post Office to Check for Mail, which is about 20-Miles Away.

Hearing the Roar of the Engine & Feeling the Power of the 1300cc Engine under me was Exhilarating. So much so, that when I Hit a Straightaway, I Peeled Back the Accelerator & Goosed the Bike to a Speed I won’t Admit to . . . on the Empty Road.

After Checking for Mail, and on my way Back Home, I Rode to an Older Friend’s Property, who because of the Government China Virus Fear-Campaign, Couldn’t see his Friends & Neighbors, because they were all Too “Freaked-Out” by the Draconian Government Orders to Self-Imprison.

It Was A Fabulously Wonderful Day – The Ride, The Meeting With An Old Friend – The Freedom.


And Then This Question Dawned-On Me . . . Did I Break Trudeau’s (Prime Minister) and Ontario Premier Ford’s Laws by Enjoying Myself? By Leaving my Home for what could be Considered a Non-Essential Activity, Namely Checking my PO Box?

But then again, People like you, Occasionally send Checks for Galganov.com to that PO Box. And isn’t Earning Money kind of Essential? So, the Cop who “Might” have Pulled me Over & “Might” have Fined Me for Breaking the Politicians’ Law is Earning a Living Every Day Doing His or Her Job, EXCEPT, I’m Paying Him or Her . . . And He Or She Isn’t Paying Me.

Imagine The Irony . . . I’d Be Paying A Cop To Arrest Me For Enjoying My Private Business, Which A Month Ago Wasn’t Illegal?

Then I Thought About The Visit To Meet With My Older Friend. Wasn’t that also a “Criminal” Activity, even though we Didn’t Shake Hands or Hug. And even if we did, whose Business would that be anyway? He was Thrilled to have Company, and I was Equally Thrilled to Spend close to an Hour with him, Exchanging Stories & Laughs of Mutual Interest.

I Recently Wrote – How Utterly Frightened I Was Because Of Some Of The Socio/Political Positions I Took Over The Years . . . Concerning Other Issues.

One Of The People Who Reads Galganov.com . . . was somewhat Taken Aback by this Personal Revelation of my Fears, who Thought of Me as some Form of Fearless Warrior, who then Rethought – that Very Often She too Would get Frightened for Various Reasons, which made Her Feel Better about Herself after Reading my Self-Expose – I Guess because if Howard Galganov can get Frightened – She Shouldn’t be Ashamed if from Time to Time She got Frightened Too.


I Never Asked . . . Nor Have I Ever Suggested – that People should do Something which I Myself Wouldn’t Do. It’s called Leadership from the Front, Opposed to the “Phony Heroes” who Pretend to Lead, but do so from the Safety of Being Behind. For Them . . . The Further Behind The Better.

READ THIS CAREFULLY . . . Our Freedoms are Only our Freedoms if we’re Willing to Stand for them at Any Cost. No One Elected any Politician to ORDER The Self Imprisonment Of The People. Or How Far you can Stand Between Yourself and a Friend . . . Or Whether you Can Work or Not . . . Operate your Business or Not . . . Enjoy your Pastimes & Hobbies or Not.

If You Want To Know How Much You Value Your Freedoms – Your Current Actions Are Your Answer.

Sure – I’m Afraid Of Getting Arrested. And I’m Afraid of being Hauled-Off to Jail. Just as I’m Afraid that the Government of Canada will Arrest Me for Writing & Saying the Things I Write & Say – But I’m Far More Frightened About The Loss Of My Freedoms.

THE GOVERNMENTS HAVE DESTROYED OUR ECONOMIES . . . And have Absolutely Stolen our Freedoms. That’s Neither Conjecture Nor an Opinion, It Is A Fact! And we Simply let them do it.

I Have To Wonder . . . If we Will ever Have Another Fair Election, since the Government has Already Proven it could Control any Part of our Freedoms which it Deems Necessary, Merely by Declaring the Catchall . . . It’s In The National Interest.

By What Legal Standard . . . Does Trudeau have to Restrict All the Freedoms of the Canadian People which he Personally Deems “Reasonable”?

Nancy Pelosi and all her Detestable Acolytes are Doing all she (They) Can to Suspend a Normal Election on November 3, 2020 . . . TO FIX IT – So President Trump Can’t Win Again, as she Will Stoop as Low as she Can to Keep the House and Let Schumer Win the Senate.

And After The Latest Revelation Of FBI Crimes Concerning General Flynn, which Extends all the Way to the Presidency of Barack Obama – Understand This . . . The Freedoms We Think We Have Are Only An Illusion. And More than Half the Population are Too Stupid to Know it.

I’m Scared . . . And You Better Be Scared Too – Difference Is . . . I’ll Stand-Up – What Will You Do?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “God bless us, every one” ~ Tiny Tim. Thank GOD for DONALD TRUMP!!

  2. “Governments have destroyed our economies…and stolen our freedoms.” What else is there to say?

  3. Any principled conservative worth his salt will stand at the abyss with you, Howard. All the others, the so-called “progressives,” the whining liberals, the cowards, the hypocrites, will hold out their wrists for the chains. At this moment I’m sending you a humongous bear hug.

  4. I’d stand up if my wife wasn’t so vulnerable due to rheumatoid arthritis (weakened immune system). But, one of her meds is hydroxychloroquine, so maybe she is better protected than we think!

  5. At 78 will stand up as long as I can. Been posting things on FB page re my feelings about this ‘exercise’ to test the success of politicians total control over the people. Guaranteed with the success, it will happen again only likely worse. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our LIBERTIES. If I get sick, it will be because of my own choices, my liberties. Mandatory vaccines are next for all. It’s already in place for children in public schools. How different are we from Cuba – nearly there.

  6. Believe that this virus mess will go down in history as the biggest over reach by government ever. Businesses here in Georgia have been opening back up and people are getting out. Never should this country have experienced a total shutdown of all businesses. What is happening now could have been done when this started. People being safe and responsible.W

  7. Howard, your last sentence or two requires a response. Don’t forget the bell curve of intelligence. About half the population is of less than average intelligence and some of them have power to do bad things. I don’t understand how they got the power. I do know that mail in ballots will change our country here and if used in Canada will make both countries unlivable for some of us.

  8. This VIRUS is really getting the best of me in that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Let’s get back to the “OLD NORMAL”……..NOT the “NEW NORMAL”! The people are LOSING their FREEDOM! AMEN!

  9. I will stand up with you, Howard. Guaranteed. I have had enough of this nonsense. I want my life back.

  10. Tried to get some cash out of the bank a few weeks ago, but wudn’t let me in w/o an appt. GIC came due, so back to the bank, but again they wudn’t let me in. Made an appt but before allowing me to enter, they demanded to know if I had the sniffles, a sore throat, a coff, been in contact w/ anyone w/ COVID-19 or if I’d been out of the country. I asked if they made an appointment to buy groceries. W/O our money they wudn’t even have a job

  11. I just read Nicole Terry’s claim that there is no USA there is only a one-world government and she sites several laws. She claims that the UN is the One World Government and its headquarters is in NY city. I need to check all the laws she quotes but I do remember visiting a few National parks where I saw signs saying it belonged to the UN. I was NOT happy about seeing those signs. She says that the US has No agency that they all are IMF controlled. I will check.

  12. Howard, thank you for your editorial today…just checking to see if this will go out or not……as no comments and questioning it. Your and Anne’s anniversary card and check in mail today…..take care, stay well and safe. Shirley

  13. I’m standing and encouraging others to stand also. You can’t win the battle lying on your back! and I detest losing to a loser!

  14. Hey Howard, keep the rubber side down. 🙂 What You Comply too Today In The Name Of Today….; May Very Well Be DEMANDED / REQUIRED OF YOU TOMORROW In the Name Of……! Regarding Lieutenant General Flynn, I strongly suspected “Then” He Was FRAMED! What has been done in Secret, Let it Shouted From ALL The Roof Tops!

  15. Thank you Howard, well said. I totally agree with you. The political ignorance of so many Canadians is appalling. Our education institutions have long been compromised and we have basically been a one political party state for decades. We will slide into the Chinese communist orbit willingly. Our political leadership and the nation’s MSM along with the captains of industry and commerce have long embraced socialism for the masses. There is more hope for America than Canada.

  16. Yes I am scared I am scared of all the snakes in D.C. I know you know who I am talking about. They scare me that they will take away our life that we have had for all my life. I am scared they will harm our President in some way it has been done before U know what I am talking about sir. I wish I had lots of money to give U sir but I don’t. But I sure as all get out fight with you to the end sir. For there is only one who can take my freedom from me and He is my Heavenly Father. God bless

  17. We can only hope that Trump gets reelected, which we can’t take for granted. If not, the Dems will stop all of these investigations of the corrupt and criminal investigations of the Obama administration. Obama weaponized the Federal government as much as he could. He should be investigated and prosecuted if warranted.

  18. What a lot of coincidences: Illegal to meet with elected politicians, illegal to meet with friends, Illegal to golf(meet on courses) Illegal to meet in campgrounds, illegal to meet in Churches, Schools, public auditoriums, illegal to meet even if practicing distance rules and wearing face masks but OK to brush past people in stores? Police without masks will prosecute you if you are caught, The Government has annonymos hot lines to report any meetings. All for infection models proven false?

  19. We are ruled by deception. An old acquaintance of mine always said “are we free men or men living in the illusion of freedom”. Howard totally agree with you. If each and everyone of us don’t stand up for our own freedom then who will. Certainly not our politicians and governments.

  20. Once upon a time I was scared of the dark and two other times. So one night I made myself walk to the end of the road, about 1 mile, and back again. There were no street lights, just woods, the first time I was shot at in Viet Nam, and the day, at 44 years old, I went to the bank and hocked everything I owned to start a business. Had a wife and 3 baby girls. But never of government or anyone else who works for me.

  21. I’m ready to stand up but I tried that already while living in Ottawa and the most people we could garner for a protest about our rights was 50 to 100. You don’t get far with that. Even the big trucker rallye in February only managed to bring in about 300 people. At least with the horns of the trucks going full blast, politicians on parliament hill sure knew they were there. I don’t know what it will take to get the sheeples to fight for their rights. the sheep are slowly being led to slaugther.

  22. Living here in Oregon (USA) the state’s mantra is “Stay Home. Save Lives.” Well, my husband and I, being the rebels we are, have taken a couple of road trips in the state, doing what we are not supposed to do, but then, who are we harming by being out in nature, enjoying the Spring scenery? We are not going to be shamed, coerced, shackled as prisoners in our homes at the whim of government “for our protection”. Glad to hear, Howard, that you have the same rebellious spirit!

  23. I am standing for freedom and President Trump! The “deep state” is rearing it’s ugly head and it’s time to start some prosecutions. General Flynn should be exhonerated, that would be a good start! I still shake hands!

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